Saturday, March 17, 2018

He cries out unbelievably Kali Ini, we'll Ubah

It'll be on the day he realises to his own horror
But a horror he swiftly suppresses with alacrity
That he is venturing beyond barb wired border
One set by his own ethnic agenda, a mendacity

O he will swallow hard when he takes that step
That will crush his own integrity, his principle
His morals, his ethics, his values, his own rep
Mind, his principles, values, etc were minimal

Like nervous Chinamen stepping into Yasukuni
Or Obama attending grand Southern KKK meet
He will be walking straight into enemy territory
A vegetarian eating grilled sirloin at a BBQ treat

'Tis the vehicle, the Rocket, that dashyat wahana
De hornbill stares at a once enemy, ya a stranger
But he cries out unbelievably Kali Ini, we'll Ubah
D'keris he cherishes, but will he discard forever


  1. D'keris remains unsheathed for a great number of years to reap Malay independence. Will there be anyone dares to sheathe d'keris and discard it? Perhaps PH? If the unlikely time comes, d'keris can fly like a meteorite to confront the villains.

  2. Some just simply talk having amnesia or pretending to have amnesia. The stupid crooked little knife has been unsheathed in 1969 and thousands innocent lives have been lost but officially 'only 100+ lost their lives and its not Umno fault lah.' After that, the stupid crooked little knife was used to threatened at assemblies and conferences....were unsheathed but no blood drawn yet. Even here now, that Unkown creature is also trying to threaten with that stupid crooked little knife....