Saturday, March 24, 2018

Racial-religious extremism is ironically 'colour-blind'

As I informed my FB matey Mandy Ping, there are always extremists in every society. How society and its law and guardians deal with such extremism would be the difference.

The following is an example in Hindu India, the land of Sakyamuni Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

NEW DELHI: Mahkamah India menjatuhi hukuman penjara seumur hidup terhadap 11 lelaki kerana membunuh peniaga daging Islam yang disangka mengangkut daging lembu, dalam sabitan pertama yang dikaitkan dengan “vigilantisme lembu”.

Tertuduh, termasuk seorang kakitangan parti pemerintah Perdana Menteri Narendra Modi, didapati bersalah membunuh Alimuddin Ansari di timur negeri Jharkhand pada Jun 2017.

Ia merupakan salah satu siri serangan yang berkaitan dengan lembu, yang dianggap suci oleh penganut Hindu.

Lelaki-lelaki terbabit didakwa membunuh, melakukan rusuhan dan kesalahan lain di bawah Kanun Keseksaan India.

“Mahkamah menjatuhi hukuman penjara seumur hidup semalam,” kata Rajesh Kumar, pegawai kanan polis di Ramgarh kepada AFP melalui perbualan telefon pada Khamis.

But those perpetrators' punishment is a lesson for us to remember that our respective religion would not have condone such evil acts of killing in the name of religion or praying for death unto our political foes.


  1. It should be noted that in overwhelmingly Hindu-majority India, governed by a Hindu-nationalist government, the law has been allowed to run its course, and the perpetrators being held to justice.

    In BNajib-governed Malaysia, race and religious extremists are given a free pass with not even the lightest tap on the wrist.

    The racist incitement over a Hindu temple construction using a severed cow-head, and the threatened riot to forcibly remove a church cross , led by the then IGP's brother received not the slightest legal punishment

  2. Fitnah itu lebih dasyat/buruk daripada membunuh. It is permissable kalau orang yang kena fitnah itu mendoakan akan kehancuran/kebinasaan orang yang membuat/menabor fitnah.

  3. Muslims kill becoz they believe in God
    Christians kill becoz they believe in God
    Buddhist kill becoz they believe in God
    Jews kill becoz they believe in God
    Sikhs kill becoz they believe in God
    Atheist kill becoz they believe in Godless

    1. Buddhists do NOT believe in god, like their cute (wakakaka) atheist cousins

    2. While true Buddhism does not preach praying to idols, current one teaches followers to prostrate at statues. What I described is just going with the times.

    3. the culture and protocol of Buddhism has been inherited from India, where people 'wai' to elders and/or prostrate to them, as Thais do to their royalty - it's not worshipping a Divine but respecting an elder, a Teacher, which Buddha was/is to Buddhists

    4. Things change, religion as well. C'est la vie.

  4. Bukan fitnah...tapi fakta.

    Severed cow head to protest against Hindu temple..

    Threat of riot to force removal of Church cross..

    The two acts of violence were not the work of the BNajib government.....but no legal sanction taken against the perpetrators IS the work of the BNajib government....

    1. 1MDB? USD42.0 billion stolen?

    2. Yes...lost and stolen.
      Najis son has paid up to DOJ.
      Equanimity has been seized...

      Just because Najis say so doesn't mean he is cleared.

    3. It is NOT 1MDB's money. Equanimity and Red Granite do not belong to 1MDB. Reza Aziz and Jho Low are not 1MDB staff. Donation is Arab's money. 1MDB has not loss any money, all are accounted for. Bandar Malaysia and TRX are strong on-going prohects. Unless evidence and fair trials shed light on what happened, it is unbecoming for anyone to draw conclusions based on baseless conspiracy theories. Thus it is fitnah.By the way who sabotaged the listing of Edra Energy?

    4. So this is Yislam.......Corruption ok in the eyes of Allah! I thought that is dosa besar, unknown

    5. If one read FINMA's cases presentations CAREFULLY on its webpage about the CHF104 million (approximately RM430 million) held by the Swiss Federal Treasury, it becomes VERY CLEAR that:

      1) the total amounts r the accumulation of money represents the amount ordered as disgorgement of PROFIT by the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA) against certain banks for alleged breach of Swiss laws.

      2) 1MDB claimed the CHF104 million is a result of a FINE by FINMA on certain banks. This is BULL.

      3) Profits vs fine!

      Profits come from the successful execution of transactions. They r the direct results of individual business deals.

      Fine comes from company reserve as a consequence of doing something against the laws of the land.

      So siapa fitnah siapa?

      Yr business trainings r bull & yr claims prove about the knowledge u r going to disperse to those unfortunate students of yrs!

      REALLY, rubbish in rubbish out - what a total waste of my nep seed money that u've so heartlessly sapu!

      U memang tak ada maruah. Lagi mana ajaran islam tulin tu yg u di perkenalkan? Tentu confirmed deviant lah!! Wakakakaka……

  5. These creatures are most strange, to say the least. If their own ministers, or at least one of them, have unequivocally declared that the MO1 is the PM and none of the 'loyals' even care to deny this.....

    So kalau sakit hati sangat because got 'fitnah' sue lah...Sue ! Sue ! Sue ! Sue DoJ, sue WSJ, sue Washington Post, New York Times, sue Economists, sue SR, sue those 7 countries that meted out due punishment and now in the process of retaining the stolen $$$ and assets. Don't just pretend tak faham...just sue lah if you feel you are being wronged. Dare not ? wakakkaka

    1. Doa is a very powerful direct internalised request to Allah. Allah knoweth best who and when to punish/retribute. Come what may fast or slow, it would sure to come. Aamiin.

    2. Yeah! Yeah! You sure you doa the right one! Plus your hajat is correct. Beware!

    3. Hadi is suing CRB already. So far, he won the 1st round.

    4. The one and only Allah!