Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Malaysian politicians pathetic

Star Online - Keep ‘low-class’ squabbles out by Wong Chun Wai (extracts):

dei Nazri, I heard they found cannonballs in Penang
might be those you lost


jom dua please


Some of our politicians seem to have a knack for sticking their foot in their mouth. They likely enjoy doing it with the belief that their bravado helps authenticate their manhood, but they unwittingly make us cringe with embarrassment instead.

It’s obvious by now that some of our leaders don’t put their grey matter to good use and it sure looks like these serial ill-mannered recalcitrants have little care for the implications of their recklessness which, as expected, has made headlines internationally.

how Mahathir earned the notorious title of 'recalcitrant'

No surprises then that our country has become a laughingstock yet again, thanks to these politicians who probably still think they are heroic alpha males. Their senseless outbursts have made us look like angry and ignorant Third World natives who are unable to articulate our thoughts reasonably and in a civil manner.

This is especially disturbing, given their position as ministers. We expect them to be above making deranged comments and name-calling, the norm on social media.

But like it or not, we have gone down the gutter and sadly, they barely display any remorse. They also don’t think of the damage they cause to the nation.

Surely, they can do better than to pounce on an allegation made by a fugitive blogger and add more life to half-truths and fantasies?


Who would have thought that when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak shared he consumes quinoa, it would become an issue?

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang claimed he had never heard of quinoa, “let alone of it being in existence”. That is hard to believe because surely he knows that a large segment of Malaysians, especially those with diabetic concerns, have no choice but to turn to quinoa and brown rice as their staple food?

aiseh, wah lau liao, mudah lupa mah

Quinoa is widely available at supermarkets but of course, we don’t expect many of our politicians to visit any kind of market, except for making themselves available during election campaign time, when they shake hands with the public for photo opportunities.

For those of us who have been eating white rice our entire lives and are forced to cut down on carbohydrates and sugar, quinoa or brown rice will never taste as good. It is almost incomprehensible to add quinoa to nasi kandar. It is a mockery of this national dish – almost a sin, in fact. So, regardless of its price, quinoa makes up part of a diet most people with blood sugar issues would rather not have if they could get away with it.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang shook hands with Rohaizad Yaakob, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official to show the opposition’s solidarity with the MACC

Yet just a year earlier Kit Siang in his article, titled "Malaysians will not rest until justice is done for the killing of Teoh Beng Hock" said DAP and Pakatan Rakyat would continue to highlight the injustice of Teoh Beng Hock’s unresolved murder

what utter bullshit

can you now believe the sh*t-stirring words of Lim Kit Siang?

Lim claimed that quinoa is 23 times more expensive than the standard white rice consumed by the average Malaysian.

Former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad waded into the debate too, saying he only ate white rice – and found himself reminded that eating quinoa was surely cheaper than having to feed his stable of purported 40 horses.

it's OK, quinoa for 1 person is far more expensive

Soon, the argument degenerated to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng being asked to reveal the amount of beer he drinks.

The childish mud-slinging continued with discussions on the use and availability of plastic bags.

Selangor Barisan Nasional declared that they would get rid of the Selangor government-mandated 20 sen surcharge for plastic bags if they won in GE14. Turning free plastic bags for the public into an election promise is incredulous, particularly in a day and age when we should be more environmentally conscious.

The joke continues with Pakatan Harapan Youth promising that English Premier League (EPL) football matches will be free again if it rules the nation. PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said they want EPL fans in Malaysia to enjoy the most popular football league in the world.

The free-to-air EPL suggestion is among 10 proposals the youth wing intends to use to attract young voters in the elections. Nik Nazmi said the broadcasting rights for major sports should be open to everyone and not just pay TV such as Astro.

Clearly, he has no idea what he’s talking about or how he has made a fool of himself. Of course, the bid for the broadcasting rights of EPL is open to all TV stations – just cough up the dough. Astro pays over a billion ringgit for its coverage of sports events and the EPL makes up a big chunk of it. It would be interesting to know if Pakatan really would fork out a billion ringgit to provide free coverage for Malaysians.

Politics here is clearly in a sad state. We have had to listen to low-level quarrels over quinoa and rice, Argentinian horses and carrots, plastic bags and paid bags, and outrageous promises of free EPL broadcasts.

it's OK, carrots not GST-ed

Not to forget politicians from either side of the divide acting as though they aren’t receiving funding from businessmen, be it Malaysians, Chinese or Saudis.

Will our politicians next bicker over pitting wholemeal wheat bread against white bread, or organically grown vegetables against ordinary ones?

As Hafidz Baharom wrote, politics in this country has reached a pathetic crisis.

“No one is discussing what truly matters in this country, which are the solutions of everyday Malay­sians. Instead, they insist on taking potshots like kindergarteners arguing over a swing set,” he wrote.

Yes, it’s the silly season before the general election, but some politicians have simply become sillier than others.


  1. Wakakakaka, a wordsmith who doesn't own a mirror!

    Yes, it’s the silly season before the general election, but some politicians have simply become sillier than others.

    No thanks to their sycophants & hired pens, too.

    I have been to SA numerous times, studying, interacting & doing businesses there for a looong loong time now. I know quinoa.

    1st, take a read:

    The United Nations’ 2013 promotion of quinoa was part of a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) campaign to better appreciate healthy foods long marginalised by major food businesses.

    The promotion of quinoa by FAO is a disfavour to the Andeans. Since 1970, the production of quinoa has grown 11 fold, but price has inlated 37 fold in 2014, something that defies normal explanation, unless you know what suffering it has brought the Andean native consumers of quinoa. The demand of quinoa, once hyped by FAO, caused non-native consumers of the grain, such as MO1, to drive the prices of the quinoa up. Now, what do the Andeans eat that they can afford?

    Najib is a victim of misleading advertising as 100gm of rice contains 130 calories, only 10 calories more than for quinoa – hardly effective for a weight-loss diet.

    The main reason for quinoa being expensive in this country is because, as with so many other imported foods, the few with import licences essentially set prices. Thus, for example, the price of milk in Malaysia has continued to rise while the world price has declined in recent years due to the “glut” in world production.

    Wakakakaka…… guess who owns the AP to import quinoa in M'sia? A bloody twenty-something silver-spoonfed spoiled brats from the pinklips' household le!

    BTW, it's grossly disingenuous to compare mamaks horse stable food with pinklips' quinoa intake!

    Remember apple with apple? Or u think orange is an apple too!

    "……(Pinklips) that eating quinoa was surely cheaper than having to feed his stable of purported 40 horses."

    A better comparison is the pinklips household consumption vis-a-vis mamaks horse stable consumption lah.

    Then, we COULD straight away indentify the humongous hedonic wastages happened!

    Especially, that single wastage of that infamous hippo!

    Lain kali, fikir betul2 sebelum tulis lah.

    Or u r perfecting the art of foot-in-the-mouth impulsiveness from those politikus just bcoz of article dateline & dedak kpi!

  2. Quite low-class for Wong Chun Wai to deliberate try to confuse people by equating quiona with brown rice.

    Brown Rice, which is just unpolished ordinary rice with the inedible outer husk removed, and the bran still mixed in, is certainly affordable, and widely available, recommended for people who need high fibre, and complex carbohydrate in their diet eg. diabetics.

    Quiona , in Malaysia, is definitely elitist food, and not widely available and not widely consumed, simply because of the multiple xx expense.

    1. not everyone can take unpolished rice - I can't tolerate its strange "stench"

    2. Wakakakaka……ho mea le!

      If u can't tolerate brown rice's strange "stench", then elitist grain like quinoa is not for u.

      Pie mea?

      What a dilemma of life.

  3. "politics in this country has reached a pathetic crisis."

    n what all tis idiot could do is undirosak.