Monday, March 12, 2018

Mongolian models

The Malaysian Insight - Alex Turnbull did not leave bank over 1MDB, says Goldman Sachs (extracts):

ALEX Turnbull, the son of Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, left Goldman Sachs after his trading activities were restricted, and not because he was singled out for flagging the international finance company’s role in the 1MDB scandal, the Australian Financial Review reports today.

Alex left Goldman Sachs in 2014 after compliance officers ordered him to stop trading in Australian media and technology securities because his father was the then communications minister.

Last week, Alex said he resigned from the investment bank after being singled out as a whistle-blower when he questioned the firm’s allegedly shady deals with 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

However, in its first official response, Goldman Sachs said there is no electronic record of Alex ever raising concerns about 1MDB, or any action taken against him as a result, the AFR said.

The newspaper also reported that it has sighted parts of Alex’s April 2014 resignation letter, where he complained of the ban on Australian media stocks, claimed that compliance has “come down so hard” on him for disclosing internal information on social media, and said he would work elsewhere with “none of the restrictions that come with Goldman”.

Well well well.

Maybe Alex can explain how Mongolian models, "through their burials"(?), had somehow affected his resignation?

or this!


  1. goldman sachs is more credible?

    1. A Jewish banking conspiracy.

    2. Lets see who sues who first.

    3. Given that Goldman isn't exactly lily-white in its 1MDB conduct, I doubt they will sue Turnbull Jr.

      Their smelly 1MDB conduct being dragged in the open in an Australian court won't do Goldman any good.

    4. Considering that they have accused each other, either they do not sue and let their reputation being sullied- becoz both have something to hide and not telling the full picture- or one of them pulls the trigger becoz they did no wrong.

  2. Goldman Sachs failed miserably in its supposed role as a professional Investment Banking adviser to the 1MDB bond exercises.

    There is good evidence from the DOJ and WSJ revelations to indicate the company or specific officers of the company were colluding in a fraudulent Kleptocracy exercise.

    Unfortunately, Goldman Sachs is where Rule of Law in the USA ends...Goldman is part of the Deep State in the country.

    Their senior executives drift in and out of Federal Cabinet positions of both Republican and Democrat Administrations like a revolving door.

    We can be pretty sure Goldman will never suffer any legal penalty in the US over its role in the 1MDB fraud.