Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Best political statement 2018 (3)

FMT - Put Tamil schools at par with national schools, Santiago tells Putrajaya (succinct extract):

from FMT:

Santiago says some Indians shun national schools because they fear their children would be marginalised.

This one, by DAP's Charles Santiago, is again in a different category from the previous two. It's by far more serious but I deem as very worthy of recording in my blog.

Charles Santiago in his appeal to the federal authorities to increase its funding for Tamil vernacular schools to help the very poor and marginalised Indian Malaysians, has beautifully encapsulated why non-Malay Malaysians want to retain their culture, tradition and mother tongue. He said most brilliantly:

“This love for one’s culture and tradition is something we tend to see more among the poor across all races. Most of the time, it’s all they have.

Amin, Amen, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Appaṭiyē ākuka, Omitofu.

P/S I hope my matey HT Low won't chide me again for my post title, knowing that BEST political statement 2018 (2) renders either the current or previous posts with same title incorrect. That's because BEST is a superlative and can only be one (unique).

Yes, my deliberate title error a la a previous tautological error, wakakaka, is for me to keep track of "best political statements" or clever puns, etc, in the blog. Excuse my grammatical blasphemies, wakakaka.


  1. KT, you are now teasing me; I do think I can ever BEST you. :-;

  2. Another one to consider for your Best of political statements.

    For poor Malays, Race and Religion is all they have for their pride and sustenance.
    For rich Malays, Race and Religion is the way to continue getting richer.

    Does it Qualify?

  3. How about these?

    UMNO - Rich Malays

    PAS - Poor Malays

    MCA - Rich Chinese

    DAP - Poor Chinese

    MIC - Rich Indians

    Hindraf - Poor Indians

    PKR - Dwarfs, Pinochios, Geishas, LBGTs

    Bersatu - Malay Chapcheng

    PBBM - Malay mercenaries

    PCM - Chinese Mercenaries

    PPP - Indian Mercenaries

    PSM - Indian Mandors

    1. PBBM - purest of all tulin-est Melayu

    2. DAP - richer Chinese.
      They alredi have the richest Malaysian Chinese in their hidden book.

    3. and even far richer Malays (note the plural) wakakaka

  4. Best political statement 2018 (4): 'M'sians should be proud as prices of goods in S'pore 70pct higher'

  5. Best political statement 2018 (5): ‘Obesity a sign that Malaysians are prosperous’