Monday, March 19, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (6)

In Malaysiakini's ‘Malaysia’, one dream at a time columnist Cmdr (rtd) S Thayaparan penned (extracts only):

... not only is the opposition coalesced around a former Umno strongman, it includes in their voter base people who actually believe that the Mahathir era was some sort of halcyon period, where everything was as it should be when it comes to the "social contract" that passes as “muhibbah”.

The more he talks or defends his record or makes noises of half-hearted contrition, the more it reminds people of an era where the opposition stood for principles instead of the strategic choices it is making now.

As Haris Ibrahim in his open letter to Dr M said, maybe he should just zip it. 
What disturbs me, is not the sight of the old maverick revising history, but rather the sycophantic approval of supporters who justify his revisions.

Supporting the opposition does not mean publicly fellating them.

The real issue is not if the old maverick has changed or is sincere in his efforts to reform Malaysia but rather that the opposition has changed.

I believe Cmdr Thayaparan deserves another placing again with his funny remark:

Supporting the opposition does not mean publicly fellating them.

Wakakaka, and if you don't understand what Cmdr Thayaparan has meant in that sentence, look up your new word in the dictionary, wakakaka again. It applies in particular to my visitor looes74, wakakaka a third time.


  1. I support Pakatan Harapan with cold-eyed realism.
    Because the youngish Mega-Kleptocrat is the far greater evil.

    Actuarial tables say Mahathir has a life remaining life expectancy of 2-4 years. I'm fine with that.

    1. His last will and testament, revive ISA and throw every last one of his ex-comrades into Kamunting until he comes back alive to release them.

    2. Yr most sensible rant!!

  2. Sounds like a sensible idea. Longkang sudah sumbat. Apologize saje la. Susah meh hehehe