Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pardon for Anwar?

Extracts from Ubah My A** by Karamjit Singh:

Tun Hussein Onn 

Harun Idris 

In the mid-70’s, when the late Tun Hussein Onn was the deputy prime minister, he insisted that the then Menteri Besar (of Selangor) Harun Idris was charged for bribery and corruption.

Harun was charged, convicted, and sentenced for the same.

A few years later when Hussein Onn was the prime minister, he went to England for a medical check-up. Mahathir was the then acting PM. In that little window, Mahathir wrote to the king and secured a royal pardon for Harun.

Today, he says he will remain for 2-3 years while waiting for a royal pardon for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Why? so he could place his son in a better footing to become the PM.

Or the pardon may not even materialise, wakakaka.

Yes, but why is there the humongous difference in the time required to get a pardon for Harun Idris and that promised for Anwar Ibrahim?

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  1. Wakakakaka………

    U memang buat tak tau!

    WHO'S in the seat of the govt NOW?

    Mamak ke! Wakakakaka……

    Yr ahjibgor WOULD die standing if he ever allow Anwar to be pardoned.

    But never, in his wildest wet dream, he could foresee a team of Anwar & mamak in fighting him.

    Believe me NOT, he is 'shitting' bricks now. If ge14 turns against him, Kazakhstan would be his/her retiring hole!

    SArabia is a goner for jibby/hippo with that egoistic crown prince in charge……wakakakaka …… karma indeed.