Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Waythamoorthy not as valued as Maria Chin?

FMT - PH names Hindraf, New Gen Party as strategic partners (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan has accepted the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and the New Generation Party as its strategic partners to assist the coalition during the general election, said opposition leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“They have shown interest to cooperate with us but we already have four parties and it may reduce any distribution (of seats) if they join in.

“So, we need to find a place for them and give special treatment,” he said after chairing the PH presidential council meeting at the Parliament building today.

He said Hindraf was an active NGO and was keen to work with PH and due to that PH had agreed to find a place for it in the coalition.

Furthermore, he said, PH was seen more as a Malay and Chinese party despite having several Indian MPs and state assemblymen in the opposition bloc.

Previously, Hindraf had announced that it would work with PH to bring down the Barisan Nasional (BN) government in the general election.

Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy had said the Indian rights group would help PH by urging the Indian community in rural and semi-urban areas to vote for the coalition and to reject the BN.

In August, Mahathir and Hindraf discussed the prospect of the Indian rights group joining the opposition coalition.

photo by FMT

An unprecedented meeting between Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Hindraf took place 
[in Aug 2017], increasing the possibility of the opposition coalition signing up yet another member.

The meeting between Mahathir and Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy at his office in Perdana Leadership Foundation 
[in Putrajaya], saw the duo discussing the prospect of the latter becoming the fifth component of PH or at least a partner to it.

“We notice the Indian community is not well represented in PH. There is no Indian party. There are multiracial parties where Indians are members, but the representation is not adequate.

“I think we appreciate the fact that Hindraf has got the support of the ordinary Indians, not the lawyers or the doctors, but the ordinary estate people.

“So we are working to get Hindraf, if not as a member of PH, at least as part of the opposition.”

That's vintage Mahathir for you, wanting an Indian racial party instead of multiracial party which have Indians

Three (3) days ago I posted What is char koay teow?in which I said the Penang (or Penang originated) dish of char koay teow is rice noodles deeply stir fried with both light and dark soya sauce, chillie paste, garlic, fresh prawns, sometimes fish cake (hoo pneah), blood cockles (see harm or kerang), Chinese dried pork or duck liver sausage (laap cheong), bean sprouts, Chinese chives (koo chai) and chook or duck egg(s).

what you need after char koay teow 

The stir frying in a very hot wok is most important.

very wok-hei 

But there is also another meaning to the term 'char koay teow', wakakaka, which colloquial meaning most Malaysian kuai-laan-knia (naughty blokes) like kaytee know straightaway.

It's 'instigation' which the dictionary defines as 'the act of urging, provoking, or inciting to some action or course', wakakaka.

Wakakaka indeed. In this post I am going to 'char koay teow'.

Mahathir saying Pakatan is accepting Hindraf (and f**k MIRA) as a 'strategic partner' is just 101% pure horse sh*t because in real terms those words are just semantic excuses and not an alliance (and gnam gnam Mahathir allegedly has 40 horses which of course would sh*t, wakakaka).

Do you know what is the meaning of 'strategic' as in Mahathir's acceptance of Hindraf (and f**k MIRA) as a 'strategy partner'? (hint: quite different from 'tactical'].

Mahathir is virtually saying to Hindraf: We don't have any room for you losers now (GE14), but you can hang around if you like, and if we need your help we will let you dumbos know.

Unsaid would have been:
 We'll try to find a spot for you in GE15, that is, if we can, considering there's a lot of greedy blokes around. And if Pakatan wins, we'll make a couple of you senators, which in my previous regime I had kowtim-rised extra places in the Dewan Negara for trouble-making merajuk-ish losers like you guys.

That's what 'strategic' means. Long term as opposed to NOW (tactical). Yes, 'long term' as in GE15 or GE16.

Cruel? In fact Mahathir was quite diplomatic to Waythamoorthy and that MIRA bloke instead of f**king them off or shutting them out abruptly. He was tap dancing around Waythamoorthy.

I don't care about kutu parties like MIRA, but I am sad for Indians that Hindraf under very bad leadership has found itself unwanted or just a 'miscellaneous' pest of a party. It's their members' karma.

But my 'char koay teow-ing', if I may call it that, is the different, nay, call it contrasting, yes contrasting treatment by Pakatan for Waythamoorthy versus that for Maria Chin Abdullah.

If Pakatan is looking for a SAFE seat for Maria Chin, why couldn't it do that for Waythamoorthy?

Waythamoorthy has been trying for a political post for quite a while and he has even been a deputy minister in the PM's department, wakakaka. He approached Mahathir last year for his Hindraf to join Pakatan.

Maria is just a newcomer.

So why has Pakatan treated them differently, putting Maria Chin way way above Waythamoorthy and (don't forget) Dr Michael Jeyakumar of PSM?


  1. Poor Waytha. Went to PR but got dumped by Anwar, then went to Government but got dumped by Najib, now went back to PH but again got dumped this time by Mahathir. The guy's like Teflon, can't stick on anything.

    1. rolling stone gathers no moss

    2. The guy tried to be a hero but everyone saw he ain't no Rajinikanth.

  2. Wakakakaka……… u have inadvertently given the reason WHY Maria Chin is a more worthy investment than Waythamoorthy!

  3. GE 2008, Hindraf helped opposition. Got nothing.
    GE 2013, Hindraf helped BN. Got a deputy Minister post but nothing for supporters.
    GE 2018, Hindraf becomes strategic but not tactical partner to PH and tactical but not strategic partner in BN?

    The Hindraf movement is dead. The supporters better join PKR, DAP, PSM, PRM or MIC, PPP.

    Now back to Bersih.

    GE 2008 & 2013 helped opposition. Got nothing.

    So coming GE 2018 also helped opposition but the Boss help herself to contest also as independent MP.

    Me think Women are better at survival in politics.

  4. Waythamoorthy stabbed Pakatan in the back at the peak of the GE13 election campaign, by aligning his Hidraf riff-raff with UMNO and campaigning on behalf of UMNO.

    It is only appropriate that Pakatan tell him this time - he is welcome to support Pakatan if he wants to, but he cannot have a seat at the table.

    For Jayakumar, most Pakatan leaders have a lot of respect for him personally, but his party PSM is a different matter.
    PSM is seen as backstabbing spoiler and refuses to align with Pakatan.

    The seizure last week of Jho Low's Ultra Luxury Yacht Equanimity by Indonesian authorities in coordination with the United States Department of Justice is timely reminder of why 1MDB is such a big deal with regard to the issue of Clean and Fair Elections in Malaysia.
    The 1MDB Kleptocracy case has been pursued under 2 different US Attorney Generals - one liberal Democrat, and another conservative Republican, I consider this a non-political law enforcement case based on objective evidence.

    The core of the case is that Very large amounts of Malaysian public funds, cash proceeds from borrowings made by 1MDB, 100% Malaysian Government owned, and in part legally guaranteed by the Malaysian taxpayer, were diverted , among others, to fund political electioneering activities of one party.

    If that is not a attack on clean and fair elections, I don't know what is.

    On to Maria Chin.

    In many countries, socio-political activists get to a point where they think they have done as much as they can as a civic activist, and they can more effectively promote the cause if they run to become an elected lawmaker.

    Of course, the proper form is for them to resign their leadership position in the Socio-Political movement.
    They can remain ordinary members, that is their right.

    That is a personal decision, and it does not negate the validity of the cause or destroy the standing of the movement they led.

    The Greens in Europe and Australia, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Europe, the Pro-Life movement in the US all have such examples.

    1. I wouldn't put too much weight into the justification of America's actions. They have been known to invade whole countries just to find ONE man on a false pretext with flimsy 'evidence'.

      The West isn't as clean and fair as you might assume.

    2. U r talking to the converted lah!

    3. To sum up.
      The way the funds stolen through the 1MDB scandal were deployed was a massive attack on clean and fair elections in Malaysia.
      So it was fit and proper that Bersih picked up the issue.

      There is a long and honourable history of social-political activists turning to running for political office in proper democracies.

      As long as they resign their posts in the civil society, it is fit and proper, and does not turn public perception of those societies into political lackeys.

      There is nothing wrong for civil society to be critical of government policies and actions, as long as they do not engage in actual party political electioneering.

    4. Bersih being involved in partisan politics is the same as religious priests meddling in politics. Each has an impartial role in the body politics yet reneged on its supposedly impartial and respected role

    5. can u show us an instance where bersih involved in partisan politics.

    6. more than one instance - every time she railed against Najib, that's impartiality against a BN politician, and she has on plenty of occasions railed, ranted against Najib

    7. i think u confuse/conflate najib the pm n najib the umno president. unless mc touch on party umno affair, for eg work with pas on 355, or else i dun see anything impartial.

    8. regardless, not her business unless it's the electoral business like the deliberately forced Kajang by-election bullshit

    9. Calling for investigation into 1MDB is not partisan.
      Calling for downfall of Najib/UMNO/BN and regime change is partisan.

      Bersih 2.0 did the latter, hence their partisanship.

    10. So, Ktemoc daily railing against Mahathir, demanding he Undur is highly partisan politicking.

    11. I have never claim to be BERSIH, wakakaka. In fact I have always said (even to RPK and MCA mateys) I am a DAP supporter. But that doesn't mean I am blind to LKS' loss of DAP principles.

    12. Hahaha! I admire ur self-admitted partisanship, KT. But if the father will live as long as new BFF Mahathir, the DAP you knew is history, replaced by Daddykasi Aku Party.

    13. the discussion must be specific, how mc being partisan.

      what bersih supporters did could be partisan but not relevant, in fact bersih was initiated by opposition parties, the attendees r mostly, i guess more than 70%, r opposition supporters.

      calling the resignation of a corrupted pm is not partisan.

      how govt fund channel to umno division is not mc or bersih biz?

      force kajang election could be bad but didnt the event observe the ruling n procedure, i dun see any fraud happen then y bersih or mc need to get involve?

      so what mc is partisan r u both talking abt? (tis is a question, there r case where mc could be partisan, pls enlighten us).

    14. They won't answer yr question.

      See how stupidly they twist their arguments?

      Sai hei lah.

    15. Nope. Presuming someone is corrupted without proof is partisan. Urging him to withdraw based on that accusation is partisan.

      Pressuring for a thorough investigation is NOT partisan. Urging that person to resign once charged is NOT partisan.

      See the fine line there?

    16. Fine line??? Partisan??

      It's a moral issue le!

      Innocence before proven guilty! Fine! Then challenge the accusations in an open/transparent court against all those investigations lah.

      If u shit then face the consequences. That's the basic of all beliefs!

      No amount of 'clever' uses of truncated arguments WILL justify any wrong doings.

      Why gave illogical & childish explanations?

    17. in msia, to press chrg against a pm is a wild dream, or like how u said it, arabian night.

      many called for resignation of south korea n taiwan president before any official court prosecution or impeachment, is the protester all under the category of partisan politic?

      moreover, there r many member from the najib party that wan him to step down, of course some of them now become bersatu, but many remain in umno, r tis people oso deemed partisan?

      yr fine line borderline sophistry.

    18. As you are very well aware, there are more than 1 authority involved in this whole thing. If the DoJ have enough evidence to press charges, I'm sure they will. But where is it?

    19. i dun know, perhaps doj r still seeking for more evidence, or najib is not involved in crime happenned in usa, or as rpk said, anyone could lobby the us authority as long as he got money, in tis case, perhaps cash is king stuff the americans with more billions n thats y nothing start yet. so partisan or no depends on press charge? interesting.

    20. Still looking for evidence means they have nothing tangible so far, and that's why they resort to blackmailing and arm twisting periphery characters forcing them to talk or at least tell them what they want to hear.

      Hmm, sounds no different that being interrogated by the Politburo. And this is from USA.