Saturday, March 10, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (4)

Commander (ret) S Thayaparam penned
Will this be our last election? in Malaysiakini in which he discussed the vital necessity of funds for election campaigns and the selfish kedekut-ness of certain well-heeled Pakatan leaders in failing to put up their cash where their mouths are,

Extracts of his article follows:

“If the well-to-do Pakatan Harapan leaders are not prepared to sacrifice a part of their fortune to help their candidates, then forget about winning GE14.”

Which is another way of saying that you got fat of the kleptocracy when in power so, better cough up the dough now that you want to replace the big cheese.

Come on, we all know who the “well-to-do” players in Harapan are. The Najib refuseniks may be on the opposition side but it does not mean that they lack funds, which is the mantra of the opposition.

If you are sincere in your desire to want change, you better be willing to pay for it. I mean Umno folks openly say that the opposition has no cash, which really means they are waiting to see if those folks from Umno (and now in the opposition) will really use their own money to fund the revolution.

In his conclusion he provided us with a very brilliant statement of irony, which I deem as worthy of being included in my list of Best (wakakaka to matey HT Low) political statements for 2018.

He stated:

... it is funny when you think of it, that the ill-gotten gains from another era could be the key in the disposing of a corrupt regime in this era.

Adoi, wakakaka.


  1. Aiyoyo, so naive and never learn.

    Better spend the money after the election to buy over Kataks than spend the money now on candidates who not sure can win or not.

    Money given is for final results not for betting which horse wins which is so close based on current polls.

  2. but according to your bosom buddy in Manchester whom you share diapers with, Maddy has a war chest of 5billion which he has already dispensed 1billion to lks...between the both of them, major and the fugitive, I wonder who do you believe more....

    1. By now we ought to know that MOM has this fantastic ability to go astral travel...the out-of-body travel thingy. His favorite astral travel route nowadays is to cross thousands of miles over the ocean and make a beeline to his favorite hunting ground...good ole malaysia and zoom stealthily into the rooms of opposition leaders and listen in to their plans and catch them on their 'naughty' deeds of which is the 1 Billion given to LKS by that evil old man...and of course, listening in on the conversation between James Kuok and the Oppos leaders about funding by Robert Kuok, wakakaka. In fact, it was during one such astral travel that MOM happened to catch Robert Kuok himself actually handing oodles of $$$ to LKS and heard him from his own lips said these traitorous words...I want the Chinese to take over the country so use this millions here ( or maybe billions ) well and wisely. Wakakaka...a lot can be heard and seen and catch red-handed on astral travel...many have lose out by refusing to make use of this proven method to sneak into enemies territories to know exactly, but EXACTLY what had transacted, right to the last words said and the last cent given out. Pinklips knows he has himself a good bargain by engaging this highest-paid blogger..wink, wink. That's how MOM manages to churn out such enticing headlines almost daily in his blog site....all he has to do is to go to sleep comfortably in his bed in Manchester...and when he wakes up, hey presto...all the juicy dirty details committed by the Oppos are all there for him to be just typed out. One caveat though...try as he might, his astral form just couldn't gain entry into Umno it might be forgiven if only all breaking news from his site only deals death blows to the Oppos, never on Umno. wakakakaka.

  3. A certain richman is now worth close to USD$15 Billion. He only needs to part with 1/15 of that sum. Easy for him to earn it back if everything goes according to plan.