Thursday, March 08, 2018

Growing credibility of #UndiRosak

FMT - PH or BN, Malaysians stuck with Malay agendaBy Kua Kia Soong (extracts):

I believe young Malaysians like Wan Saiful Wan Jan should have a go at the political game, which is like a merry-go-round at a fun fair, and that the ageing politicians who have been hogging the horses for nearly half a century should get off and let other youngsters have a go.

KT note: 2 grumpy old men should retire to pasture.

Having said that, I expected young intellectuals like Wan Saiful would at least have some intellectual honesty to avoid the discredited road of race-based parties which have been the bane of Malaysian society since independence. He has joined the “Pribumi” party which is not only closed to “non-Pribumis” like myself, but is led by Malaysia’s most well-known autocrat and father of crony capitalism.

KT note: Shame on you Wan Saiful.

no non-Malay can will be allowed to join 


Now why does an erstwhile “liberal” like Wan Saiful want to exclude a fellow Malaysian and human being from his party? After all, isn’t liberalism a political philosophy founded on ideas of liberty and equality? So, what has happened to his liberal thinking?

Furthermore, he now states that the Malay agenda remains relevant and any change will come slowly. That is great for the Malay crony capitalists who have been milking the country all these years since May 13, 1969. It is also a very effective populist ideology to get “Pribumi” votes in elections.

Looks like PH still wants Malay agenda

This is all bad news for those who have been dreaming the Malaysian dream of equality, justice and democracy.

I have been monitoring Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) statements and I have observed a loud silence on the extension of the New Economic Policy.

Now with PH having embraced the leader of PPBM as the prospective prime minister, I can bet anybody that there will be no mention of an end to the NEP in PH’s 14th general election (GE14) manifesto when it is announced.

This is indeed bad news for those who had hopes of a more liberal economic policy and for all who have criticised the government for its racially discriminatory economic and educational policies.


Isn’t it amazing that with all the current hype about the “1Malaysia” slogan, this reference to non-Malay Malaysians as immigrants continues unabated?

These Malay elites are obsessed with race which is not surprising when there is so much at stake for them in terms of economic gain. Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s “Malay Dilemma” is rooted in that paradigm.

Pakatan under Mahathir is thus no different from BN under Najib, both being heads of their respective most-racist part, and also heads of their respective dodgy coalition, each in pursuit of political powers for power sake (and of course its ensuing benefits).

This has been why #UndiRosak is not only gaining popularity but more and more credibility.

Remember 1999, and let's send both Lim Kit Siang and his current best matey Mahathir to pasture where the latter can graze together with his loved animals.

cheaper than quinoa? 


  1. lge claim he is the no1 in dap. y blame the dad?

  2. Wakakakaka……… mamak has promised a 2yr term. Lagi, lks keeps falling around the bathroom, indicating he knows times up for retirement!

    Sokong with both hands!!!

    Send both Lim Kit Siang and his current best matey Mahathir to pasture after ph winning ge14.

    1. lge wan 4 terms, n his dad never retire one la.

    2. Nobody stays in reign forever!

      Royalty ke, dictator ke & small fry inclusive!

      Death will eventually catch up. Then what? A mausoleum?

      Wakakakaka…… 一念之差落的遗臭万年!

  3. "At the very least, I want to be able to hold my head up and say that I am trying to reduce the hypocrisy." - Wan Saiful, The Star, 27 Feb 2018.

    And then he goes and joined the most hypocritical party there is.

    "I am sure there are many readers here who will help hold me to account if I do the very things that I have complained about in my past writings."

    Any takers?

  4. When date of GE14 is announced, would you consider it a public holiday to play Mahjong or to spend the day at the beach?

    Why waste time go to polling booth and spoilt the vote? Nothing better to do? Nobody cares how many spoilt votes there are. It's the unspoilt votes which is important.

    Now, who are those who always spoilt their votes every election? Probably they are:

    1. Govt servants who wants to be seen going to vote but don't want to support either parties.
    2. Party members want to be seen going to vote but don't want to support their party.
    3. Voters wanting to enjoy goodies dished out but don't want to support the giving party and feel guilty to vote another party.
    4. Voters afraid of their voting preferences may be traced back to them at the last minute at the polls and used "spoilt" as an excuse to avoid repecussions.
    5. Illiterates who are bussed in but do not know how to mark their votes.

    So, undi rosak is actually more disadvantage towards the ruling party/Govt.

    It is the No Undi voters which works in favor towards the ruling party/Govt. That's because the reasons for No undi are:

    1. Voters are disgusted with both candidates.
    2. Couldn't be bothered who lose or win.
    3. Their preferred candidate not selected by the party to contest.
    4. Ill health, no free transport, no goodies.
    5. No more causes/ideals worth voting for cos everything remains the same whoever wins.

    Now, if the percentage of No Undi happens after closing time at 5.00 pm is very high, the biggest advantage is to whoever can stuff more ballots or bring out ballot boxes already stuffed with marked ballots.

    Guess who is/are capable of doing that?

    1. Well, a certain CEC 2012 elections came to mind...

  5. As I have oftentimes suggested, make a TV series about politics in a fictitious country called "Bolehland" with actors playing fictitious politicians but with a plot based verbatim upon actual political shenanigans in Malaysia and you will have a hit bigger that the BBC's "Yes Prime Minister".

    1. Mahathir schemes plotline is way too convoluted for TV. Not even Games of Thrones can hold a candle to it.

  6. "let's send both Lim Kit Siang and his current best matey Mahathir to pasture"...
    Guan Lai....Undi Rosak's real objective is to defeat Lim Kit Siang and Mahathir.....
    What's the Fucking difference between you and BUMNO ?