Saturday, March 17, 2018

The 1 in 5 politician

Ong Ka Chuan, MCA MP for Tanjung Malim might be feeling a bit of a squeeze as Pakatan believes they can snatch the federal constituency from him.

This is on top of Lim Kit Siang's recent and arrogant call to wipe out the MCA in GE14 (when the irony has been his DAP under his songsang-ish instruction has become another 'MCA' to Pribumi).

But talking about Ong Ka Chuan, just before the 2008 election, he swallowed humble pie, and begged voters in Perak’s Kinta Valley, saying: “If you have five people in your household, I plead with you to give one vote to MCA.”

Then he had realised that more than 80% of Chinese voters have abandoned MCA. Incidentally that abysmal stats left 20% or 1 in 5 votes for MCA and Gerakan, wakakaka.

But his humble or humiliating plea must have worked because he personally won his Tanjung Malim seat at the height of the pro Pakatan tsunami twice, in 2008 and 2013, wakakaka. He bucked the abysmal national trend for BN Chinese politicians, wakakaka.

In 2008 he defeated PKR's Mohamad Azman Marjohan with a 21,016 votes (55.15%) against Azman's 15,594 votes (40.92%).

In 2013 he defeated PKR's Tan Yee Kew with a 28,225 votes (52.86%) against Tan's 23,897 votes (44.75%).

Looks like Ka Chuan has a 50%+ support thus far. Tanjung Malim has been a BN (MCA) seat since its creation in 1958 (first contested in 1959). Its last ethnic ratio out of approximately 65,000 voters was recorded as Malays 53%: Chinese 27%: Indians 14% (I wonder what happened to the remaining 6%?)

PKR, having already lost the seat twice to Ong, will be sending Teja assemblyperson Chang Lih Kang to contest against Ka Chuan in GE14.

Perhaps it's time for PKR to kuai-kuai surrender the Tanjung Malim to a better performer like the DAP, wakakaka.

Let's send Zaid Ibrahim or Prof Bari there to win for the Rocket.

Dr Bari is most unwelcome in Selangor due to conflict with Azmin and PKR

I heard HRH is also not pleased with him


  1. DAP has contested the Tanjung Malim seat many times in previous General Elections- with piss poor results, always below 25% of the votes.

    1. actually PKR lost Tj Malim 4 (four) times in a row - time to kuaikuai bow out lah

    2. Always with greater than 40% of the votes, compared with DAP's record of always below 25%.

      I'm sooo sorry, but DAP have to kwai-kwai accept Tanjung Malim as an incumbent competitive PKR seat.

    3. DAP 1st attempt (DAP did not exist before then) in Tj Malim in 1969 achieved 46.06 whilst BN achieved 46.27% to win

      PKR in 1999 achieved 33.04%, in 2004 28.31% (always with greater than 40%? wakakaka),

      in 2008 42,59%, in 2013 45.85% these were at teh height of the Pakatan tsunami, wakakaka- still couldn't beat DAP's 1st attempt in 1969 of 46.02%

    4. ooops, last stats should be 46.06% (not 46.02%)

    5. Don't compare with 1969 when it was a Chinese majority seat.
      Those were The days Tv's were B&W with vacuum tubes, and mobile phones were just science fiction.

    6. "Malays 53%: Chinese 27%: Indians 14% "
      There is not a single seat that DAP has been winnable with that kind of ethnic makeup - regardless of the candidate. ZILCH.
      While PKR has plenty.

      So.. what grass have you been smoking to think DAP is more competitive in such a seat ?

    7. science and technology have advanced and so has DAP

  2. yes let exc t malim with bentung, since dap performance there is like shit.

    1. Dap did not contest in Bentong in last election. It was a greenie Wong Tack who borrowed DAP's logo and nearly defeated Liow. Wong achieved 49.63% of the votes.

      Prior to Wong Tack (who is now in DAP), in 2008 PKR's Ponusamy Govindasamy only obtained 33.37%

    2. wt a dap member since 2011, what borrow r u talking abt, the teo article u cited here comment mc is honest, while wt n dap is not, like u.

      so it prove that even with cheating, dap still cant win in a pkr seat, a loss is a loss, dun syok sendiri with 49%.

    3. it's known that in pakatn only pkr cheats wakakaka


    I take my hat off to South Africa. Respect.
    They have not only removed their sitting President, they have now proceeded to charge him with Mega Corruption.

    Of course, the prospect of an electoral disaster for ANC if they retained THEIR Kleptocrat Leader helped focus minds.

    In Malaysia many continue to protect and support OUR Kleptocrat, including those who pretend to support
    Democracy and Judicial Independence.

  4. I do not believe that the Chinese are that callous or such numb nuts, they would still want to retain one or two doorman to watch over parliament just in case

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