Monday, March 19, 2018

What Chinese Press think of Mahathir

From the Malaysian Chinese News - Don’t let racism revive (in full):

Pribumi party is ONLY for pribumi or Malays 

Former prime minister Mahathir did not let go of his glory and wealth and also did not advance and retreat with the people.

A wrongdoer achieves salvation as soon as he gives up evil, but Mahathir failed to do that.

Today, he became the “savior” working hard for the democratic movement of the country, leading Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), a racist political party in the name of “save Malaysia” and aligned with the opposition alliance, with the hope to salvage the Pakatan Harapan.

Under the beautification and even deification of his old enemy Lim Kit Siang and other DAP leaders, Mahathir like Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang who were also whitewashed by the DAP in the past, making the Chinese community look forward to him.

Cina mudah lupa 

In those years, Mahathir had trampled on pluralistic democracy and oppressed the Chinese society and Chinese education where the bad deeds were too numerous to be listed, as if they were yesterday.

It’s indeed very sad, after being brainwashed by the DAP, social network pages on safeguarding the Chinese education posted a lot of articles full of support for Mahathir. The articles that exposed Mahathir’s various evils became critique of netizens, without any reason to speak of. This is Chinese community, which is often forgetful.

Defending the quota system of university

Mahathir laid the foundations of his political career with racism, after the May 13 incident, he sent a letter in lashing Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman, accusing that the May 13 tragedy was caused by the Tunku’s pro-Chinese policy, as the letter had succeeded in inflaming Umno Malays’ sentiment, Tunku was forced to resign under the pressure.

patron-adviser of Perkasa, an ultra fascist right wing Malay group 

Subsequently, Mahathir wrote a book “The Malay Dilemma”, resulting in racism continue to ferment. As such, Tunku had labelled Mahathir as Malay extremist.

The horrible operation Operasi Lalang had caused the four Chinese educationists namely Lim Fong Seng, Sim Mow Yu, Tuang Pik King and Kua Kia Soong being arrested under the Internal Security Act, especially the 76-year-old Sim Mow Yu who was detained in a dark small cell, where one couldn’t differentiate day and night, for up to 60 days. Subsequently he was brought to the Kamunting Detention Centre and detained for more than seven months. This was how Mahathir treated a veteran of Chinese educationist.

In the “Suqiu” memorandum issue in 1999, Mahathir had burnt the bridge after crossing it. In his Merdeka Day speech after the general election, Mahathir had strongly accused the Chinese associations which drawn up the Suqiu memorandum as communists, and also as the Al-Maunah (Islamic extremists group), cheated the government by seizing the chance of general election (at that time Anwar was sacked as deputy prime minister), he also reiterated that Chinese had controlled majority of the wealth in the country.

In the dialogue with the Suqiu Committee, he had defended the quota system in universities, claiming that if the student intake was based on academic performance, 80% of the university students would be non-Malays. As such, his core idea is racism, the protection of his ethnic group by various policies had made it impossible for Malaysia, without a merit-based system, to compete in international competitiveness.

The quota system still in use had caused many outstanding non-Malay students unable to gain admission into the course of their choice, and even had been rejected by the local public universities. During Mahathir’s reign, he had implemented many single stream education policies, one of the examples being the vision school.

Even after retired, he had always made racist remarks, for instance he had criticized Chinese educationists as the real initiator of apartheid at an event organized by the Perkasa in 2009, just because they had rejected vision school. He had also talked about the Chinese dilemma, alleged that the Chinese were trying to control the national economy and also aimed at controlling the national political rights. Time and time again, he accused the Chinese community of unwarranted moves, and made other ethnic groups, especially the Malays, hate the Chinese.

At that time, Lim Kit Siang had written article to rebut Mahathir, accusing him of “racism that never repents”, and responded to Mahathir’s “Chinese Dilemma” with “Mahathir Dilemma”. But recently, it was Lim Kit Siang who defended Mahathir, so how should the people react?

We feel very sad; what we want is for Malays to be awakened, even to abandon racial privileges, eliminate racism. In worshipping Mahathir for the sake of votes, even if Umno is overthrown, but the core idea and political model of Malay supremacy still prevail, it will be revived and put into practice again.

Don't forget that in 1975 as Education Minister he threatened Dong Zuan against holding the UEC.


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