Friday, March 16, 2018

Mahathir insisted his previous actions against Anwar justified

From MM Online:

When Mahathir was asked by the Australian Broadcast Channel (ABC) yesterday whether a vote for him would be a vote for Anwar Ibrahim, the man he once sacked from government on allegations of sodomy and corruption, he answered in a tap-dancing way "Well, in a way, it is because I have promised that I would be the prime minister for a short while until he is pardoned.

“He needs to be pardoned by the King before he can participate in politics again so, that may take two years, three years.

But he continued to insist his previous actions towards Anwar, his former deputy, was harsh but was also justified.
He has not changed in his hatred towards Anwar and which has been why he is not, has never been sincere in 
apologising to Anwar.


  1. Strange! kaytee hated vehemently both of them. Why ho bother so much? That is the key question

    1. he love bn/dedak, that's y same shit diff day relentlessly attack anwar / mahathir.