Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ever pray for death to happen?

TMI - PAS prays for death of Pakatan (extracts):

PAS preacher Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani leading prayers during the celebration of the 10th year that PAS is in the Selangor government. The party is praying for the 'death' of Pakatan. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussain, March 17, 2018.

PAS Selangor in a special prayer tonight has wished for the death of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition.

The Islamist party’s preacher Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani tonight held a “solat hajat” at an event celebrating the 10th year of PAS being in Selangor government.

“We plead that every pact that is planned by them (PH) is destroyed. Make the evil PH not have the strength to soldier on,” he said during a prayer session with over a 1,000 PAS supporters in Shah Alam today.

Allah swt would have been disappointed by such an evil prayer.

What sort of preacher is that? What sort of political party is that?

'Nuff said.


  1. "What sort of preacher is that?" a so called muslim

    "What sort of political party is that?" a so called islamic

    they do what they gotta do.

  2. "Political death" mah....
    Anyway, PAS has been praying to Pazuzu for ages ... without avail... those days before Hadi Transformed, PAS made a Solar Hajat to end Najib's leadership..He's still here... after the Transformers, they are now praying for Najib to be PM For Life....

    Verily..Verily... PAS and Ktemoc are actually on the same side these days. Hasn't he been working assidously 24x7 for PH's political death ? (Kt doesn't pray but maybe to Bumba)

    1. Wrong! Monster! Kaytee is Tua Pek Kong. Go ask 4d number from him. Do pray hard. Plus buy more fruits during praying session. And don't forget some donation to Kaytee moc kong temple

  3. they have absolutely no idea how to project Islam as a religion of peace but then again I doubt they are truly religious people but merely disgruntled politicians...and politicians disguised as religious preacher with such confrontational views cannot be good for the nation and Muslims themselves

    undirosak 1 pas 1(own goal)

  4. “We plead that every pact that is planned by them (PH) is destroyed. Make the evil PH not have the strength to soldier on,”

    We do the same hajat prayers and supplications to the Jewish Israelis.

    1. Didn't know even Ka Wan and Nurul are also considered as evil........wakakaka

    2. We can only pray, it is up to Allah to answer our prayers and to select and choose who are evil, as HE knoweth best.

  5. Then shouldn't you be praying for all evil both BN and PR to be defeated or were it in your mind all BN are perfect?

  6. DAP, PAN, PKR, and PRIBUMI should do that.