Saturday, March 24, 2018

Nurul Izzah in peril

As posted several times, my prediction seems to be coming true, that Nurul Izzah will be changing seat from her Lembah Pantai to somewhere safer.

Mind, not that requires a rocket scientist to foresee her plight in GE14, but it seems from news report that Raja Nong Chik has been investing much time in the Lembah constituency and he now stands a good chnace of wresting that parliamentary seat from Nurul.

Her 2013 victory in Lembah Pantai was only with a majority of 1,847 in a total ballot of 61,048 cast. Thus effectively Raja Nong Chik lost by only 924 winning votes. I heard some EC sakti-ness will occur under the current re-delineation process, so poor Nurul could possibly become another politically moribund Snow White. Where then are the bloody 7 dwarfs (can also be spelt as 'dwarves')?

MM Online today publishes Tipped to replace Nurul Izzah, Fahmi tempers expectations in Lembah Pantai which tells us clearly that Nurul will abandon the sinking ship.

Fahmi Fadzil PKR Comm Chief

As she is a precious princess (of Anwar Ibrahim and the so-called PKR Reformasi) she must be given a safe safe safe seat. But which PKR seat will be safe now that PAS will be playing spoiler in Permatang Pauh and elsewhere (as it did in GE13 in Kota Damansara).

I don't think she'll be safe in Perlis, Kedah, NS, Malacca, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, which leaves us Selangor, FT, Penang and Perak.

But she has mucho enemies in PKR Selangor which is ruled by Azmin Ali. 

Currently PKR holds the following seats:

I doubt Azmin's inner core will surrender any of their Selangor seats, though mind you, Azmin himself is quite unsafe in Gombak.

And with Rafizi claiming arrogantly that PKR will win Pandan even if its candidate is a cat, miaow, will Nurul chance herself in the Pandan seat, bearing in mind the Pandan DAP, a typical source of support for PKR, had closed shop earlier this month, shifting their loyalties now to PRM and possibly Jenny what's-her-name?

I will be brave and politically incorrect to say that Nurul will be most safe in a Chinese majority constituency, that is, if she wants to be very very very comfy in GE14, from both BN and her intra party enemies.

The safest seat for a Pakatan person in Peninsular is P.122 Seputeh (to be renamed Sri Petaling). It's currently held by sweetie Teresa Kok who won her seat in 2013 with the biggest majority in Malaysia, to wit, 51,552 votes in a total turnout of 71,859.

Sweetie Teresa crushed her MCA opponent Nicole Wong Siaw Ting who somehow managed to secure 13.9% of the votes. Call it a landslide or tsunamic victory, sweetie did it since 1999.

Nicole Wong 

I heard sweetie Teresa may be part of the DAP Kamikaze Division in GE14 and thus move out of Seputeh. Princess Nurul can put in a bid for P.122 Seputeh (to be renamed Sri Petaling). Be quick or a grumpy 93-year old man who too wants to be safe may appropriate it, wakakaka.


  1. Well,what to say of Nurul the "Princess".In politics it is taboo to be given a nickname like that.Nurul would have taken it as politics in "paradise".Wake up in the morning to the white sleepy clouds,coconut trees bending to the strong winds blowing at fifty mph.

    To be a politician,life is not that easy.Especially when Nurul is an elected lawmaker.She has to do her work,servicing her constituents.Not leave everything to her staff working at the service center.People want to see her face often too,not only when something big had happened or an election is near.She should have known better when she won her second term with such a small majority.

    Nurul would definitely stand in another constituency.A very safe one.I do not think that the coalition leaders want her to go away yet.She is one of the liberal Malays that they can work with.The only thing is she learn her lesson that "nothing comes for free".

    1. matey, she was FORCED by PKRistas into big-time politics, which I suspect might not have been to her own choice. Her supporters expect LOTS from her as the daughter of an icon. She just didn't have time to "grow up" in politics

  2. Will Maria Chin be stooded in Pandan instead?

  3. If Nurul did not do her PRU sakti-ness during 2013, she would not have been MP. Justice delayed will still be justice served.

  4. KTemoc,

    A new election results sheet of Lembah Pantai in 2018 has been put up on Wikipedia, showing a three-cornered fight between PKR, BN and PAS.

    This looks like BN could well win this seat, either with the majority of votes (i.e. over 50%) or with the largest minority, especially since PAS is likely to split the PKR vote in 2013.

    This could well explain why Nurul is likely to be moved to a safer seat, whilst whoever takes her place takes the fall.

    1. the princess must be protected, as PKR sources close to her reject her contesting with DAP in Johor

  5. wow, dap got so many safe seat, n oso a philanthropist that r so generous n benevolence.