Friday, March 09, 2018

Pakatan allocation of Selangor seats - my thoughts

MM Online - Negotiations on six Selangor seats still ongoing, says Pakatan (extracts):

any difference? 

SHAH ALAM, March 9 — Selangor Pakatan Harapan has yet to finalise the allocation of electoral state seats in the state because negotiations on six of the 56 seats are ongoing, according to the Opposition pact’s election director Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar.

He admitted that the four component parties were each confident that their candidates would be able to win these seats. He did not identify the seats, however. Pakatan Harapan comprises Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), PKR, DAP and Parti Amanah Negara.

Pakatan Harapan had announced that the allocation of the seats had to be finalised by the end of February at the latest, ahead of the 14th General Election.


Asked about a claim that PPBM was unhappy with the allocation of Selangor state seats, Xavier Jayakumar said all component parties felt the same way.

Selangor PPBM Information chief Sallehudin Amiruddin was reported to have said that PPBM would contest 12 state seats in keeping with the original objective of the party to compete with UMNO in GE14.

One thing we should learn from the previous coalition of Pakatan Rakyat but obviously haven't is that alliance can turn sour, with regrets over seats given away.

PAS has demonstrated it is dangerous for coalitions liek Pakatan to trust (a) parties which have quite contrasting ideologies and (b) new comers. DAP and PAS are two examples of parties with diametrically contrasting ideologies, the former being a secular socialist democrat whilst the latter is an Islamist theocracy. It's like chalk and cheese or oil and water. Invariably, trouble lurks sinister-ly behind them.

PAS was allocated 20 seats in GE13 in which it won 15. PKR grabbed 21 but won only 14, whilst DAP won 15 out of the 15 allocated.

The 5 which PAS lost and the 7 by PKR went to BN (UMNO).

Now that PAS is no longer in the coalition with its place taken by Amanah, the allocation should be more even, considering that PAS and PKR had lost seats allocated, especially PKR.

The division should be (IMHO) PKR 18, DAP 18, Amanah, 18, making a total of 54 seats allocated. The remaining two can then go to Pribumi.

Why have I been cruel to Pribumi, apart from the fact I don't like it, wakakaka?

Pribumi is like PAS, still not to be fully trusted. What if it breaks away from Pakatan and rejoin UMNO? Don't give it 12 seats as it has demanded. UMNO-held seats do not mean those go automatically to Pribumi.

Secondly, it's a newcomer to Pakatan thus should get the least in deference to its seniors. Amanah has been loyal, with its members courageously breaking from their Mothership to stick to Pakatan. I strongly believe it deserves 18 seats (one third). If PAS ADUNs defect, preferably let them join Amanah. Their seats should constitute the 18 allocated to Amanah.

PKR has been a greedy naughty party which always grabbed more than it could chew, so 18 should be sufficient. We have to see how many it can win, wakakaka.

DAP has performed well in GE12 and GE13 thus it should be rewarded with an extra 3.

Keep a bloody beady eye on Pribumi as Pakatan should have with PAS.


  1. I thought you once said Rocket must keep a beady eye on Eye of Sauron?

    1. yes for DAP, but Pakatan must keep an eye on Pribumi

    2. Err, Pakatan means Pribumi as well. You meant to say Pribumi must keep a beady eye on Pribumi themselves?

  2. how many eye dap have? learn how to work with malay, dun let yr arrogance n greed blind u.

  3. To be honest,I think that since PKR won 14 out of 21 seats it contested,to be fair to the other components,PKR should only contest the seats it won.So,PKR should only be allowed to contest in 14 seats.There is no need to waste seats that PKR cannot win,so the seats that PKR lost should go to Pribumi,Amanah and DAP of course.Anyway,after GE 14th,PKR will be decimated and be a mosquito party like PSM.

  4. PH supporters are very confortable so long as PKR, DAP & Amanah (on behalf of PAS) retain all the seats won (44) and the UMNO seats of 12 is won by PPBM.

    Me think the problem is lack of faith in Amanah and PPBM ability to win their seats and crunching the numbers in determining the MB post.

    So, restricting PPBM to only contest in UMNO seats should be a safe bet for the dwarf to retain the post of MB since moving to a bigger Federal post looks beyond his reach at the moment.

    No wonder the seat allocations seem so complicated if added in possibility of defections (to BN) or DAP playing Taiko in determining who to support for the MB post later with new girlfriends like Amanah and PPBM.

    More aspirins please for the Dwarf!