Friday, March 16, 2018

PKR greedy as ever

Malaysiakini - S'gor Harapan seat talks - PKR gets to contest bulk of seats (extracts):

I must get all the remaining 6 seats

PKR will contest in at least 19 state seats out of the 56 in Selangor while Amanah and Bersatu will get only nine and seven seats respectively, Selangor Amanah chief Izham Hashim has revealed.

Following the decision on seat allocation negotiations reached on March 8, Izham said DAP will contest all the15 state seats it won in the 2013 general election.

After quite a tussle and two major deadlines missed – Jan 31 and Feb 7 – the Pakatan Harapan seat negotiations for Selangor managed to resolve the allocations for 50 seats at its third formal meeting two weeks ago.

The seat allocation committee has also decided to refer the six unresolved seats claimed simultaneously by several parties to the state coalition leadership.

The unresolved seats are Lembah Jaya, Seri Serdang, Sungai Panjang, Kota Damansara, Dusun Tua and Sungai Burong. [...]

Selangor Harapan chairperson and Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Azmin Ali, who took over the seat negotiations in the later stages, had met with Amanah representatives personally, Izham said.

"He told me that Amanah shouldn't ask for too many seats and I said we didn't," he said declining to elaborate further on what transpired between him and Azmin during the talks.

What f* arrogance!

True to form, for a party with piss-poor performance in elections, but which still demands the most number of seats in a state, PKR shows its greediness in Selangor as it has in Sarawak, and eventually at federal level.

Mampu tak mampu
Tamak memang tamak
Back stabbing nombor satu
'Dah rugi, teriak alamak

Its election philosophy seems to be rebut sebanyak mungkin, 'ni jamin dapat sedikit sini sana, wakakaka.

A very avaricious beast.


  1. I have to say this. Does it really matter? Or let me be very blunt to Cibai kaytee? What is your fucking solution? Come on! It's not just the PKR greediness.

    It's also the fucking sultan who wanna stick to the so called racial composition of selangor. Of course, I bet kaytee would censor that

    And above all, Najib! Wait a minute, didn't kaytee praise Madhater in reducing raja2 power?

    See.....voila solution : Vote Madhater in. Demand raja2 to listen kuai kuai to rakyat. But then kaytee just like Trump to Putin only loves Najib.

    Me hah? This moment, I fuck care. I just wanna see najib die politically Noooooowwww......

  2. Yes looes74, I deleted your message because you insulted HRH

  3. looes74's message deleted again for swearing at HRH

  4. both amanah n bersatu is new, what u mean by greedy? y not dap opt out of selangor n let pkr contest all the 15 seats see if pkr can win or not? then we can conclude whose performance is better.

    1. and will pkr get out of penang?

    2. u wanna gauge whose better y not give all chinese seat to pkr n lets the multiracial dap to contest in kelantan terengganu kedah perlis? then we can see if dap is mampu or tamak.

  5. Ktemoc Batu Api No.1,
    Wee Ka Siong Batu Api No. 2

    The Star Online: Dr Wee: Penang people will suffer losses of RM20.5bil due to tunnel project.

  6. PKR is the incumbent in 13 seats in the Selangor State Assembly.
    All the other 6 seats are competitive.

    How does contesting in 19 seats amount to being greedy ?

    This is not factual, only Ktemoc's unrelenting anti-PKR bias talking.

    Amanah and Pribumi are new and unproven. They cannot simply demand a large quota.

    1. PKR will contest in at least 19 seats (incumbent 13)
      Amanah 9 only (incumbent 15 inheritede form PAS)
      Bersatu 7 seats (incumbent none but 12 if inherited from UMNO)
      DAP 15 (incumbent 15)
      Undecided 6

      If that is not greedy then you must be from PKR, wakakaka