Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rest assured

TMI - China’s aircraft carrier sails by Taiwan, tensions rise (extracts):

Tsai has warned against what she called China's military expansion – the increase in air and naval drills around the island since she took office in May 2016.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen 

The aircraft carrier – a second-hand Soviet-built ship – caused a stir in Taiwan when it first entered the strait in January last year in what was seen as a show of strength by Beijing.

It returned in January this year.

"We are monitoring the whole process of the Liaoning's cross-region drill," Defence Minister Yeh De-fa told Parliament today when asked to comment on its latest moves.

The defence ministry said in a statement that it sent aircraft and vessels to conduct surveillance. "No unusual activities have been spotted and we urge the public to rest assured," it said. – AFP, March 21, 2018.

Before our two China "experts" (CK and HY) start yelling at each other (while looes74 fellates each of them, wakakaka), this post is NOT about the two China's.

Please note again what Taiwan's Defence Ministry said, to wit: "No unusual activities have been spotted and we urge the public to rest assured."

Rest assured - such a nice relief from the usual Malaysian exhortation for the public to "remain calm".

Yes, believe it or not, the word 'calm' as in 'remain calm' or 'keep calm' or 'WhateverTF calm' really annoys me.

It's my lexicon bêtes noire (bugbear). I get highly riled whenever I read of the word within a certain context - no, not as in 'a calm sea' or 'the calm before the storm' etc.

The annoying 'certain' context would be when (and regrettably just too often) we have politicians or so-called national leaders (from both sides of the political fence) advising us to 'remain calm', even in situations which didn't trouble us in the least.

And if we were to be in situations which trouble us greatly, just how the hell would we be able to 'remain calm' when we would in all probability be anxious, worried and perhaps even sh*t-scared?

Thus such advice would be useless and worse, rather patronising, as if we are budak-budak kecil to be calmed ... f**k, I mean ... soothed.


  1. Wakakakaka…… WHY should I yelled at a non event?

    More so via yr blog!

    BTW, how many time have u posted those pommie posters of keeping calm le?

    U mudah lupa lah....wakakakak……

  2. i am not yelling, i just wan to learn from one whose writing/reply generates a lot more questions than they provide answers wakaka.

  3. Taiwan is the only Chinese-led democratic country in the world , and I am, of course, very pro-Taiwan.

    Of course they should keep calm.

    Taiwan has spent decades building up a "Porcupine" defence. No offensive capability, but if you attack them, you will pay a very heavy price.

    US military wargaming concluded that Taiwan would ultimately lose if China takes back the island by force, but in the process China would suffer horrifying casualties.

    Just air defence alone Taiwan has 144 F-16 Vs and 40 Mirage 2000-5s. Porcupine indeed.

    1. China has shown time and time again that horrifying human casualties in war means nothing to them. The didn't invent "human wave attack" tactics for nothing.

    2. this is understandable when one is very inferior in weapon n technology. n i believe all people concern about casulties n the suffer of civilian etc except few warmonger like nazi n japs.

    3. During Korean War, the Chinese were not too far of in terms of weapons tech nor supply, given that it comes from Soviet Union. Attrition w/o the capability to win is suicide, but the Chinese & NK were able to beat back UN forces with near par tech but human wave tactics was the edge. And so it will be in the next war as well.

    4. my knowledge pertaining to weapon is extremely poor, as far as i know, the chinese dun even have enough winter cloth, r their weapon really near par to usa (maybe kt can confirm, he is well learned on this topic), or u mean near with those weapon in usa museum?

    5. In terms of conventional weapons the USA is still No 1 in the world. For example, it has 11 air carrier force. China is just beginning to develop its carrier force and has started with a 2nd hand reconditioned USSR carrier, now named Liaoning - it is building its 2nd home-made carrier with a 3rd in the plans.

      But minus those carrier force and conventional equality in weapons, China is banking on both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. Strategic nuclear weapons if used means shit has occurred for the world. But China plans to use tactical nuclear weapons on the American superiority in air carrier force. A couple of such tactical nuclear missiles can kowtim an entire carrier force. Retaliation can escalate into using strategic nuclear missiles which I dare not think of. Not only China and USA will be affected (or totally f**ked) but the first few targets will be Japan and American bases in the Pacific like Hawaii, Okinawa and Guam. I am not too sure whether China will annihilate its own countrymen in Taiwan. If nuclear war breaks out (in teh strategic sense) you can bet opportunists like North Korea and Russia will join in, the former whacking Japan whilst the latter sneaking attacked on the USA after China has expended her entire store of ICBM (MIRV) on the USA, especially its western coast. The destruction of California will be immensely devastating for the Americans as that state alone by itself is the world's 6th largest economy. That will probably be when the Russians come in to attack the eastern part of the USA. China will be annihilated and so will the USA, and definitely Japan as well as North Korea. Left will be probably the Russians and Europe. As for India, it is at risk today for its covert alliance with the USA. As a nuclear state I believe China will shower her with ICBMs as well.

      Simply put but the world wide permutations is far too frightening to even think about.

    6. @KT. I believe we were referring to the 1950s Korean War.

      Back then, Mao China & Soviet Union were best pals and SU helped setup China's warmachine production. And back then, SU war tech were about par or even better than US (ie MiG-15 jet fighters). With such technological support and manpower from China, there was no way they can lose to US UN Alliance, short of nuclear warfare from Alliance bombers (ICBMs weren't invented yet).

      Anyways, I digress. The point is, China never had any compunction to sacrifice human resources as long as victory is obtainable. Any this is unlikely to change until they fully modernise their armed forces.

    7. actually there exists a suspicion that the USSR sabotaged China (who then was NOT a member of the UN). When the UNSC deliberated on sending as UN Force to the Korean peninsular, USSR was strangely missing, thus the UNSC succeeded in its Korean military mission of which the USA was the leader.

      The Chinese warned the USA/UN not to approach the Yalu River which was the China-Korea border. Gen MacArthur was a gungho hawk and ignored the Chinese warning (sent through the Indian Ambassador). The Chinese were NOT supported by the USSR as you might have believed thus it had to resort to measures (their own resources, primitive as those were) that shocked the Americas-UN force, driving the, back to the 17th parallel. The Yanks were shocked by the incredible speed at which China advanced its troops by the several divisions across mountain ranges and rugged terrain of Northern Korea. They didn't expect such blitzkrieg movement.

      I'm a bit hazy on chronological details but anyway mass waves are no longer possible with today's devastating weapons like cluster bombs, napalm, etc etc etc.

      I doubt the Chinese will be so foolish as to use human mass wave tactics again.

    8. the trigger is when mcarthur cross the 38 parallel, second is mao wanna show china support of soviet, communist n stalin. i think oso not wrong to claim the chinese was tricked into the war by russian.

      earlier stage no soviet weapon, later stage outdated weapon from ww2 did arrived, even that, chinese r pretty ignorant how to make full used of it.

      many chinese suffered too much in the last 100 years to fear or worry abt dying. i supposed their sacrifice allow china to live a 40 years peaceful progress.

    9. yes 38th parallel, not 17th - mea culpa I mistook the Vietnamese parallel for Korea

      I don't think "mao wanna show china support of soviet, communist n stalin" as the Americans/UN forces under gungho MacArthur was approaching too close to the Yalu River. That intention to secure all of Korea even unto crossing the Yalu River was too dangerous to China's territorial sovereignty and obscurity

    10. macarthur even proposed to nuke china

    11. MiG-15 jets isn't WW2 tech guys. Its state-of-the-art back then, and the Commies planes (with NK, Chinese & SU pilots) were going toe to toe with the best US planes.
      WW2 tanks weren't as outdated since most Allied forces were still using WW2 era Shermans.

      And the bulk of these weapons appeared coincide with the support from China after the crossing of 38th parallel. And while they no longer consider the primitive human wave tactics back then, they can still accept horrifying casualties for victory, as long there's absolute win and no repercussions.

    12. 1st, read MacArthur's memoir about his view about the Korean war & his hawky attitude towards the communist China. Especially the parts about nuked the Chinese territories north of Yalu river.

      2nd, review WHY president Truman fired MacArthur from the command of the U.S. forces in Korea. Truman was no pacifist. But a prolonged Korean war with UNKNOWN outcome would put toll to his popularity at home. Moreover, the Yanks r REALLY tired of more wars at a far away location!

      3rd, read Zhou Enlai's numerous reports on the Russia underhanded plays with the Korean solidarity. Zhou made many trips to meet Stalin to 'beg' for military HW supports. ONLY came back with verbal diarrheas from Stalin.

      These lessons REMIND China to built up her OWN military HW based on her OWN efforts, ever since!

      4th, read general Peng Dehuai's military reviews on the Korean war to understand the state of military HW&SW of the then US combined forces vis-a-vis the Chinese with a miao2ly Stalin superficial supports of 2ndary weaponry.

      The top rated Russian military HW was NEVER supplied to the Chinese Korean war front!

      The Korean war was won with massive Chinese sacrficess, using numbers & low grade weaponry with minimum air supports , which the Russky promised & yet delivered sparingly!

      The Chinese Korean war WAS won on primitive strategy combined with harden determination.

      READ them all, then think & ponder before u write - especially that egoistic freak of know nothing!

    13. if u read the sino indian, russian n vietnam war, china military would cease whenever objective achieved. thus yr term "accept horrifying casualties", "absolute win" is a bit of stretch.

    14. kt, north korea start the war. fully agreed by stalin, n to a lesser extent, mao, i however believe mao lack information to make a wiser decision, for eg, he didnt know usa have no intention to war with china.

    15. @CK.
      A biography is just a person's viewpoint on certain subject matters. Objective historians would never look to these myopic point of views as a credible primary sources of information to a subject matter. For war matters, they usually refer to military reports, news report from frontlines, or personal experiences from the combatants.

      As for Korean War, its been proven they had top of the line weapons short of nukes. McArthur had full control of the skies and bombing at will until he almost reached Yalu river, which triggered the SU & Chinese par for par response. By the time the Alliance were beaten back across 38th parallel, they neither had land nor air superiority. Human waves alone can't achieve that. It was the overt Chinese & SU military hardware that managed to beat the best the US can throw at them.

    16. Know nothing means know nothing!


      Mao knew very well what he was getting into, despite the fact that he also knew very well his military HW were no match in the like of the Yanks.

      But he had to bite the bullet!

      Chiang kai shek was dying to find opportunity to fight back to mainland China. The Korean war was a godsend & MacArthur was a hawky commie hater, both played to his long dreamed advantages.

      Chiang had personally lobbied many times with president Truman for participating in the Northward 'invasion' passed the Yalu river.

      President Truman refused, as he had zilch desire to get involved in a long-drawn-out civil war in China.

      MacArthur was convinced by Chiang that by invading pass Yalu river, the Chinese commie could be 'exterminated'. He could help Chiang to establish a free China!

      By getting involved, Mao expected to forbid the possible internal civil war by bandwagoning with Soviet Union to block the invasion at all costs at the 38 parallel.

      Little did he know that Stalin COULD played him out so glaringly in the name of proletariat solidarity!

      By sacrificing masses of Chinese soldier's life & some brilliant military manoeuvrings, the combined forces headed by the Yanks was pushed back till Seoul.

      The sudden presence of Chinese & the strong push-back from Yalu, jerked Truman into realising that his pact with the Soviet Union for not move against U.S. forces in Korea was a miscalculation by ignoring the paranoid of the Chinese.

      Truman also realized the big cheated MacArthur could get him into a prolonged war. Thus he relieved MacArthur's command. Chiang had lost his dream again!

      The Korean war has no winner. But it does show the skullduggery of political alliances of both sides!

    17. "Mao knew very well what he was getting into"

      "Little did he know that Stalin COULD played him out"

      so mao know or mao dun know? u dun read only the ccp version la.

    18. Oh? Pray do tell how did Mao got his hands on top-of-the-line Soviet hardware sufficient enough to throw it to the Korean War? Or the veteran Soviet pilots that managed to strike doubt into US flyboys? Or the Soviet advisors that helped in planning their pushback assault?

      Even if Stalin & Mao had animosity, comradeship and the threat of a democratic Korea at their doorsteps means they can still trust each other enough to work together and commit full resources to the cause. Enemies don't do these kinda things.

      And keep in mind Sino-Soviet War only happened 19 years AFTER. That too after Stalin had died. Despite what you think, they HAD cordial relationships back in the 50's.

      You really need to read more history from objective sources instead of just biographies. Its like listening to a blindman describing an elephant. He may be right in his description, but does it depict the whole elephant? Do ponder on that b4 you reply.

    19. The Soviets were initially cool towards being involved in Korea, even with Chou (Zhou) En Lai flying to Russia to request Soviet support. They instructed their air force to fly in Chinese airspace and to act only if the USAF attacked China.

      It was ONLY AFTER the Chinese pushed the UN-Yankee forces back south of the 38th parallel that the Soviets showed more interest and participation in the Korean peninsula

    20. Play dumb??

      "Mao knew very well what he was getting into"

      Not to allow any Yanks, possibly KMT, setting foot on Chinese territories.

      "Little did he know that Stalin COULD played him out"

      Mao is no god & in his eagerness to avoid the presence of KMT in Chinese soil, with the help of MacArthur, he chooses to trust Stalin.

      Perhaps, u have dyslexia! Wakakakaka…

    21. Here is an entry in wikipedia for all to ponder;
      [The Chinese intervention in late October 1950 bolstered the Korean People's Air Force (KPAF) of North Korea with the MiG-15, one of the world's most advanced jet fighters.[302] The heavily armed MiGs were faster than first-generation UN jets and so could reach and destroy U.S. B-29 Superfortress bomber flights despite their fighter escorts.]

    22. john, i agree mig15 help to reduce usa daytime bombing, but ground war is a diff story. one of the reason y mao wan to involve despite objection from almost all ccp senior leader especially lin biao was he believe this is the best time to obtain soviet weapon n tech. however like ck said, its slow n not really the latest until finally when russian participate in the war. we cant deny the fact that in the earlier stage, even the rifle used by china people volunteer r those obsolete one seized from kmt which american deem as rubbish.

    23. Ground war, it was the superior numbers of human wave tactics that gave the edge. It was a ding-dong really.

      Early it was NK superior manpower that overwhelmed SK forces, which then got reversed when superior numbers of UN alliance team got involved, which then got re-reversed when even more superior numbers of Chinese came in the picture. Its all about the numbers and less on the land weapons tech really. Both sides were using pretty much WW2 or post WW2 era tanks, arty and infantry weapons.

      Goes to show that when both sides are near evenly matched in war tech, its the side that can stomach high losses that will win the war. And China has no qualms about using this tactic. Can't say the same for US/Western armies, just a few thousand losses and they declared a total loss.

    24. maybe u r right wrt korean war. however the internal war btw ccp n kmt is quite the reverse, kmt army is at least 3 times, with modern weapon n support from usa, people still find it unbelievable kmt loss the war.

    25. Interesting contrast.
      Much of KMT foot soldiers were Commie sympathizers, being able to relate to their struggle rather than their aloof, cruel & inept superiors. While CCP soldiers were indoctrinated to die for the cause or face the commissar, KMT soldiers fled en-bulk when faced with determined opposition despite their superior forces & weapons. Later, much of KMT forces switched sides once the tipping point in the Civil War favours CCP. Morale plays a very very important part in war and the Commies are masters at this.

      So; evenly matched tech, superior manpower, & superior morale wins it for them despite the horrifying losses.

  4. A hail of BrahMos will take care of their upstart carrier fleet. And India, being no friend of China, is more than willing to supply.

  5. Wakakakaka……

    Talk is cheap!

    Now, there is a strong leader in China, whose determination in NOT letting Taiwan split from the motherland has been CLEARLY make known, all u katak can ONLY croak far far away from the point of flash.

    Perhaps u guy SHOULD cry some crocodile tears, like kt, just to syiok yr ego when the war starts!

    1. all china leaders in ccp era r strong, the distinction is who n which one is less dictatorship.

      n the sad part is the chinese there could only talk money n no politics, thats y day n night u hear chinese boost how their life turn good in wealth context, some call it a socialism with chinese characteristics wakaka.

    2. So China ONLY has dictatorship!

      Then again, SO WHAT!

      The credentials of a workable administration r

      1) efficient governance machinery
      2) stable fiscal control & growing economy
      3) peaceful & orderly livinghood for the general public

      That's WHAT the current Chinese govt has done.

      Honestly, how many Chinese, or for that matter the general citizenry of any country of the world, want to get involved with politics if those credentials r been fulfilled.

      Oooop…… perhaps, a bleeding heart, like u, who has a past score to settle. Especially with CCP!

      BTW, dictatorship exists ALSO in yr beloved 'capitalistic' states - again examples r aplenty all around, then & now.

      Wakakakaka…… u indeed have proven my understanding of yr 攒牛尖角 in fighting socialism.

      For u, there is only distinct black & white in these two sopo doctrines & u think capitalism is the best ideology since ape walked on two feet!

      U r INDEED belongs to those morons who subscribed to 龙应台:「我不在乎大国的崛起,我更在乎小民的尊严」fart.

      Good, continue with this thinking lah & see WHAT outcome it's going to bring u!

    3. when a nation has hundreds of millions of illiterates in its population (China, India, etc) the best political system might not be democracy

    4. No………no…!!

      It has nothing to do with literacy.

      The thousands of yrs long tradition WOULD have inculcated a strong sense of right & wrong about the administration process governing them.

      In a democracy, the final decision IS supposedly decided by the numbers of pro/con votes.

      Based on yr argument, these people certainly have the number to overwhelm a decision favouring them.

      But in the REAL world, this doesn't happen/work!

      Conveniently using a recent (as compared with their history) doctrine, like democracy, to justify their subservience to a regime is just an excuse of zero brainer!

      The determining criteria should be the decency of the governing body.

      In bolihland, the Melayu r deemed to believe that umno will be taking care of them, comes rain or shine selama-lamanya. Hence, they vote en bloc for umno. Indeed umno did that, but just using the leftovers after their elitists have massive ly skimming off the prime cuts.

      Thus, that determinant decency of good governance is lost - not ONLY for the Nons but the Melayu too!

    5. "Honestly, how many Chinese, or for that matter the general citizenry of any country of the world, want to get involved with politics if those credentials r been fulfilled." - hmmm sound like zombies to me, a chinese one?

      "Especially with CCP" - nope. i dun support any authoritarian govt that shall include ccp, pap n umno. i think i am consistent. u r consistently inconsistent.

      "fighting socialism" - i have no problem with socialism or capitalism as long as it serve the purpose of fairness n prosperity.

      "小民的尊严" - most taiwanese r polite n civilised.

      "when a nation has hundreds of millions of illiterates" - n at the same time u have to deal with usa, i can sort of agree the best political system might not be democracy. but that doesn't mean china shd cease to become more democratic.

    6. Wakakakaka…… Chinese zombies? That's exactly the interpreted result of yr 攒牛尖角!

      Wa lau-eh, howw shallow IS yr understanding of 民生!

      Spare yr time in disparage to refresh 曹操之治国论 lah. It will do u good than following the farts of the like of 龙应台.

      Consistently inconsistent! Where? How? KT will be proud of u le in playing wordsmith.

      My take IS as long as the 3 credentials r been fulfilled by the power that be - the admin CAN be a dictator, liberal, democrat, mahathir for ALL I care.

      So, what's YOUR definition of fairness & prosperity for a regime? Model Taiwan?

      Don't make me choke by non stopping laughing lah.

      "小民的尊严" = most taiwanese r polite n civilised! Can u do something better ke?

      "小民的尊严" by electing & continue supporting a known 民族走狗, who has made known his disdain of been born a Chinese. How low can u people be!


      Democracy was born out of an elitist environment sustained by slaves & womanfolks who had zilch right & say.

      Though it has mutated over time but that elitist mentality of might (number) is right is still deeply embedded within its SOP. That might is also conditioned upon that the members r defined - non members r excluded even though the outcomes of the selection affects them all.

      So is it fair?

      So, WHY shouldn't China strike out a different system that suits her history, traditions & political profile?

      U might not be an anmokauxai BUT yr thinking is definitely been corrupted by those anmokxai doctrines!

      TOO BAD!

    7. there r many country that r relatively prosper n at the same time stressing on fairness, eg scandinavian n mostly european countries. taiwan n japan is better than china. dun laugh, if wrong, show me otherwise.

      there is no perfection on fairness, we strive to be more fair. it could be capitalism, socialism or communism or whatever.

      however u r right the current china system is perhaps very suit to her history n tradition, ie emperor have the final said.

      so when can the people have a said? u mean if the emperor stuff him with the criteria u mention ie dedak, the people shall remain no said? y u criticise umno n najib then?

    8. Let's put this fairness question to its proper perspective first.

      Yr takes on fairness & prosperity of the Scandinavian & mostly European countries vis-a-vis current China r twisted/misguided by ONLY basing on

      1) western interpretations.

      2) different stage of sopo development.

      How long have these countries developed, carefully tuned & finally reached their current stage of their 'fair' sopo development?

      How long has China?

      Bearing in mind that modern China has taken 40yrs from Deng's 1st initiatve & only in the last 20 to reach the current sopo stage.

      Before that, 百事待新. How to feed the populace & maintaining peace were the main considerations of the admin.

      If u search far back into the history of those countries u've quoted u would most likely find the similar pattern.

      China is now moving into her next stage of sopo development, she might achieve her own identity of 'fairness' deployment that could bears some resemblance to the western thinking. China will implement her 'fairness' most likely in the way of 大我 as stated in the ancient Chinese teaching!

      Since ancient time, 大我 has always being the main guiding criteria of the Chinese citizenry behaviour.

      While the West is placing more weightage on individual 小我, which many Taiwanese/HKonger youth r buying into blindly.

      Since, u agree that there is no perfection on fairness, so HOW could u pre-judge that the Chinese 'fairness' of 大我 is not fairness? In fact, based on true fairness, 大我 supersedes 小我 in Chinese teaching.

      So u SHOULD be able see the idealogical hollowness & foolishness of those blur2 台独/港独 promoters by crying out for their 'democracy' & 'fairness'. Wakakakaka……(in fact I don't EXPECTING u do!!)

      Japan & Taiwan fair……… wakakakaka……another one of yr crawling through the 牛角尖!

      When did Japan ever regret/apologize for her WWII crime of humanity?

      Has the Taiwanese govt ever apologize to the Chinese for electing a pseudo-Jap as a president? All people with Chinese ancestral root WOULD be highly offended, mind u (again, I wouldn't EXPECTING u do!!)


      "emperor have the final said"!!

      "when can the people have a said?"!!

      Ain't the current Chinese president elected? Ain't the people have their said?

      Rubber stamped ke or whatsoever u want to 套帽子, the current system works!

      Eat yr heart out!

      "u mean if the emperor stuff him with the criteria u mention ie dedak, the people shall remain no said?"

      Wa lau-eh…… again clever by quarter! U want fairness & prosperity & when u get them u term them dedak!

      Remember consistently inconsistent? That's it lah.

      Lastly, who r u trying to kid - dedak from umno & Najib vis-a-vis the prosperity of modern China under CCP!

      U must be one bloody confused mind!

      R u sure u r not pinklips closet admirer, just like kt ke?

      Or trying hard with yr sarcastic skill ye?


    9. i believe the same argument will last another 100 years until another mao appear. lets talk a near one, indonesia, a malay muslim majority country, the sort of zombie u keep on insult, i never hear them give the same excuse like u did. r they not vast, populous, poverty, multi religion, multi race etc? so y they could work better in term of democracy n election, who looks more like zombie?

      n whats wrong with calling of independent under an authoritarian regime? u mean if one day msia turn into a dictator state, sabah n sarawak have to remain silence?

      come on, show me how u can debate in a consistent manner.

    10. Oooop…… I thought I have been consistent in presenting my case!

      Perhaps, u have a 'better' understanding of what's yr consistency meant le!

      There r certainly large numbers of zombies in Indonesia. But not all Indonesians r zombies.

      Do hope u can make that distinction! Otherwise u would play yr consistently inconsistent labelling AGAIN, wakakakaka…

      " i never hear them give the same excuse like u did. r they not vast, populous, poverty, multi religion, multi race etc? so y they could work better in term of democracy n election"

      Bagus ni!

      1st, APA tu, "same excuse like u did."? Can enlighten me ke?

      2nd, do give a deep thought about yr & my definition of zombie.

      Mine, is a group of deviant pseudo-islamists who follow a rigid set of doctrines w/o failed. What's yr?

      Indonesia 'democracy' ONLY starts to appear in the last 10yrs. & ONLY manage to form a basic core when Joko Widodo becomes the president.

      So it's too early to tell how successful it's going to change the livinghood of Indonesia. If the wind that carries Jokowi can be sustained then Indonesia will have a bright sopo future. Otherwise, all bets r off!

      The destructive zombie-ism IS still looming ugly at the background!

      So, yr pick of Indonesia is lame. Wakakakaka……

      Let me pick Colombia, where I'm currently trying to work out a remote education plan & thus have some sopo insights.

      Colombia is a republic, hence fall into yr definition of democracy.

      Although the Colombian Constitution specifies Spanish (Castellano) as the official language in all Colombian territory, other languages spoken in the country by ethnic groups – approximately 68 languages – each is also official in its own territory. English is also official in the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina!

      Wakakakaka…… see lah bolihland!

      Colombia has been ravaged by yrs of civil wars between various sopo-ism groups. Only until recently there is a semblance of peace when President Santos works tirelessly to negotiate with the various fighting factions for a set of nationwide compromises. Not everybody r happy but they - the waring factions & especially the general Colombians, r all tired of long-drawn-out fightings of getting nowhere.

      The peace & basic 民生 decent conditions r ALL they want for continuing, though tough but a livable, livelihood.

      President Santos has done just that by doing things out of the norms (diehard B/W sopo-ism promoter like u WOULD understand lah) in negotiating for the peaceful agreements.

      Again, nothing is perfect BUT life & hope have appeared again in this used to be a war-torned nation.

      Long story short. There r still injustices, there r still minimum human rights, fairness has just awakened & prosperity is slowly marching in. BUT, the country is alive with energy!

      President Santos rightly deserves the Nobel Peace prize!

      Colombia now, in some way resembles the Lanzhou villages that I used to worked >20+yrs ago!

      I believe given time & with continuing supporting efforts given to President Santos & his EQUALLY minded successors, Colombia is set for a sopo power in SA.

      The moral of this tale?

      U pandai2 go & figure it out for yr blur2 攒牛尖角 style of Taiwanese "小民的尊严" democracy lah!

      WRT yr take of calling for independent under an authoritarian regime, I think my above Colombia scenario has intrinsically covered that argument.

      U bolih fikir out, bagus! If not, too bad for yr selfish ego.

      I'm tired of knocking on dead wood!

  6. Correction:

    diehard B/W sopo-ism promoter like u WOULDN'T understand lah