Thursday, March 08, 2018

Asserting Malaysian sovereignty by Mumbo-jumbo?

MM Online - Academics moot renaming South China Sea to assert Malaysian sovereignty (extracts):

BANGI, March 8 — Malaysia should follow its neighbours’ example and unilaterally rename its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the South China Sea to assert its sovereignty in the ongoing maritime territorial dispute, a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia lecturer said yesterday.

Abdul Muein Abadi who specialises in political science suggested that the name could be “Malaysia Raya Sea”, to send a message to Chinese fishing and navy vessels that allegedly invade Malaysian waters.

“Why should we keep continuing to use the South China Sea name? Three of our neighbours have done it, we should have taken the same step,” said Muein, whose researches cover the territorial dispute, Chinese relations, and Chinese investment here.

Bigots who continue questioning loyalty of Malaysian citizens who are ethnically different to them are hardly likely to be able to see the bigger picture of Malaysia's international relations in an increasingly closer global community. They tok-kok when they ought to be focusing on the economic, political, cultural and social benefits for our society being part of a greater regional cooperative.

Changing the name of the South China Sea to 'Malaysia Raya Sea' isn't going to stop the big powers from doing what they have already planned to do. It's, to borrow the now-immortalised words of DAP's Lim Lip Eng, MP for Segambut, the 'height of idiocy'.

Have the Philippine's and Indonesian's re-naming of the South China Sea stop the Chinese?

In the 1960's (former, the late) President Soekarno, who was a far BIGGER megalomaniac than our Malaysian version wakakaka, insisted that what we have always known as the Indian Ocean be called the Indonesian Ocean (Samudera* Indonesia).* ironically the word 'samudera' is an Indian word, wakakaka

Here is an article by Kompasiana on that (extract only):

Soekarno & Kapal RI Irian 

Nama Samudera Indonesia pernah dipopulerkan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia zaman Bung Karno, bukan tanpa alasan, bukankah sebelum merdeka nama kepulauan Indonesia itu Hindia Belanda atau Nederlands-Indie?

Hanya saja nama Nederlands-Indie dalam bahasa Inggris ternyata Dutch East Indies. India yang pernah dikuasai Belanda ternyata hanya disebut India Timur, India aslinya ya di tanah Hindustan. Jadi nama samudera di barat selatan Indonesia itu mana yang benar?

Mestinya nama yang diakui internasional adalah Indian Ocean atau Samudera India dan di Indonesia dulu sampai sekarang disebut Samudera Hindia, kecuali waktu tahun 1960an pada puncak kejayaan politik Sukarno.

Akan tetapi bila orang Indonesia mau menamakan Samudera Indonesia sebagai nama lokal mengapa tidak, orang China zaman dinasti Ming, saat Laksamana Cheng Ho keliling Asia, dahulu menyebutnya dengan sebuah nama china yang artinya Lautan Barat atau Western Ocean.

Indulging in meaningless tok-kok nonsense such as mere name changing in a vain hope to effect a political and sovereignty resolution will be a fruitless and laughable venture. Tell me, what has our neighbours' including former President Soekarno's name changing achieved?

Stop fantasising in meaningless kok-tok and do some real work to justify earning your salaries, probably paid from omigosh non-halal government revenue. That's right, so you better stop demonising Malaysians just because they don't look like you, when they are paying your salaries.


  1. It tells one about the calibre of our so called intellectuals in the bolihland academia.

    Wakakakaka…… can't help remembering a joke told by one of my UN contact - the M'sian representative in a UN space agency been recommended to be an earth ambassador to aliens for her often out-of-this-world space proposals.

  2. Why so emo over the name?
    Should counter propose names like 1MDB Sea, BN Sea, PH Sea, DAP Sea, MCA Sea, MIC Sea. Bugis Sea, Kerala Sea, Sea Kiau Kiau etc

    Oh yes, don't forget to rename Straits of Malacca to Straits of Penang or Langkawi or Singapore Straits.

    Can be a lecturer also?

    1. Sea Kiau Kiau sounds interesting, wakakaka

  3. aiya very simple la, tell the fucking chinese this is my territory and Im going to tell you to go away or I will be extremely upset, wakakakaka

    1. Wakakakaka....Is extremely upset the best u could master?

      Or teloq hilanng ta lama2nya!