Thursday, March 15, 2018

Remembering Stephen Hawking

A great man with a great mind and a great heart has just left us to wander the Cosmos in his own way. Goodbye Stephen.

We saw in heaven a wondrous shooting star
Its brilliance scintillating ever so gloriously
Unmatched, beautiful, an immense avatar
His mind touches our hearts immemorially

Arching the sky it traces its marvellous way
Across a cosmos revealing its secrets to him
Light years it chimes its astronomical soiree
Who knows, perhaps until the universe's rim


  1. He also said there is neither heaven nor an afterlife.

    To Moslems that is "Khurafat".

    To Christians that is Satan's voice.

    To athiests, it must have been their ultimate orgasm.

    1. Great scientist, yes!

      Great man???

      If u look into his private life, u would have a 2nd thought!

  2. Perhaps kaytee should stick writing about article relating to stephen hawkings. Leave Malaysia politics to us