Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mahathir riding on a Rocket (2)

Last month I penned Mahathir riding on a Rocket? in which I quoted a Malaysian Outlook article which suggested (extracts):


Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan anaknya, Datuk Seri Mukhriz didakwa bakal bertanding atas tiket DAP dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU-14).

I thought that was that but to day I read in FMT:

... Nazri laughed off reports that PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad was willing to stand in GE14 under a DAP ticket.

When asked about such a scenario, he just carried on laughing, before pausing for a moment to say: “That’s my comment.”

Previously, Nazri had invited Mahathir to contest against him in Padang Rengas.

Much as Nazri might have laughed off the seemingly ludicrous suggestion there might be some grounds in that rumour because a Pribumi source, apparently worried, told NST that the party would use any logo except DAP’s.

Uranus for you Tun? 

The article quoted the source as saying in the event the party is deregistered before the general election, Pribumi candidates will use the logo of any Pakatan ally except that of DAP.

Pribumi leaders were concerned about the feelings of the pro-Pribumi supporters if its candidates were to use the DAP logo.

'ni ta'boleh - ada anjing lah 

Thus they will opt for the safer choice, namely, either PKR or Amanah’s logo.

The source was quoted as saying “Many (at the grassroots level) will not agree and will be against Pribumi candidates contesting under a DAP ticket."

I suspect the source must have come out with this party revelation to preempt any possibility of that rumour about Mahathir and his son flying in a Rocket coming true, wakakaka.


  1. This is such a no-brainer. Doesn't even need a whole write up here to beat about the bush....maybe this is just an excuse to whack the old man kau kau yet again, wakakaka. Understand first the main reason WHY they need to create another DUmno clone party to join PH.....remember this "using fire to fight fire" ? Mudah lupa ke ? If Pribumi were to contest under DAP, habis la...MOM will have another bundle of dedak dropped onto his lap with another round of "Cinababi controlling Melayu"...."LKS has decided to return the RM 1 Billion he has gotten from Dr M and will push the old man out and become PM himself once they reached Putrajaya " wakakaka.

  2. How things have changed from those days of Reformasi when TDM was all powerful and no one dare thread on his toes, not even the Rulers, Judiciary, Govt. servants etc. One slant eye look from him at you and his henchmen will come after you.

    Now, he is wants to climb back and take back the seat of power and in doing so have stooped so low like a dog for an ex-PM, ex-President of BN and UMNO.

    No one, who has held those posts since Merdeka has done what he is doing now.

    I guess it is Karma that those whom he has hurt the most are now the ones he seeks help.

    Me thinks, that old man has not changed his ways and is still as racist with his deep rooted thinking of Ketuanan Melayu.

    Otherwise, why wouldn't he use the DAP's Rocket logo? Why shouldn't PPBM candidates use the Rocket logo also?

    Will it cause a dent in votes among the supporters of both DAP or PPBM?

    If the answer is Yes for not using the DAP logo, then sad to say, the current image of all of them on stage as a cohesive coalition is just drama and play acting.

    Are PH voters taken as stupid or what?

    1. Hey Nosty...stupid is as stupid does ! If you still need to ask..."why wouldn't he use the DAP's Rocket logo? Why shouldn't PPBM candidates use the Rocket logo also?" then we don't have to wonder why obvious dedak bloggers like MOM and Ktemoc could so easily pull wool over your eyes, wakakaka.

    2. What's the point in responding to kaytee's question? Meaningless......hahahaha

  3. Hmm. Boss, u moved to Australia when Madey was PM?

    1. Kaytee might have lost plenty of money when Madhater decided to corner the tin market nong nong time ago

  4. instead of asking how and why they are in such a predicament, kt saw it funny to rub it is so obvious they are trying to stymie harapan's registration

    undirosak 0 kt 0

    1. n he dun wan to recall dap predicament dealing with ros.