Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Perkasa declare war? Against whom?

From Malaysian Chinese - Universiti P. Ramlee set the precedent by recognizing UEC (extarcts):

Kuala Lumpur, March 14 – The Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (Aswara) which is being upgraded and renamed Universiti P. Ramlee, has set the precedent of public university by accepting Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) holders from the Chinese independent highs schools as the university’s students.

According to the official website of the Universiti P. Ramlee, the minimum entry requirement of its Faculty of Arts & Cultural Management is at least five credits in SPM, the UEC (at least three B), at least five C in O-Level, or recommended by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and passed the interview set by the university.

This means that the Universiti P. Ramlee has become the first public university in the country to recognize the qualification of UEC. The said website stated the above qualification including must score credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu subject.

To Chinese Malaysians who are/have been educated in Mandarin the recognition of UEC has been a bloody long journey.

The saga all started back in 1975 with Mahathir, when he was Education Minister. He threatened the Chinese educationists about issuing the UEC.

According to Dr Kua Kia Siong in his book, Protean Saga: The Chinese Schools of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir as Education Minister must have hated the idea and existence of the UEC so much that when he heard about Dong Jiao Zong's plans and programs for it, he summoned the Chinese educationalists to parliament and told the leaders "... that UEC had better not be held or else ...".

He did not ask for any response and dismissed the Chinese educationalists with a curt ... "That is all."

Undeniably he hated things Chinese, especially the UEC, meant for Chinese educated students to help them (but on their own finance, educational efforts and merits) get into overseas universities as the local ones have an unfavourable quota for the nons.

That was in 1975. Obviously Dong Jiao Zong didn't give two hoots to his very racist nonsensical warning, and correctly so as the 60 independent Chinese high schools in Malaysia (with 23 in East Malaysia) have been funded privately by the Chinese community and philanthropists like the late Lim Lean Teng, who was Han Chiang's long time benefactor.

Lim Lean Teng

T'was said he started his career as a butcher in Penang

The UEC has survived for 40 over years outside Malaysian tertiary education system, NO thanks to and in spite of Mahathir. And you Chinese want to vote him and his racial Pribumi?

And in 2017 when we felt the government might recognise the UEC in the wake of the late Adenan Satem's radical declaration that Sarawak recognises the UEC, 'ere we could say Ni Hao Ma? (wakakaka) we had Ibrahim Ali of someone's ultra fascist lobby group Perkasa declaring (as reported by FMT):

Perkasa menentang sekeras-kerasnya termasuk akan mengisytiharkan “perang” jika kerajaan mengiktiraf Sijil Peperiksaan Bersepadu (UEC).

I wonder who will Perkasa declare war against?

Presidennya, Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata, kerajaan perlu menolak pengiktirafan UEC kerana ia bertentangan Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan yang terkandung dalam Akta Pendidikan 1996 dan Perkara 152 (1) Perlembagaan.

Why should Ibrahim Ali worry so much, or should my question be: why should "someone" worry so much about the Malaysian government's recognition of the UEC? Are we hearkening back to 1975?

Ibrahim Ali even said Perkasa would declare war if Najib were to recognise the UEC.

I wonder who could have alerted Ibrahim Ali as to Najib's possible action a la Adenan Satem? Hmmm?!

But now, with Uni P Ramlee recognising the UEC, will Perkasa declare war?


  1. Fact Check Ktemoc's blog...

    Unisel, the Selangor Government-owned public university already recognised UEC for entry last year , academic year 2017.

  2. i guess aswara recognise uec long time ago b4 upgrade. so what abt um upm ukm usm uum utm? since both the uec haters, m +m no more in umno, when the najib govt can recognise uec? whats the point talk 1975 n stay silence abt 2018?

    1. "whats the point talk 1975 n stay silence abt 2018?"

      The Elephant and Hippo in the room must not be named....