Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mukhriz sekarang pandai tok-kok singsong

TMI - Bersatu Pribumi to shed Umno past with major constitutional changes.

THE party constitution needs sweeping changes if Bersatu Pribumi is to grow in strength, said its deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir.

This is because 
Bersatu Pribumi modelled its constitution on Umno’s, when the splinter party was formed in September 2016, he told a recent meeting of party delegates from the central region in Shah Alam.

Also TMI - Bersatu Pribumi will use Umno’s model to elect leaders for now, says Mukhriz.

Bersatu Pribumi is proposing to do away with its “one-member, one-vote system” for now and use the Umno model of electoral college system, said the party’s constitutional amendment committee chairman Mukhriz Mahathir.

In a recent briefing to party delegates in Shah Alam on the proposed constitutional amendments, Mukhriz said the current “one-member, one-vote system” was not practical to be used in the coming party polls due to logistical difficulties.

Wakakaka, when it suits him (& his Dad), it's Jalan 'A' but when it doesn't, it'll be Jalan 'B'.

Malaysiakini just reported in its Following PKR’s lead, Bersatu to open voting to all members, that:

The Bersatu Pribumi supreme council has approved the move that would open voting in party elections to all members, becoming the second Malaysian political party to do so after PKR.

Unlike PKR’s implantation, however, this would only be limited to elections at the branch and division levels, rather than including its top leadership.


Wah Mukhriz, sekarang pandai tok-kok singsong eh?

your dad has certainly taught you well


But on a serious note, what Mukhriz Mahathir proposes for the top three positions in the party – chairman, president and deputy president – to be uncontested in the coming (Parti Pribumi) party polls is his (and Dad's) wish for him to become the president of the party, replacing Muhyiddin.

poor Moody - he has always been eff-ed 

To do so, Mukhriz needs time and an assured ascension protocol.

Also, if Pribumi adopts UMNO’s existing process where the party president is chosen from and by division chiefs, then it's obvious Mahathir and Chye-Chye want the same model to enable Chye-Chye to be the Chief.

The UMNO-style of division chiefs will no doubt create a warlord system, undeniably with potential for corruption (but so what insofar as Maddy is concerned) - it’s easier to control (or rather, bribe) 'x' number of warlords than to buy votes from hundreds of thousands or millions of party members.

Conveniently now, Mukhriz is the party deputy president while his father is the chairman and Muhyiddin Yassin is the president. Papa retires, Uncle Moody eff-ed off, and semua kowtim.

Indeed, in a recent interview with Nikkei, Chye-Chye precisely said he is prepared to follow in his father’s footsteps. Adding to this unusual Mukhriz-temerity, there is now a new rumour that he may be deputy to PM Anwar Ibrahim.

It seems there will be some kind of 'unwritten' Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) a la the old Lebanese leadership protocol (Muslim President, Christian PM and then vice versa) between Pribumi and PKR, where when the PM goes to Pribumi, the DPM bestowed on PKR, and vice versa whenever there is a change of PM-ship.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lim Kit Siang has brokered that, wakakaka. Lim KS has been full of surprises including the recent revelation he coached Mahathir into forming Parti Pribumi, wakakaka. But will the formation of Pribumi one day bite Chinese Malaysians? Lim KS may yet have a lot to answer.

Of course, as Lim KS admitted, neither he nor any Chinese politician will ever be PM or, I suspect, even DPM.

Thus, in the meanwhile, Mukhriz has to buy time when (as the rumour goes) he claimed the non-existence 2-year power transition time frame. Yes, he needs time to consolidate his power in order to be appointed as the DPM to continue the Mahathir Dynasty.

If this new vogue rumour is to be believed, imagine the future top 2 pairings in Malaysia as follows:

a. PM Anwar Ibrahim - DPM Mukhriz Mahathir,

b. PM Mukhriz Mahathir - DPM Nurul Izzah (sorry Azmin - you're tainted)

c. PM Nurul Izzah - DPM ??? (Syed Saddiq?) wakakaka.

prettiest of the whole lot of Malaysian PMs



  1. Slightly new system in place.

    UMNO still in power but with new name.

    Quota still there, UEC still no go, MACC can kill Cina like a cockroach
    - BUT - Cina are happy to think they are the power behind the throne.

    All is well - actually better - in Tanah Melayu.

    Hidup Lim Kit Siang! You ada power man! Don't stop what you are doing!
    (muffled giggles...)

  2. It will be a gross miscarriage of justice, I would call it mal-apportionment of parliament, if the party having the most number of seats (after PKR splits ha ha ha) is not accorded the position of PM or DPM.

    The allocation of ministerial and deputy ministerial positions should also follow the proportional representation principle as well.
    It’s time to move on from the old ways where power and position is accorded based on race.

    No to gerrymandering. No to mal-apportionment.

    What is good for the common voter in general elections must be good for the Dewan Rakyat as well.

    At the very least, if DAP is denied these top two positions they should be accorded the highest number of ministerial and deputy ministerial positions. Fairs fair. That would be Anwar Ibrahim’s instructions from LKS, after Toonsie steps down. Anwar owes LKS big-time; he was a solid supporter of his cause since Day 1 of Reformasi. Even from within his own PKR party Anwar’s support is not solid. I dare say support for Anwar from DAP is higher than from PKR.

    The very stone that Toonsie 1.0 and Anwar 1.0 rejected has become the cornerstone of New Malaysia. You know who I am talking about.

    Deal With It.

  3. In fact it is a wise move NOT to implement direct 1 Member 1 vote at this moment.

    No political party in Malaysia is able to conduct it properly.

    PKR's election setup looks good on paper, but in practice it was chaotic , and vulnerable to abuse , dishonesty and irregularities. Instead of transparency, it created more doubts and acrimony.

    Better not go down that path until you can do it properly.

  4. LKS’s first masterstroke was to surreptitiously plant the idea of yet-another-Malay-only party, modelled after UMNO, in Toonsie’s subconscious mind. It worked wonderfully. Even today Toonsie thinks it was his own idea. Now this party called Bersatu instead of Bersatu-ing has split the Malay votes even more. Now wasn’t that clever of LKS. He knows the psyche of the Malays.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately ha ha ha) Bersatu has all the DNA of UMNO. What is encoded in the DNA’s double helixes is the sequence: C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N.

    This DNA cannot be changed, so whether they adopt the one-man-one-vote or college system the party will fail because of what is in their genes.

    Also, with the impending PKR split, DAP will end up as the strongest and most stable party in parliament.

    LKS’s second master stroke was/is to give undivided support to Anwar as the next PM.
    Anwar does not even have the full support of his own party members. But he has the full support of DAP MPs. In fact he NEEDS the support of DAP MPs to become the next PM. So there you have it, DAP will decide if Anwar becomes the next PM.

    Oh how the tables have turned. The very cornerstone Toonsie 1.0 and Anwar 1.0 rejected, tormented and jailed back in the 80s and 90s have become the kingmaker.

    Sikit-sikit lama-lama anak jadi.....DPM......... ha ha ha...

    1. So the result of all this is

      the country is led by Melayu for the benefit of Melayu,

      a handful of Cina get fancy titles

      and other Cina get to believe they are in charge (which includes keeping Melayu quotas, UEC no go...)


      Hidup Cina!

  5. No killer insticnt. Blur....

  6. Wakakakakakaka

    So obviously, you are not influenced by Nostradamus predictions of MAHATHIR replacing RAHMAN?

    But, but LKS believe, woh.

    And if LKS is made out as the real powerbroker in Malaysian politics, then the next PM 8 is going to be DSAI for the letter "A", woh. And definitely not Ahmad Zaid Hamidi or Abdul Hadi Awang who Perasan/Feeling they are the next PM 8 just like the Malay drama of 3 Ahmads or 3 Abduls, woh.

    And the next letter "H" don't have any connections with either Muhkriz Mahathir or Nurul Izzah, woh. We'll continue with who the letter "H" stands for after consulting LKS perhaps.


    1. The hypothesis of RAHMAN plays out bcoz the feudalistic melayu will it!

      Thus an urban legend is born - out of fear of losing that ketuanan grip.



      After 40+ yrs of tongkat & stabilization of the melayu names, that subsequent urban legend has NO life in the era of weaklings with Arab sounding names!

    2. Mahathir is a Sanskrit name lah you stupid fuCKing idiot.

    3. Read AGAIN & again!

      RD otakrosak!


      U meludah ke langit terkena muka sendiri!