Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Change for change's sake?

FMT - Don’t change everything for the sake of change by G25 (extracts):

G25 would like to state that while we welcome the wide-ranging reforms and social oriented programmes outlined in the PH manifesto, we are also concerned over the proposals to abolish the GST and reinstate the fuel subsidies as these will have a negative impact on the federal budget.

Although the manifesto mentions that the PH government will manage public finance with prudence and transparency to minimise wastage and abuse, nevertheless, the proposal to abolish the GST, in favour of its predecessor, the sales and services tax (SST), which Malaysia and many countries have found to be a less efficient way of taxing consumption, will have a negative impact on government revenue and make the budget deficit more difficult to control.

The country has been running on a budget deficit for several years now. The deficit situation has improved since the implementation of the GST in April 2015. This consumption tax serves as a useful buffer against the ups and downs of the economic cycle and should therefore be retained to keep the revenue system strong. [...]

Changing everything for the sake of change is not wise. [...]

It is the reforms on both the economic and structural fronts focusing on checks and balance in a parliamentary democracy that will ensure good governance to secure long-term sustainable and equitable growth with social and economic stability.

This is the problem of toxicity in Pakatan politics ever since it has been hijacked by the most non-reformist most oppressive and most profligate person in our political history.

The G25 have given us their assessment of GST, a consumer tax system which I have never stopped advocating as it's good for both the nation and the people.

An indication of the toxicity of our acrimonious politics, started by Anwar Ibrahim, aped by Lim Kit Siang and now humongously worsened by Mahathir is in the Chinese bizarrely turning away from GST which is an equal opportunity taxation system.

political prophets of hate 

The Chinese who have for years grumbled about being the group that bore the greatest burden for taxation in Malaysia have now abnormally rejected the GST which make every consumer, regardless of race, of certain goods and services, pay 6 sens to every ringgit spent (with exception of fresh food etc* - see follows).

* The Malaysian GST is NOT applied to the following:

  • Agricultural products – paddy, fresh or chilled vegetables, certain provisionally preserved vegetables
  • Essential foodstuff – oils, salt, flour, etc.
  • Livestocks and livestock supplies or poultry – live animals and unprocessed meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish – live, fresh, frozen and dried including Bloody Kembong and Kerang
  • First 300 kwh of electricity for domestic use
  • Water for domestic users
  • Goods supplied to designated areas from Malaysia – Labuan, Langkawi & Tioman
  • Exported goods
  • Exported services – such as architecture services in connection with land outside Malaysia
  • Selected services in Malaysia – such as pilotage, salvage or towage services
  • International services – such as transport of passengers or goods from a place in Malaysia to a place outside Malaysia
  • RON95 petrol, diesel and LPG
  • Sale of Residential Property
  • Services provided by Government which are not considered commercial services, such as permits, licences etc. Services considered commercial are TV advertisement, rental of equipments, rental of multifunction halls etc.

So stop the bullshit about the poor suffering from it. In fact some previously taxed goods at 15% S&S tax would have now become cheaper.

WTF are they now grumbling about? That they pay too little tax when they used to pay more under the SST system (Sales & Service Tax)?

That's how toxic, venomous and rancorous our politics have turned into. If Coalition X says it will be good to wear white, the other side, Coalition Y, will say it's better to wear black even if wearing black clothing is at the height of stupidity as on a hot day.

There is no more reasoning and thus no bipartisanship on matters best for the nation. The sole preoccupation is to be totally opposite and to create fake news about the policies of the 'enemy'. Each side fears the good policies of the other side, thus the policies no matter how good must be demolished and f**k Malaysia, we just gotta win the elections.

A lie on this approach was shown in the BR1M benefits when someone opposed it because it was conceived by Najib, but subsequently due to overwhelming support by the public, went volte-face unashamedly and said he would continue BR1M. We don't know whether he will as just we don't know whether he will terminate GST. He is know to break his promise on some excuses as in his Bangsa Malaysia.

Let me be very rude - you can bet your bloody ass that he will keep the GST if Pakatan wins, and as usual, he will mudah lupa whatever he has promised if and when it suits him.

and that has been his story about Bangsa Malaysia 


  1. "the toxicity of our acrimonious politics, started by Anwar Ibrahim"
    It is grossly unfair to blame the toxicity of Malaysian politics on Anwar Ibrahim.
    The toxic radioactivity was the creation of the Ruling
    Regime's decades of abuse of power and the abuse of the instruments of the State.
    What happened after March 8, 2008 for the first time BN lost several States and lost its 2/3 majority , and Anwar played a big role in it.

    1. Didn't u admit u don't know much about GST & would refrain from talking about it?

      Child play ke?

    2. Anwar could have reined in the hate propaganda and offer viable and realistic alternative solutions to the Government's approach. Instead he let it grew into a spiteful blindly hating monster that consumed all logical senses of their preachers.

      Its now a "either us or them" game, a "you must die, for me to live" approach. Thats what put off a lot of fence sitters and hence the creation of #UndiRosak.

  2. I want Najib to die cock stand.....an chua, kaytee.....Buay song hah

    1. should be "arn chnua" with a nasal sound in "chnua", wakakaka

      "buay" is very Southern or Singaporean, should be "bay"

    2. Since you can detect the Sinkie accent, you pretty much know where this operator comes from.

    3. looes74 is undeniably an asshole of monumental proportion wakakaka but to be fair he has never denied his Sing base, though he has claimed his family to be on pally buddy terms with the Perak royal House

    4. Well, Pakatan need all the help they can get from their Southern brothers

  3. you call them bloody brothers? fxxk! get the hell out of the country!

  4. you call them brothers? get the hell out of this country you fxxking racist!