Thursday, March 08, 2018

PAS promoting polygamy on In'tl Women's Day

Malaysiakini - To mark Int'l Women's Day, Perak PAS official moots polygamy:

Perak PAS information chief Wan Tarmizi Abd Aziz has suggested that women should mark International Women's Day by consenting to polygamy.

"Women's Day will be more meaningful if a woman gifts another woman to her spouse as a mark of appreciation of other women," Wan Tarmizi wrote on his Facebook account.

At the time of writing, his Facebook post had attracted 10 comments, comprising mixed reactions.

Some even asked if Wan Tarmizi's Facebook account was hacked.

Wan Tarmizi told Malaysiakini his statement was based on Islamic teachings.

"In Islam, one has to fulfil certain conditions to have more than one wife... Financial obligations are just one condition... He has to be a provider," he said.

He said he was unperturbed by criticisms over his views.

Wan Tarmizi confirmed that he is currently in a monogamous relationship and refused to confirm if his wife shared his views on polygamy.

Polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia but only with the permission of the Syariah Court. Proponents believe that polygamy decreases the likelihood of men having extra-marital affairs.

However, opponents and NGOs have documented numerous cases of women whose husbands were in polygamous relationships facing neglect, jealousy and being forced into divorce.

What can I say?

But wait, don't you think his "Women's Day will be more meaningful if a woman gifts another woman to her spouse as a mark of appreciation of other women," merits a closer study?

My "interest" (wakakaka) is in those words "... as a mark of appreciation of other women" because I'm somewhat confused one what he means.

The problem lies in the word 'of' as in 'appreciation of other women'.

Does he mean:

(a) for her husband to appreciate the "new" women in his life, or

(b) for her to honour the other women by giving her husband to them?

But nonetheless, wakakaka, Wan Tarmizi is, least to say, most amazing in promoting polygamy on 'International Women's Day'.

As the Jews would say, "What f**king chutzpaz".

Or, as DAP's Lim Lip Eng has said, "It's the height of idiocy".



  1. "Wan Tarmizi told Malaysiakini his statement was based on Islamic teachings."

    u insult islam, again.

    1. Not Islam!


    2. One look at his face and his sly eyes and you'll know he's a Hamsap fella trying to use polygamy as an excuse for his hard-on.

      Besides belitting women he's also saying Eat your heart out to non-moslems who are not able to be polygamous.


  2. This dude Tarmizi is sure very weird.I thought that Donald Trump was weird when he was having unprotected sex screwing porn stars,when his youngest son was barely six months old.This dude would even rape the ducks his wife was rearing in the backyard.

  3. Definition of an Islamic asshole: Wan Tarmizi Abd Aziz. Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of other Muslims also can also be defined as such.

  4. religious people are never proficient in economics.... if we want to have some fresh milk there is no need to buy the whole cow...the upkeep will kill you....ladies I know it's not funny but its meant to humour these religious people...they are always so serious

  5.'s legal for Muslims in Malaysia..... he's promoting something he favours which is not against the law....there is not a lot more to say...

    1. It's legal for Muslims in Malaysia? Pandai anak bapak ni. Wakakaka..