Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hadi Awang: "Maddy licking up own vomit”

FMT - Hadi raps Dr M over promise to abolish UUCA (in full):

SERDANG: PAS today hit out at Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his promise to repel the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) should Pakatan Harapan (PH) come to power.

Using a Malay expression, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said Mahathir’s pledge was like “licking up one’s own vomit”.

He said at one time, students and lecturers were free to air their political opinions and take part in political activities..

“I lived in the era after the country achieved independence. There was no law then to bind lecturers and students. Political leaders could go to campuses and at that time, the government was not worried about our activities on campus,” he told a gathering of university students here today.

But Hadi said this was no longer the case in the eighties.

“We don’t know who was the prime minister at that time, who introduced a law prohibiting lecturers and students from getting involved in politics,” he said, in an apparent reference to Mahathir.

Mahathir was the education minister when the UUCA came into force in the 1970s, which among others prohibited students from becoming active in political parties. An amendment tabled by the government in 2012 lifted the ban, but was criticised by student activists as superficial.

On Mar 21, Mahathir said the Act would be abolished by PH but said it was enacted to ensure students did not neglect their studies.

Though PAS has never come to terms with the man they saw as the oppressive Pharaoh (Mahafiraun), what Hadi has said is true, that the man responsible for the draconian oppressive measures against university students is now singing a hypocritical bullshit song. 


  1. No....Mahathir is the Bastard who can take take on the BNajib Bastards....

    Nowadays Hadi is sucking BNajib cock...

  2. Mahathir is a good political chess master.He has played the asses of most of his deputies.And they have all ridden into the sunset.And at the ripe age of 93,he is still around,strong,daring and vocal as ever.

    I may not agree 50% with the doctor.But I like his style of leadership.Mahathir is the one leader that can get most if not all the ducks to stand in a straight line.Who else in the opposition can do that?Azmin or Rafizi?Even if Anwar is out and around,he is no match for Mahathir.

    Whether we like Mahathir or not,at present he is the only one who can take the fight to the front doorsteps of the Umno/BN.If some Felda seats do fall to the PH,it is because of the doctor.

    The opposition still had not learn the lesson of GE 13th.Without winning Felda,Sarawak and Sabah seats,Umno/BN will rule the country forever.And still,they are arguing about Mahathir.

    The PKR leaders think that they are the leaders of the PH.If they are really real leaders,we will not be talking about Mahathir today.What these PKR people do not realized is that if they were to go on their own,after GE 14th they will be relegated into a mosquito party.

  3. you would translate the bark of a dog to something unfavorable about Maddy if you were to witness one barking at him.... but if Maddy and hadi were the only two remaining choice to run the country I know you would swallow your pride and phlegm and grudgingly pick Maddy

    undirosak 1 juvenile 0

    1. mucking true...if left ONLY with a choice of those 2, we know who Ktemoc will have to choose, however unpalatable. Or perhaps he will commit hara-kiri, in view of his 300 or is it now 400 bitching articles he had vomited out daily about the old Mamak ? hehehehe.

  4. i believe tis uuca is an effective tool to handle amanat hadi. now we can do away uuca since hadi become a good dog of umno.

  5. Kaytee even mention Hadi Awang. Don't really bother to read anythings as I am afraid being brainwashed by kaytee especially his nuts are plenty to be disposed off.

    Gosh! what a strange bedfellows! Awang.....kaytee......Awang

    1. Ktemoc has been fully bought and sold..

    2. For 30 pieces of silver. We know what happen to that guy who did it nong nong time ago