Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Hang Tuah" exposed?

MM Online - Ex-aide: Mukhriz a liar, Cambridge Analytica advised him personally for GE13 (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 ― SCL Group Southeast Asia chief Azrin Zizal today accused his former boss Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir of lying about not using the services of Cambridge Analytica (CA) in the 2013 general election.

Azrin said that he was ready to provide evidence to rebut the former Kedah mentri besar’s claim that he was only employed by the latter until 2013.

“Mukhriz says I was only his media officer until 2013 and that I was no longer with him when he became Chief Minister of Kedah. But this is absolutely false.

“I worked for Mukhriz personally and provided communications and strategy advice for him until 2015, including during the 2013 general election, and afterwards when he became Chief Minister. I will provide proof if he continues to falsify the truth,'' he said.

This comes after Mukhriz denied using the Britain-based data analytics firm’s services for the 2013 general election to win Kedah.

“Perhaps ― while Mukhriz continues to deny my work for him and deny the benefits he gained from the advice I provided to him from Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group for Kedah during the 2013 general election ― he will also deny Kedah winning an extra six parliament seats, winning over the State and him becoming Chief Minister?” Azrin said.

Azrin also said that Cambridge Analytica was not employed by Barisan Nasional (BN), but claimed the firm had provided 2013 election advice to Mukhriz “personally”.

Did and does it matter whether Mukhriz used the services of Cambridge Analytica or not? What has been far more devastating is the current stoush (quarrel) between Mukhriz and his former aide Azrin Zizal.

Once again it proves the much vaunted 'Malay loyalty' is only a syiok-sendiri myth. Thus Hang Tuah was probably just a myth.


  1. For many when dedak is involved, what's loyalty but bargain chips!

    1. For the highest paid blogger the MOM, loyalty is a revolving door

  2. Mr Azrin was definitely campaigning for the wrong Mukhriz becoz the the Mukhriz that WE know, clearly had always been a citizen of Brunei.

  3. The rats are all coming or getting ready to come out of the woodworks.This is election season,which happens one every five years or sooner.This is a time where 'bodek kakis',that is if you bodek the correct dudes can make you a rich dude overnight.

    News of horndog groper Donald Trump's campaign used this firm,and now everybody is accusing every of their opponents of using this service.Wakakaka.

  4. They are now on opposite sides of politics, so it's open warfare.

  5. My reading is - Yes, Mukhriz used the services of Cambridge Analytica, but also in the context of Barisan Nasional, it wasn't a private enterprise.

    Both sides need to own up to it, including Najib as well.

    Najib also made extensive use of APCO, Jho Low, etc.