Saturday, March 24, 2018

Chinese saved Mahathir in 1999; after elections he accused them of being communists

From the Chinese press:

In 1999, the Chinese guilds and associations rallied 90% of Chinese support and submitted a memorandum of appeals called “Suqiu” to the Mahathir regime before the general election. Why I say 90%? It is because DAP did not support the move and also the Chinese still made up 26.7% of the Malaysian population.

The 1999 Suqiu was an extension of the 1985 Joint Declaration of the Chinese Guilds and Associations. Actually, Suqiu covers not only Chinese issues but also issues of different races in Malaysia. Thus, it can called an appeal by all people rather than just the Chinese.

At that time, Deputy Prime Minister Anwar was sacked by the Mahathir regime which triggered a series of domino effects and Malay voters were divided. The Chinese guilds and associations then in Aug 16, 1999 came out with the memorandum of appeals covering political, economic, cultural and education issues and calling on the government to respect democratic and human rights, restore judiciary independence, press freedom, rout out corruption and attend to the marginalized groups. The memorandum was signed by 2,098 Chinese guilds and associations all over the country.

Mahathir pretended to support the appeal and won the general election with the support of Chinese guilds and associations. But he made a denial after the election and lambasted the Chinese campaign, comparing the promoters with the Communists and Al-Ma’unah Islamic extremists.

This triggered a backlash from the Chinese community. The dictatorial and bullying Mahathir immediate assigned radical elements threatening to burn down the Selangor-Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall. The Chinese community who have experienced the May 13 incident and Operasi Lalang became fearful.

The 14th general election will be held in 2018 and the Chinese population has shrunk to 22.7%. As Chinese birth rate is shrinking, it is projected that by the 15th election, the Chinese population will go down to a mere 19%.

Is the 1985 Joint Declaration of the Chinese guilds and associations and the 1999 Suqiu still relevant for this age and time? This writer would not dare to speculate. But they can certainly be used as a reference to draft the 2018 Suqiu. The Malay votes are divided among UMNO, Pribumi Bersatu and PAS. It is absolutely a good opportunity for the Chinese guilds and associations to submit its Suqiu again.

I suggest striking a deal in black and white with legal obligations with whichever party that offers the best and fulfill at least half of the appeals before the election.

What are you waiting for if you don’t do it now? Wait until our population has shrunk to 19% or even less than 10%?

Original Source: 还等什么?大诉求


  1. Don't engage in race-based opportunism..
    It will come back to bite you later in race-based backlash...

  2. So when will that cheeby kaytee come back to Malaysia forcing Najib to sign such declaration? Pictures and Kaytee full credentials. Not in dark secret

    Kaytee got big balls or not? You can ask Thaya, your good good friend whom you never meet to be witness in public.

    Please pay 50% GST as well. Kaytee

  3. Is Chinese press advocating the Chinese community to hold both sides to blackmail? While BN knows it probably can win GE14 without the Chinese, otoh PH needs them to win it.

  4. Wakakakaka………

    If pinklips accepts Suqiu 2018, then what?

    Give him the vote!

    Then he does a mamak1999 again, which is a forgone conclusion.

    Otherwise, he will be grilled alive by all those within the ketuanan hive faster than he claims his PMships of 2018.

    Wordsmith…… pathetic ye!

    & U honestly think the Cinapeks r born yesterday le. Wakakakaka……

    1. Ck, I believe that kaytee admires Madhater big nuts and hence this article by kaytee

      Remember CK about one banned book in ancient china about one man whose little brother can makes one esteemed lady wild.......hahahahaha......kaytee may be the reincarnated writer......That guy was a eunuch......hahahahaha. Also one reason why kaytee keeps dispensing his nuts as in his previous life, he has no nuts to dispense with hahahahaha.

      Now I am cucuking kaytee moc kali kong to be brave enough to get najib to sign........just for fun......hahahahaha

  5. absolutely agree now is the best time to squeeze bijan's nuts, just like what Sarawak is demanding back their rights and more... everyone knows except umno grassroots, perkasa, isma and maybe kt's poodle that bijan is vulnerable yet desperate to stay in power he would gadai Malay pride quietly if that is what it takes otherwise its bamboo river for him

    undirosak 1 wobbly nuts 0