Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sexy elephant in backroom

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Elephant in the room


If the police could not identity the "other man" in the video, how could they conclude that this whole thing had been a political ploy targeting a particular “party leader”?

The police have finally cracked open a slit in the door of the male sex video scandal to offer the public a unique chance of peeping into the room.

The police chief Abdul Hamid Bador confirmed that the video was real (like anyone else had guessed).

But, they couldn't establish the identity of the men in video.

A huge disparity from what the public would have believed, the doubts inside people's heads just get thicker now.

I personally feel that there is obviously an elephant inside the room, but it is not seen. Isn't this very weird?

Or perhaps, the elephant is seen but is simply overlooked or dismissed?

The police have handed the video to experts and sophisticated devices for authentication. They have indeed searched the room in question in the Sandakan hotel, obtained the CCTV footage from the hotel and detained a total of 11 individuals for questioning over several days, some even remanded to assist in investigation.

What I was trying to say is that even the tiny worms inside the room have been caught, not even a shadow spared, but...where is the elephant?

Sure enough there isn't a real elephant inside the room. But, there were indeed two men in there.

One of them was Haziq Aziz. He admitted it, and pointed his finger at Azmin Ali as the "other man".

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean Haziq was definitely telling the truth. To bring out the elephant, we simply need to trace the jumbo footsteps.

We want to know, and indeed have the right to know, the truth, not because we are busybodies nor because of our partisan stand. This thing entails the morality and integrity of a leader which will have a major bearing on the country's future.

Of course this is also a question of law. While it is against the law to create and circulate an indecent video, it is equally unlawful to involve in unnatural sex.

Both crimes must be dealt with in equal weightage!

The past two administrations were highly adamant about pursuing “acts of unnatural sex”. Despite the fact videos were not available then, the enforcers left no stone unturned, and indeed moved the bulky mattress into the court.

And now, the entire elephant is right before us. Little wonder such huge disparity in case management has aroused public curiosity.

And the police tai kor also said it was a plot by a certain leader of a particular political party, who had spent hundreds of thousands of ringgit to create and circulate the video in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of another party leader.

The question is: If the police could not identity the "other man" in the video, how could they conclude that this whole thing had been a political ploy targeting a particular “party leader”?

On the “elephant in the room” phenomenon, experts have offered a few suggestions:

1. Confirm that the elephant inside the room is a reality, not an illusion.

2. Establish and publish the identity of the elephant.

3. Handle the case instantly. The longer the delay, the larger the elephant will get.

4. Handle the issue in the most direct, honest and resolute manner possible, and not to let the elephant mess up the room, or event the entire house!

Anwar Ibrahim is well aware of the fact that the situation now is not to his favor at all.

The direction of police investigation is hostile to him. Not only was his political secretary Farhash Wafa detained, the police also hinted that a political party leader had spent hundreds of thousands to hire someone to create and circulate the video.

As usual, Mahathir's attitude has been firmly supportive of Azmin Ali, insisting it was all a conspiracy, without making mention of the “other man” in video.

Azmin, meanwhile, has been openly defiant, summoning his people around him with an open letter of challenge.

In the face of mounting pressure from these three sides, Anwar has tried to respond from both hard and soft approaches.

On the hard end, he managed to get state chairmen to voice their support for him.

Being appointed by him, it is natural for the state chairmen to back him, but this in no way reflects the views of the grassroots.

On the soft end, he invited Mahathir to the party's retreat in Port Dickson in an attempt to cool off the temperature. Azmin and his people were absent.

Let's see who among Mahathir, Anwar or Azmin will have the last laugh.


  1. The elephant in the room is Azmin has not sworn he is not gay/bisexual. Neither has he denied he is in the video. He keeps complaining about the evil plot, the mastermind in making and distributing the video...

  2. Wakakakakakaka

    Consider the following after the IGP has finished investigations and passed to the AG for charges to be filed against all the Laws currently under the Penal Code:-

    1. Can the AG charge AA when it cannot be proven it is him?

    2. Can the AG charge Haziq, when it is not proven also that it is him also and only based on a Confession of another video Haziq made, which the IGP have not said yet it is genuine and the person confessing is the real Haziq?

    3 Can the AG charge anyone shown in the 3rd video of all the actors in it, if it is proven genuine also and occurred in the actual place, time and all the actors are real or use it as corroborative evidence to a crime?

    4. So, who now have the 4th video as speculated? Is it with the Police?

    Who has the upper hand in this game of intriques now?

    Of course there is a Mastermind behind all these but only known to AA, Selangor MB, IGP and The Mastermind.

    Say lah, and let the musical chair game stop? What's the fear? Is it to continue the Games of Thrones?

    The Elephant in the room now is a Question most decent person expected currently from this sex scandal plot is:

    Wouldn't any decent person more so a VIP, VVIP, politician or leader worth his salt irrespective of whatever investigations still in progress, file criminal and civil actions against his accuser of Sodomy, Slander, Defamation injurious to his Reputation, Character, Dignity and his office/position held?

    What is stopping it or what is there to wait for?

    Who sounds and look sincere and honest currently among the public eyes?

    DSAI, TDM or AA?


    P/S: The Public are not Pening yet and only waiting for how the Exit plan is being played for a plot gone wrong.

  3. can the ag sue haziq for lying?