Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Does Mahathir love Anwar?

Star Online - Dr M blames police for 1998 action against Anwar (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is blaming the police for the action he took as prime minister against his then deputy Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who was sacked and arrested for corrupt practices and sodomy in 1998.

In an exclusive interview with Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew Daily published Monday (March 12), Dr Mahathir said that he “had no choice” but to take action against Anwar after the police had presented all the evidence to him.

“I was angry with the police. I asked them why they didn't give him a trial.

“They didn't tell me initially but later said they had given him a ‘black eye,’ but I insisted that he be given a trial,” he said, the referring to the assault Anwar suffered in police custody which led to a literal black eye, among other injuries. [...]

Last November, he also blamed the police for the Ops Lalang crackdown in 1987, which saw 106 people – civil society activists, religious leaders, lawyers and Opposition politicians among them –detained without trial under the Internal Security Act. He also shut down three newspapers, including The Star.

Writing on his chedet blog, he insisted that the decision to arrest the 106 people and shut down three newspapers was purely a police decision and that he had little choice but to go along.

He took responsibility for the arrests, but stopped short of apologising for the incident.

“I accept the blame even though the detention was not my decision,” he wrote.

In the interview with Sin Chew, he said that if he could turn back time and choose again, he would not have sacked Anwar.

“From the political point of view, I would not have done this. When I was the prime minister, I promised myself not to do anything that would make people hate me,” he said, but maintained he was left with no choice.

According to Dr Mahathir, he only had the power to sack Anwar as deputy prime minister and finance minister, and it was the Umno supreme council's collective decision to sack him as the party's deputy president.

you f**kers can do what you like. I'm gonna do my own thing 

“We had a supreme council meeting until 4am. Everyone had a chance to speak. They not only didn't want him to be deputy president, they also didn't want him in the party.

“It was not my decision!”

Yeah right, but why wait until now to say all these. Mahathir retired at the end of 2003 yet it is ONLY now, 15 years later when he is in dire need of votes that he sings a different song.


  1. Kaytee,
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  2. The infectious virus of "Melayu mudah lupa" has now spread to even the Chinese, Indians etc.

    Now it is "Malaysian mudah lupa".

    Even this infectios virus blame must be Ah Jib Kor to blame cos of his 1Malaysia.


    1. Of course.......why not? Are you Najib lover? Does it matter if Najib is savaged viciously? hahahahaha

  3. Wakakakaka……

    Bcoz his time is up lah!

    BTW, why didn't u quote him about never ever going to rejoin umno, even when pinklips is out in the pasture?

    Or u r going to say he is bullsh*ting again?

    Just to save yr pathetic prediction of mamak will pull a fast one on ph by rejoining umno, together with other ppbm members, to form new govt!

    1. I am wondering if cheebye kaytee ever encounter any ang moh do a stick about in kaytee arse. Sure have one?

      Again CK, like I say......Does it really matter meh? All we want Umno to fight among each other and imploded.

      If Najib dies cock stand along with descendent, so will anybody too including madhater? hahahaha

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      Wait a minute! Trump and kaytee is pretty identical. Trump attacks anybody except Putin.

      Just like kaytee with Najib......hahahahaha. ok la.....let kaytee repeat why he refuse to condemn najib.

      Beholden to Najib due to his uncles in the military got high rank from Najib's father. I am still scratching my head over this.

      Does it matter so long that Najib and UMNO are destroyed? If UMNO can be destroyed, any rise of UMNOism can be destroyed again. Perhaps, kaytee should be focused on how unsuccessful Yuan Shi Kai wanna revive monarchism......

      Wait a minute.....kaytee will argue Commie in china is another form of monarchism. Let see he has the guts to say so in PRC......hahahahaha

    3. Exactly ! "Does it matter so long that Najib and UMNO are destroyed ?"...."If UMNO can be destroyed, any rise of UMNOism can be destroyed again"

      Looes74.....your return is very timely....let's smash that evil hive to smithereens....does not matter what methods we use, as long as that hub of unspeakable den of inhumanity and evilness that's DUmno is squashed.

      By the by, which MPs nowadays dare to castigate Jibby on 1MDB openly and not risk jail time ? see how one MP who with consummate tongue-in-cheek/sarcasm skill do it openly in Parliament :