Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Politicians, Roisah needs urgent help

MM Online - Stateless, bright girl fears dim future (extracts):

Roisah Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 ― She is a top student at her school in Klang, speaks fluent Bahasa Malaysia, idolises Neelofa and her favourite food is nasi lemak.

Despite having traits that appear Malaysian, Roisah Abdullah is not one.

Roisah, 21, or just Roi to her friends, was born to a foreign mother and an absentee Malaysian father, and is stateless as a result.

“Authorities said because they could not ascertain who my father was, since he left when I was born, they could not issue me a Malaysian citizenship,” she told Malay Mail in an interview.

“But I do not belong anywhere else, if I don't have Malaysia, what do I have?”

Shortly after her birth, Roisah was officially adopted by a Malaysian woman named Satrah Nabowah, who was 61 when she died of natural causes in 2014 .

Satrah had worked as a tailor to support Roisah and fought for her right to attend school, but was unable to get her adopted daughter Malaysian citizenship.

Roisah’s applications to the National Registration Department (NRD) were rejected without reason.

“We applied for my citizenship in 2011 and again in 2013, I only heard back that my application was rejected in January this year.”

She has no vote to give to anyone but she'll be an asset to Malaysia. Help her become a Malaysian.


  1. Don't want Projek IC even if for individuals, so I say NO. Give her plane ticket to either Rakhine-Myanmar, south Thailand, or Indonesia.

    1. Don't care when is she from, only care where she is going. Her choice.

    2. 21 years in Malaysia, which makes her a de facto but alas not de jure Malaysian

    3. Sorry, spelling mistake there.
      *Don't care where she is from, only care where she is going. Her choice.*

  2. When we have bums as ministers and retards as department heads in civil service,this is what the results will be.Chaos everywhere.

    Take a look at pariah Donald Trump's immigration policy in the US.Chaos everywhere.People being brought over as children,being rounded up and deported.While all these are happening,Donald Trump is covering in the corner like a pariah dog,because Stormy Daniels is banging at the door.

  3. Does she have a birth certificate?
    Where was she born ?

  4. I also wonder where does she come from?

  5. THE granting of Bumiputera status to the Syrian-born wife of Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud :

    " Syrian-born Ragad Kurdi Taib and her two sons are now officially recognised as part of the Melanau community, allowing them to hold native title lands.

    Ragad, wife of the 82-year-old Taib Mahmud, and her sons, Nizar Mahmoud Madi and Sam Mahmoud Madi, were made Melanau under Section 20 of the state’s Native Court Ordinance 1992 and rule 17F of the Native Court Rules 1993."

    "...thousands of Malaysians, including the Orang Asal, remain stateless and are still awaiting approval to be recognised "merely as a Malaysian, even though they have ancestors who have lived and worked to develop the land."

    "What is more doubtful, is how Ragad, who is foreign-born, is not only able to obtain citizenship in such a short time, but she even obtained a Bumiputera status.”

    “But the speed and ease in which Ragad, an Arab woman and her two Arab children got their Melanau Bumiputera status showed it could be done quickly,”...from another quote

  6. I have a solution.

    Allow Rosiah to migrate to Australia as an asylum seeker and stay in kaytee's house for free

    Turn bull will support hands, legs and his 3rd leg