Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pakatan 100 Days populist promises

From MM Online:

Malaysian housewife 

In its election manifesto launched Thursday, PH had pledged to allow housewives to have an EPF account within 100 days of it taking over Putrajaya.
PH said it would, as the federal government, contribute RM50 per month for each housewife as a sign of appreciation, while two per cent would be taken from the EPF contributions of the housewives’ working husbands.

In a separate Utusan Malaysia report, Barisan Nasional women’s wing chief Tan Sri Shahrizat Jalil similarly asked if PH considered housewives to be their husbands’ employees, adding that the ruling coalition’s women wing felt such a promise reduces a wife’s status in comparison to the husband.

She also questioned if the federal Opposition had considered the potential income tax that housewives may have to bear when receiving the EPF contributions, as EPF account holders have to have a stated income amount.

I'm afraid I've to ask a few questions as well.

If the husband effectively pays the wife (via a 2% deduction legislated by the Pakatan government), she then becomes an employee of the husband who is effectively an employer.

That's what Shahrizat has meant by reducing a wife’s status to that of an employee of the husband.

There are also other issues like alimony in a divorce case. Does a man pay alimony to an employee he has just terminated the service of?

While I appreciate the Pakatan laudatory attempt to provide for housewives, it should provide more details rather than just populist promises, like the silly empty promise of removing the GST within 100 days. In fact by removing the GST and replacing it with the non-transparent SST it will make some goods MORE expensive.

The Kajang by-election move was an example of PKR bullshit where Pakatan was duped into believing the by-election could bring it nearer to Putrajaya than it was, but the outcome was worse, with that coalition breaking up because of that PKR unilateral action in forcing a by-election in Kajang just for its intra party tussle.


The other impracticality is to allow postponing and/or reduction in the re-payment of the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN). You'll be shocked at HOW MUCH borrowers have owed the fund.

I met a loan officer some years back who told me they have to work very very hard to get the re-payment process going as the majority of Malaysians who took loans are noted to be irresponsibly tidakapa and act "dunno" about the necessary re-payment.

Pakatan, don't make it f**king more difficult.


  1. Ktemoc completely fails to hold the incumbent Federal administration for its myriad anGovernment, and spends all his energy attacking Pakatan.

    Promoting Madam CowCondo's shit takes the 1st Prize.

    1. Promoting Madam CowCondo's shit ?

      OH? In what way?

    2. Just a sight of that lying cow's face is enough to remind us why we must by all means possible to oust that den of thieves that had so plague us all this while ! Business as usual for these thicker-than-rhino-skin shameless penipu....all acting macam tak tau je.... klepto king with worldwide money laundering, CID with his own regional down-under money laundering, the idiots with that shenanigan Mara building also in down-under, condo-cow clowning....and many many more too tiresome to be listed here...truly a den of thieves ! all unshakable in their positions taking the high moral grounds dispensing advice to the rakyat how to live within their means, how we would come to regret if they themselves are not voted in again to control our lives, how they have work themselves tirelessly only for our own good, how the internet is full of fake news which is leading us astray , only they themselves are the ones with the true facts and they are the only ones trusted to save us from doom. Pooordaaah lah !

  2. In this case, I am fine wit abolishing the PTPTN loan altogether, nullification of of all outstanding PTPTN loan debts and the introduction of an education grant system ala Britain under the Labour Government, when it still was a proper Labour social-democratic government and not a "Tory light" party today, which when in power, implemented neo-liberal policies, perhaps with a "kinder" face and which supported the Yankee imperialists in their plunder and wars.

    As for housewives, gomen pay RM100 into EPF, hubby pay nothing.


    1. "that was a PKR bullshit"

      y its a bs? free water mean free water. penang bila mahu free toll? what happen to kg buah pala? how many can afford to buy condo approved by lge? siapa bs?

    2. Free water? Now every few months free water cuts. I would gladly pay for constant water supply. This "free water" is just bs.

    3. have you not been paying any attention whatsoever? free water mean free water, free water doesn't mean constant water supply. what u gladly do is not my concern.

    4. Oh really? So if say, I only get water 3 times a week and its free means I should be thankful for it?

      So does it means that, if Government gives discount on tolls only on festivals, then toll rate is now cheaper and I should be shouting to everyone that toll is cheaper thanks to Government?

      Thats just smoke and mirrors BS!!!

    5. u yet to establish how free water cause water disrupt n u keep on asking me to thankful or no? my point is simple, did pakatan fulfill the promise of free water, if they did, then it is not bs. the onus is on u to tell me how free water is the causation, n whether water disruption happened more often under pakatan rule to justify pakatan free water is bs.

      n yr toll analogy is not that intelligent, even kid know the answer, i think u can do better, u wanna try again?

    6. Its a very simple equation. Reality is, there is no such thing as free in this world. Someone has to pay for it, and and Selangor government made LUAS to foot this bill. LUAS then made PAAB the scapegoat by cutting their maintenance budget and freeze all development such as Langat 2. This in turns, strangles the water supply to an ever increasing population of Selangor and thus Demand > Supply. You know what happens then, right?

      Water cuts, water rations, pleas from these shortsighted politicians to conserve water. What made worse was the effect of giving free water leads to people's wasteful attitude towards this resource and it becomes a viscous cycle of scrambling for more water (since its free) due to the frequent water cuts. How am I doing so far?

      This reminds me of Mad Max: Fury Road whereby the rulers releases water (free) every now and then to the thirsty followers, and they are expected to be thankful to that supreme leader. I can see the comparison with between both set of leaders and their mindless supporters. How's that for an analogy?

    7. thats a fantastic write, its a pity u didn't broaden the narration a little to include subject like bn piratisation, nrw, splash n their price tag to make it more objective n readable.

      but once again, u still fail to provide a cause n effect relationship between the free water n disruption. actually a simple question will do; if there is no free water, would the current water disruption disappear or reduce tremendously? the answer is obviously no, in my view, the two is basically mutually exclusive. i know u try hard to claim free water lead to waste, generally u r right but it is less convincing to apply yr assertion in selangor because there r many others state that record a higher number even without free water, moreover all msian states tariff is generally low compare to other countries, hence selangor free (actually is first 20 mc) water is not that unique to cause a high elastic impact.

      i like yr third analogy, it suit bn /umno / mo1 best, brim ring a bell? who said no such thing as free? we pr supporter r diff, we make it very clear its the duty of the so call leader to perform their best, or else get lost.

    8. "u still fail to provide a cause n effect relationship between the free water n disruption."
      Read my 1st paragraph.

      "bn piratisation, nrw, splash n their price tag"
      That you have to ask Azmin why he would pay 10X more for the same asset that TSKI had bargained for.

      "we pr supporter r diff, we make it very clear its the duty of the so call leader to perform their best, or else get lost."
      You mean like how you kicked out leaders that worked earnestly but quietly and bring up leaders that performs drama acts? Very good performance indeed.

    9. "Read my 1st paragraph."
      then u pls reread my second para.

      "That you have to ask Azmin why he would pay 10X more for the same asset that TSKI had bargained for."
      opps, u read malaysia today n lss?

      in many aspect both pg n sel is much better under pakatan, ask any penangites n selangorian. make changes ie kick out bn is not that difficult, if u dun know how, tell us, we show u.

    10. "then u pls reread my second para."
      I alredi answered you in my 1st para. Re-read it again.

      Furthermore, I and many Selangorians have more trust in the stewardship of TSKI than ur PKR muppet lining up his pockets.

      In many aspects its better, but in other aspects its worse. When aggregating them, it becomes no different than what BN had done except the longer lasting damages of Pakatan rule. Wanna kick out a dictatorship is not that difficult but trying to kick out the dictatorship that follows it, becomes nigh impossible.


  5. PTPTN is another thoughtless scheme to provide employments to those useless paper pushers! It should be abolished.

    Primary to seconsary educaction must be freely available to all. This is the responsibility of the nation.

    Tertiary education SHOULD only be made available to those who r hunger to learn - thus will seek any means to finance that urge(aim).

    The current PTPTN provides easy loan to anyone who apply. Along the way, not only unworthy fainéants exploit the fund's availability. Many ostensible tertiary institutions also compete to mine it & profit greatly out of it!

    Many who have benefited also treating the loans as personal bank accounts by refusing to repay the loans. These r the moral deficients who have selfishly depleted the future opportunities of the deserving. Their higher education is a waste!

    All those loan defaulters SHOULD be treated as civil criminals to be charged in court & face severe punishment, without exceptions.

    The US educational loan schemes offer by the private commercial banks r a much better system.

    1) run by competing private commercial banks, thus r more efficient in approving the loan applications, managing themselves & collecting the repayments.

    2) due to (1) above, only genuine learners will apply to these banks. These people's chance of academic achievements r higher due to the future loan repayment responsibility.

    A sense of social responsibility - u loan u must pay, is been dissimulated & ingrained into their minds. Teaching them to be morally upright, & to reduce possible tempting corruptions tendencies as happen so often now in bolihland.

  6. Who wouldn"t be attracted to Janji-janji Bertulis(written) in any party's manifesto? It's better than no Janji-janji or just pure cakap-cakap(oral) Janji-janji.

    Funny thng is PH is dishing out janji-janji which any good Govt. should do to woo voters but BN is using what any good Govt should to bribe or threaten voters.

    What hubris(shit) is this?

    Even worse is when each party trying to run down another by denigrating the efforts of good Govt. whether at State or Federal level, whether ruled by PH or BN or PAS as disgusting, providing cheap trills but certaintly ain't going to bite among voters.

    Voters should adopt a motto of "We know what you did last summer".