Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Captain" Francis Paul Siah speaks

Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah, who hails from Sarawak, gives me the impression he is a Malaysian Don Quixote but one who tok-kok. He has just penned Is DAP happy to ‘kill off’ PSM’s Jeyakumar?.

I leave you to read his biased article but more importantly the comments on his article.

Incidentally, in January he wrote for Malaysiakini Let ‘Captain Mahathir’ win in a safe FT seat. I had then commented on his article as follows (extracts only):

Is Francis Siah aware of the current political status for Pakatan in the federal seat of Lembah Pantai?

For such a strong advocate of Mahathir as Pakatan's PM-designate and a careful analyst of suitable seats for his idol, I find it bizarre, flabbergasting, bewildering and rather shocked and disappointed with his choice of seat for Dr Wan Azizah, the Pakatan DPM-designate.

Doesn't he know that Lembah Pantai is now very marginal for PKR and which is why the jungle drums informed us Nurul Izzah has been told to go north to stand in a safer (for her) Permatang Pauh? [...]

Francis Siah has analysed most carefully through a wide electoral landscape to select a blue-ribbon winning seat for Mahathir yet he (Siah) has been seemingly casual and nonchalant for Dr Wan Azizah's "safe"(?) seat.

What f**king gives? So think about it again, Francis Paul Siah.

As for Mahathir, Francis Siah loves to have his idol stand in the DAP blue-ribbon seats of Kepong, Seputeh or Cheras, when then Mahathir "... could just file his papers on nomination day, go on holiday during the campaign period and return to bask in glory on counting night."

But isn't that an insult to the voters of Kepong, Seputeh and Cheras to take them for granted?

Francis Siah might want to recall that Karpal Singh, the Lion of Jelutong, lost his blue ribbon seat of Jelutong in 1999, Tiger or no Tiger, which the late politician held for 21 years; likewise with his compatriot Lim Kit Siang in Bukit Bendahara.

Francis Siah should do well to remember not to f**k around with Chinese voters or take them for granted.

However, Francis Siah after dreaming of one of the 3 DAP blue ribbon seats in the FT for Mahathir, said most incongruously that it'll be unlikely for a Malay (Mahathir) to be chosen by his party (or coalition Pakatan) to contest in a Chinese seat (Kepong, Seputeh, Cheras). Siah said Malaysian politics hasn't yet reached that level of maturity (or absurdity?).

What a f**king insult to the DAP.


  1. pray tell how he insult dap?

    1. wasn't Zairil a DAP candidate in Bkt Bendera? Wasn't Dyana Sofya a DAP candidate in Tlk Intan? In earlier days wasn't Zul Moihd Noor a DAP candidate in Bkt Bendera, all 3 being Malay candidates in Chinese majority constituencies.

      So who the f* is Francis Paul Siah to say "it'll be unlikely for a Malay (Mahathir) to be chosen by his party (or coalition Pakatan) to contest in a Chinese seat (Kepong, Seputeh, Cheras). Malaysian politics hasn't yet reached that level of maturity". That's a blatant insult to DAP

    2. unlikely doesnt mean absolute, moreover fps did provide example of what he indicate as chinese seat ie kepong, seputih n cheras, would u think dap would let a malay, let say zaid to contest in tis 3 chinese seat?