Sunday, March 18, 2018

PAS' No Hudud?

FMT - PAS aims for a ‘Prosperous Sabah’ without hudud (selected extracts):

The 10-point manifesto vows to give Sabah full autonomy on managing its tax revenues, as well as a repeal of GST. [...]

PAS said it would champion Sabah’s rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), as the Islamist party’s unveiled a manifesto that makes no mention of shariah or hudud, issues which are championed by party leaders across the South China Sea.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the document, consisting of 10 core points, was formulated with the needs and aspirations of the people of Sabah in mind

It said the PAS government would enable 100% of the state’s resources to be utilised for Sabah’s development.

It also promised to give Sabah full autonomy to manage its tax revenues, and repeal the goods and services tax (GST) introduced in 2015.

The party also promised to guarantee the rights of non-Muslims according to the state and federal constitutions.

Sabahans, if you believe PAS, go ahead. But do recall why Pakatan Rakyat (when PAS was part of Pakatan) broke up.



  1. HUDUD is political suicide in Sabah.
    So PAS will be sooo quiet on RU355 in Sabah it will Not exist.

    But Don't forget RU355 is a credible threat only because it has the support of the Arsehole Ah Jib For.


    Aiyoyo... this selfie has become Lim Guan Eng's equivalent of the Najib, Rosmah, Prince Turki and Jho Low photo.

    1. this post is about PAS' strategy in Sabah but you couldn't help your anti-DAP self (except for Mahthir's matey LKS) in posting an anti-LGE comment.

      A CM has an obligation to take photos with almost everyone

    2. Alone in his car and in his personal residence? What does that tells you?

    3. Maybe they were chatting about the weather?

    4. "(except for Mahthir's matey LKS)", you are very heartless n cruel.
      I have a tremendous respect for Lim Kit Siang for his decades of service to the nation. Mahathir wasn't even in the picture.

      I hold Lim Guan Eng accountable for what looks like questionable deals and transactions that the Penang State government has engaged in.

      Ktemoc is displaying Myrmidon mentality in attacking anyone who raises such questions.

    5. Lim Kit Siang was once my idol-icon, but I am not blind like you. Once LKS turns renegade on pronciples how could I support him anymore, unlike blind-as-bat acolytes or PKR-weeping-crocs like you

  3. who is tis Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man?

  4. does anyone remember their courting days? we were so attentive, so generous, ever so helpful, heck we even do the dishes, take out the trash and with time to spare, do the ironing...pas is falling in luve

    undirosak 1 wakakaka 0

  5. PAS existence has always been political Islam. Those who think otherwise were only kidding themselves.