Thursday, March 15, 2018

Will a Pakatan government EVER recognise the UEC?

Malaysian Chinese News - Tun M: Delay in recognising UEC as Umno is afraid of losing Malay votes (extracts):

On how Pakatan Harapan would support the development of Chinese education in the country, including building Chinese independent schools and recognition of the Unified Chinese educational certificate (UEC), Dr Mahathir replied: “Right. However, Chinese independent schools are set up by the Chinese. They want their Chinese education, mainly education from China.”

“We are familiar with oversea certificates. Right from the beginning our education system started with Cambridge University. I took the Cambridge examination in lower secondary school. Now we have many international schools in Malaysia. Malaysians send their children to international schools. Accepting foreign qualification is nothing new.”

“If Chinese is keen to have UEC recognised, then Pakatan Harapan must meet the request.

“Of course we hope more students study in national schools but the schools must be upgraded.”

Mahathir acknowledged that the standard of Chinese schools or even private schools is higher than national schools.

On recognising UEC and how Pakatan Harapan would convince the conservatives, Tun Mahathir said: “I will tell them before this we do not have national certificate. We have Cambridge. Now we even accept Sekolah Pondok (religious schools in rural area).

“Nevertheless we have been very open in the education history. After independence, as we hope everyone uses one language to speak, we drafted the policy to improve Malay language.

“Ultimately, we are open. We will do it if people want us to. If not we will not pursue and we must be democratic. Of course we want to win Chinese votes. They would not vote for us if they do not like us.”

What utter bull.

What a humongous lie that Chinese independent schools want their Chinese education to be mainly from China. Wah, Mr Tai Tok-Kok. That has been the perpetual bullshit to suppress the recognition of the UEC.

Despite the Chinese independent schools following Malaysian educational requirements (and more) Mahathir has singularly been the man who was (and I suspect STILL is) strongly against the UEC.

Under him, the Malay-dominated government was determined, whatever, however, as ever*, to NOT recognise the UEC which ironically has already long been recognised by 400 foreign tertiary educational institutions throughout the world, including universities in France, Germany and Russia, let alone the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and Chinese speaking nations like China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

* Yes, as ever, because it all started back in 1975 with Mahathir, when he was Education Minister, He threatened the Chinese educationists about issuing the UEC.

According to Dr Kua Kia Siong in his book, Protean Saga: The Chinese Schools of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir as Education Minister must have hated the idea and existence of the UEC so much that when he heard about Dong Jiao Zong's plans and programs for it, he summoned the Chinese educationalists to parliament and told the leaders "... that UEC had better not be held or else ...".

He did not ask for any response and dismissed the Chinese educationalists with a curt ... "That is all."

Undeniably he hated things Chinese, especially the UEC, meant for Chinese educated students to help them (but on their own finance, educational efforts and merits) get into overseas universities as the local ones have an unfavourable quota for the nons.

That was in 1975. Obviously Dong Jiao Zong didn't give two hoots to his very racist nonsensical warning, and correctly so as the 60 independent Chinese high schools in Malaysia (with 23 in East Malaysia) have been funded privately by the Chinese community and philanthropists like the late Lim Lean Teng, who was Han Chiang's long time benefactor.

The UEC has survived for 40 over years, NO thanks to and in spite of Mahathir. And you Chinese want to vote him and his racial Pribumi?

And in 2017 when we felt the government might recognise the UEC in the wake of the late Adenan Satem's radical declaration that Sarawak recognises the UEC, 'ere we could say Ni Hao Ma? (wakakaka) we have Ibrahim Ali of someone's ultra fascist lobby group Perkasa declaring (as reported by FMT):

Perkasa menentang sekeras-kerasnya termasuk akan mengisytiharkan “perang” jika kerajaan mengiktiraf Sijil Peperiksaan Bersepadu (UEC).

Presidennya, Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata, kerajaan perlu menolak pengiktirafan UEC kerana ia bertentangan Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan yang terkandung dalam Akta Pendidikan 1996 dan Perkara 152 (1) Perlembagaan.

“Jangan ada parti-parti politik kecoh dan bising, jika UEC tidak diiktiraf kerajaan Malaysia."

“Menjelang pilihan raya umum, banyak buat tuntutan demi undi. Kita semua tidak boleh tolak ansur.”

Wow, Ibrahim Ali wants Perkasa to declare war if Najib were to recognise the UEC.

I wonder who could have alerted Ibrahim Ali as to Najib's possible action a la Adenan Satem? Hmmm?!

Adviser or Patron of Perkasa

"... that UEC had better not be held or else ... That is all"


  1. Nowadays many Malay and non Chinese parents sent their children to Chinese schools.They know that China is a growing economic giant,not only in Asia but the rest of the world.In the next decade,China is expected to overtake the US as the world's no 1 economic power.

    With that stupid bum Donald Trump in the white house,it might be sooner than later.The US,under Obama gathered the countries under TPP to slow China's economic expansion to the rest of the world.That is why China is not in the TPP.But the stupid bum Trump withdrew the US from the TPP,thus handing over the keys to China.

  2. We should ask our tua pek kong from australia for answer. Where is kaytee moc kong temple so that we can ask for perfect answer

    Can share bao kenna 4d hah? Hahahahaha

  3. As far as UEC is concerned, almost all Melayu, worth their socks, in all govt administration ARE teloq-less in agreeing for its recognition!

    Simple logic - zero sum game + inferiority complex.

    So don't just target mamak, pinklips would do likewise!

    The Cinapeks can tan ku ku!

    1. Can we anoint kaytee as Mr blame anybody? Kaytee put it very eloquently in his latest article. If only there is a mirror so that he can look at himself in the mirror

    2. no nid lah when I can blame you wakakaka

  4. Me think, those who politicise education esp in regards to vernacular schools are just politicising it for self aggrandisement. It doesn't matter whether it is chinese educationists or Malay's ultras like Perkasa.

    What's the actual reality and feelings of ordinary Malay kampung folks?

    These are the few common answers:

    1. "Bagus lah dapat belajar Bahasa Tionghua. Lain hari senang buat bisnes. Serupa belajar Bahasa Inggeris, jugak".

    2. "Tak apalah. Dia orang nak belajar bahasa ibunda mereka, apa masalahnya?".

    3. "Sekolah Cina punya taraf Sains dan Mathematik lebih tinggi."

    4. "Sekolah Cina, ramai guru-guru yang rajin dan murid lebih berdisiplin."

    So, the actual reason is not the schools itself or the recognition of the UEC.

    It's only the right wing Malay's fear that with the recognition of UEC by the Govt., an influx of Chinese applying for Govt. jobs and public universities would reduce the chances of Malays getting those jobs or places or scholarships even without meritocracy in place.

    So, now comes the unspoken thing of Quota. Isn't it ineffective in the current policies since the fear of competition and meritocracy is deeply embedded in these right-wing groups with such current lopsided Quotas?

  5. In any society ,there will be people for and against a policy proposal.
    Your Boss, Numero Uno in Malaysia lacks the political gonads to approve the UEC recognition, Don't go around blaming everyone else except the Gajah in the room.

    Every General Elections essentially revolves around the Government's performance record for the last 5 years.

    Mahathir's policies 25 years ago, right or wrong are not the principal issue in GE 14.

    1. Who, did you just say "Mahathir's policies 25 years ago, right or wrong are not the principal issue in GE 14""

      I thought he is vying to be PM again, or have you makan his dedak so much it has brain-f**k you kaukau?

  6. The world changed, unlike in the olden days, the thieves also have honour and pride (盗亦有道) then you could declare this is our manifesto and be taken at face value. Knowing this is Bolihland and this is 2018, the world is converging to "result and efficiency", not that we are promoting the end justify the means, with "your way", yours type of thinking no longer apply!

    If you never get pass the Putra Jaya Gate, what reformasi you want to talk about? Uncle you are so out of date already! Better migrate to Oz that like what you have already done, why waste time contesting the GE14 knowing with the conventional actions you will never win.

    We are moving in with our eyes wide open and know what we want. Don't give us that crab "that history will repeat itself". Accept it man, even communists have also changed. Leopard never changes its spots? Haven't you learned, leopards have been tamed?

    Quote :
    “A lot of us, have put our personal feelings aside, our dislike of Tun M, etc.,, indeed we have put all hates of so many people in PH aside, and all we want is to rally behind, the once the most hated man in Malaysia, Tun M, and others, to ensure the removal of the BN Govt. There are those, that have greater personal reasons to hate Tun M, but, have decided, consciously, to just let it go, for the sake of Malaysia’s future and well being.

    Tun M is now leading the opposition, along with many others who don’t see eye to eye on a million issues among themselves, but yet, can come together and discuss, argue, disagree, etc, and then, go forward.all with a view to winning the 14th GE.

    Today, I sincerely hope that KTemoc realises that he has destroyed everything, that PH has worked for, the last couple of years.

    All because he wants the blood of Tun M, as if, if he had that, everything will be ok.

    When will KTemoc ever grow up, and think of All Malaysians, not just himself.

    If you do not want to play a part, just keep quiet, don’t sabotage all our efforts, please.”
    Unquote, Borrowed from Mr. Earnest H

    1. When will KTemoc ever grow up and think of All Malaysians?

      Right now.

      I do not advocate becoming Hitler to get rid of Stalin. Reda your history

    2. Wakakakaka…… u do not advocate becoming Hitler to get rid of Stalin!

      Who's Stalin, who's Hilter?

      Assuming pinklips' Stalin, then how do u know mamak will be Hitler?

      Based on mamaks past 22yrs of malfeasances?

      What kind of deduction is that?

      Nobody, nobody ever realised that an introvert, shy & art loving guy could turn into a biggest monster of humanity.

      Similarly, DONT dismiss the possibility that mamak will do good this time round!

      The essence in life is CHANGE & for a known bad guy, nearing the end of his life, that change is USUALLY very drastically weighing towards good.

      Eat yr heart out, hate incubator!

    3. Huh? Kaytee? and Churchill too because he betrayed Yindians over the Bengal famine?

      Najib = stalin? hahahaha......more like donald trump

  7. i dun know abt pakatan, but the one in power now, the bn, sure dun recognise uec. what r u going to do abt tis?