Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Anarchy in Hong Kong, but for how long?

From MM Online:

Hong Kong protesters disrupt train services, cause commuter chaos

Protesters hold the door of a Mass Transit Railway (MTR) subway to allow more protesters to board and retreat, after a protest against police violence in Hong Kong July 28, 2019

Reuters pic

HONG KONG, July 30 — Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters blocked train services during the early morning rush hour today, causing commuter chaos in the latest anti-government campaign to roil the former British colony.

What started three months ago as rallies against an extradition bill that would have allowed people in Hong Kong to be sent to mainland China for trial, has now morphed into a wider backlash against the city’s government and its political masters in Beijing.

Protests have occurred almost daily, sometimes with little notice, disrupting business, piling pressure on Hong Kong’s beleaguered government and stretching the city’s police force, which some have accused of using excessive force.

Activists blocked train doors, playing havoc with services and forcing hundreds of people to stream out of railway stations in search of alternative transport.


Rail operator MTR Corp said some services had been disrupted and urged people to seek other forms of transport.

Hong Kong, which returned to China in 1997, is embroiled in its worst political crisis for decades after two months of increasingly violent protests that have posed one of the gravest populist challenges to Communist Party rulers in Beijing.

China yesterday reiterated its support for Hong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam, and its police and urged Hong Kong people to oppose violence.

The latest protest follows a demonstration at the Chinese-ruled city’s international airport on Friday and violent protests at the weekend when activists clashed with police who fired rubber bullets, tear gas and sponge grenades — a crowd-control weapon.

Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and commuters as some grew frustrated over the train stoppage.

“It’s so inconvenient and annoying, really. I am in hurry to work, to make a living. Will you give away your salary to me?”
said a 64-year-old man surnamed Liu. — Reuters

how does eff-ing innocent everyday commuters help the protesters' cause?

As I penned before, sincere protests of civil rights and of various righteous causes have often deteriorated into plain anarchy and bloody-mindedness. This is what the Hong Kong protest is now.

Bloody-minded young brats who, I bet, do not even know what they have been protesting about, have gone amok (berserk) with their wanton anarchic illegal activities.


Blocking commuter trains is nothing more than being uncivil minded, reeking of thuggish behaviour. The end result has been to the inconvenience of innocence workers, who have to work to earn a living.

As a 64-year-old man surnamed Liu lamented in frustration to the young brats, “It’s so inconvenient and annoying, really. I am in hurry to work, to make a living. Will you give away your salary to me?” 


This is where the protest will eventually fall apart, when normal everyday working people, who need to make a daily living to survive, will withdraw their support. Without the people's support, the fish can only swim without the vital life giving sea.

Yes, we can say those protesters have lost the plot, but alas, there is more to it, something far far more dark, dank and dangerous.

what a moronic idiot, and wrong too, wakakaka

Penang was the Pearl of the Orient, not trashy Hong Kong - besides, a place becomes 'Pearl of this & that' not because of the Great White Mother but the place's beauty, civility and fun

and why was the placard written in English when 98% of Hong Kongers speak, read and write Chinese Canto?

timun sucker

It's not difficult to work out that most of the protesters are young, initially idealistic and courageous, but now just anarchic and easily manipulated by agent provocateurs who could be from Hong Hong, Taiwan, USA and elsewhere. My money is on the Americans who are natural agent provocateurs everywhere outside the USA, and who especially today want to eff the Chinese kaukau.

I bet the mainly young protesters are either from affluent families (thus without concerns for everyday work to make a living) or funded by insidious forces.

For a start, Hong Kong was NEVER a democracy, being a Chinese backwater fishing village, followed by being a British colony for 155 years, and now (since 1997) back again under Chinese rule.

Christopher Francis Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes, CH, PC was the 28th and final Governor of Hong Kong from 8 July 1992 until the end of British administration over the territory on 30 June 1997

the Hong Kongers used to kowtow to him
The Poms not only treated the Hong Kongers as second class citizens but also abandoned them in 1997 via a contrived call for Hong Kong to have its independence

British PM John Major gave Chris Patten the job of Governor of HK to convince and mollify 7,000,000 British citizens of slanted eyes and yellow skins why they should fight for the independence of their own Hong Kong island without the necessity of being shipped to Britain

During that period, the Poms even changed the law of migration which denied British citizens of HK extract the right of entry into the UK. But they reverted the law after 1997 to enable white settlers in Falkland Islands, Bahamas, etc to continue to enjoy the rights of that entry law

Chris Patten exceeded in his task most successfully, with 7,000,000 Hongkies duped kaukau

Today it repulsed me to see a HK old lady waved the Union Jack during the protest without realising the significance of being a Chinese under the oppressive powers of a colonial European nation, Podah

They don't realise that China remains hands-off from the current and very violent protest in Hong Kong for two main reasons, the adverse PR memory of Tiananmen, and the need to show Taiwan that the 'one nation, two systems' doctrine will also be good for Taiwan too. China only voiced her support for the Hong Kong Administrators in using as necessary the police force to subdue the violent protest.

Thus it is actually Taiwan who has brought and bought vicarious relief for the Hong Kong eff-ers who don't know their place in the China domain.

But push comes to shove, China can and will act decisively and brutally to put a stop to the arising chaos and punish the Hong Kong young brats a harsh unforgettable lesson. Let's hope reason can prevail and good sense returns.


  1. Civilian Hong Kong police are fully capable of maintaining law and order there, as long as they don't go crazy.
    If the PLA clumsily wades in, it will be a disaster for China.

    China is making a big mistake if it thinks it is immune from economic forces, no matter how huge its trade surplus is.

  2. Taiwan is an affluent society , with a vibrant ( sometimes too vibrant) democracy.
    Respect for human rights and rule of law.
    Proof that "Chinese", "Democracy", " Human Rights" are not incompatible terms.

    The have a real, democratically elected President, not a Beijing appointed bureaucrat.

    Why would Taiwan ever want to accept "One Country, Two Systems ?"

    1. How long ago have u been to Taiwan?

      Taiwan's sopo developments cum economic activities have been stagnant for the past 5 yrs!

      The dysfunctional demoncratic - 你民我主 administration is just grappling with inconsequential daily changes w/o directions!

      Watch this:


      & ponder deep!

      I do believe u DON'T know the art of labelling as that hopeless 百眼狼!

      Why would Taiwan ever want to accept "One Country, Two Systems ?"

      Bcoz more & more younger generation of
      Taiwanese youths r heading to the mainland China to find the ways of life they so desired!

      The lamentating kmt/dpp diehards r so detached from the current sopo realities, they will continue their resistance of uniting with the mainland.

      But, they r the dying breed of zilch consequences!

    2. taiwan economy regain some spark since tje trade warbstarted, n china suffer the slowest growth since 64, n the unemployment pile up, indicated that usa market actually is one of the major cause of china growth. taiwan stagnant is not unique, most used to be fast grow in this region face the same issue when multinational shifted their base to lower cost country like china india indo n viet. most taiwanese youth recognise the strength of china as compare to taiwan but not many support unification, thus kmt or han guo yu have difficulty to gain the young base voters.

      taiwan gdp per capita is usd24k while china is less than 10k, indicate taiwan do hv a fairer system compare to china, where the poor n minority is deprived of opportunity to achieve a better life, in fact china is truly implemeniimp one country two system, one for the rich n powerful while the other one for the poor n inland. u people that appreciate authoritarian so much shd move there, take up the citizenship, please.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      U better double check with yr Taiwanese mates about her economy regains some spark since the trade war started!

      Better still, ask them WHY 韩 is gaining popular & popular, amongst most of the disenchanted youths too. Is it bcoz he 'promises' more mainland trade deals & more mainland Chinese visitors?

      A sign of 回光返照!

      China suffers the slowest growth since 64 at 6.6 per cent – well above those of the G7 economies – and China accounted for around 30 per cent of the worldwide increase in gross domestic product.!!!

      China remains a source of power for the global economy. China’s additional economic output was worth US$1.4 trillion [2018], which is equivalent to the total economic size of Australia in 2017.!!!

      China's economic growth in 2018 was mainly driven by DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION, which contributed 76.2 per cent of growth, while capital formation, or investment, contributed 32.4 per cent.!!!

      So where the f*ck, u get yr news? VOA, CNN, BBC?

      How detached r u from the REAL economic data - multinational shifted their base to lower cost country like China!!

      Mfer, China is no longer a low cost manufacturing country NOW. R u still trapped within yr CCP time warp?

      "Most Taiwanese youths recognise the strength of china as compare to taiwan but not many support unification."

      Then WHY live & work in an environment that u dislike? For the monies & yet go against one principle (if there is one in the first place).

      By living/working in mainland China, proves conclusively they r NOT against with unification. But, they r definitely disenchanted with the current Taiwanese administration!

      "taiwan gdp per capita is usd24k while china is less than 10k, indicate taiwan do hv a fairer system compare to china, where the poor n minority is deprived of opportunity to achieve a better life,"

      Mfer, higher GDP means fairer system (?? What system? Orwellian farm?)!!??

      Ooop… how convenience of u to ignore the economic matrix - population base & time taken to reach a set economical target! I know, I know, u failed economy arithmetic!

      Maybe u just having too much dangdut hours with yr zombie pals. So much so that they convinced u that SaudiArab/UAE with such high GDP have a fairer system of whatsoever f*ck u created in our mind!

      Perhaps, it's just yr continuous illusional dream of CCP hate!

  3. until the hk govt withdraw, not suspensd the extradition bill, n carrie lam get booted. thats the nature n reaction of a society without democracy, bloodshed is part of the game, hker is waiting for pla to "invade", let see how ccp could make shanghai the financial centre, to replace hk.

    if i am a taiwanese, i am all for independent than live under a authoritarian regime, or choose to move to australia, so that i can enjoy the freedom n liberty, at the same time whack the white man day in day out

    1. Do u honestly think those blurred cannon-ash HK youth WOULD stop those riotings when the extradition bill is withdrawn? Carrie Lam resigned?

      In yr mimpi putih lah!

      That series of actions r a slipping slope that will lead to more demands (irrational & illogical) that NO mainland administrators can't take. The whole Chinese population (many other hkers too) will not accept that action TOO.

      Indeed many of these rioting youths r hoping against hope that HK will be "invaded" by PLA. Only then, they CAN play the political asylum card mah! Otherwise, how to live oversea with no moorla & skills?

      Tough luck!

      PLA will only interfere when there is obvious foreign participation. Otherwise, the central govt will just let these rioters done HK in.

      Or when all the other hkers r revolting against these rioters due to accumulated fed up with these weekly senseless riotings for disrupting their peaceful living & business opportunities!

      CAN u see how these rioters help to push more financial activities to Shanghai? Moron!

      U r just a wannabe Taiwanese who got stuck in a zombies infested land & can't move anywhere!

      Try moving to Oz lah, & see how u get yr face redecorated by the white supremacists as part of its whitewashed freedom n liberty.

      Better still work under a racial glass ceiling that not even the 97 HK runners r willing to serf under.

      U deserve what u deserve!