Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blues of marginalisation

Looks like Wathamoorthy isn't the only one feeling the Pakatan blues at being left out in favour of newcomers like Maria Chin Abduallah and Wan Saiful.

Our dear matey Zaid Ibrahim, the Malay politician who thinks like a Malaysian and who has bloody big balls, wakakaka, is feeling the same blues as he has up to now not been offered any seats by his new party the DAP.

The Star Online publishes Zaid Ibrahim: I'm not as lucky as Wan Saiful and Maria.

Zaid said it is uncertain if he will contest in the 14th general election (GE14), adding that he has not yet been offered a seat.

He tweeted on Saturday, "Yesterday I was in Kampong Dato Sulaiman Mentri. I was asked where I'd contest. I said there hasn't been an offer; I am not as lucky as Wan Saiful or Maria Chin".

The DAP may be intimidated by Zaid's BLOODY BIG BRASS BALLS or loose cannon type that they could well be ignoring him. But it'll be a shame as Zaid (though appearing as a loose cannon) actually thinks outside the box, a quality which (with the exception of exceptional Liew Chin Tong) are beyond the capability of most of DAP's Young Turks.

Liew Chin Tong 

In recent years, the DAP, sadly and most lamentably, has been ignoring old faithfuls (old timers) or outspoken members like Zulkifli Mohd Noor and former DAP Senator Tunku Azizin favour of Young Turks like Tony Pua, Anthony Loke, Zairil Khir.

Zulkifli Mohd Noor
former DAP VP, 26 years of faithfulness to DAP especially during the party's lean years but lamentably marginalised when DAP starts to ride high 

Are they now ignoring Zaid Ibrahim?

I can't say much about Wan Saiful as he has joined Pribumi which non-pribumis have no say whatsoever. But I wonder why PKR-DAP is treating Maria Chin like royalty over Waytha who has been lobbying to get in, Zaid and a few other old timers.

Aiyoyo, old lamps for new lamps and Aladdin (DAP) could get f**k-ed kaukau.


  1. Zaid is toxic material after his myriad gaffes.
    The tiff with Royalty last year was very damaging to DAP, since DAP already labours under constant attack as being anti-Malay.

  2. When a politician is a Katak or perceived to be Katak in hibernation, it becomes more and more difficult for voters to elect them unless they are placed in 100% party's stronghold or constituencies where loyalty to voters are secondary.

    Unless of course, you are another Ibrahim Ali.


  3. You still pining for that Tunku Abdul Aziz arsehole ?
    He is one of the worst errors of judgement DAP ever made in recruiting members.

    The damage from the Arsehole is continuing into the indefinite future, probably until he bites the dust, or the Dedak supply runs out.

  4. no wonder saiful n ws dun wan join dap, its a party not for malay n muslim?

    1. They r EQUALLY teloq-less to see the good of Malaysia for Malaysians!

    2. Melayo in DAP = Square peg in a round hole...

    3. No.

      M'sians before the 'time' of their kindred's awakening!

  5. Tony Pua is a DAP asset in a mixed State like Selangor.

    His educational and corporate background is important for DAP to retain the support of the educated middle-class Chinese who were not traditional DAP supporters prior to 2008.
    Perhaps not so much the traditional Red-Neck Hawker types. That is the task of other DAP stalwarts.

    He has cultivated good relations with urban Malays like those in PKR and PAS (before Hadi "turned").

    I suppose Ktemoc doesn't understand these finer points of Malaysian politics, him being essentially an Australian resident.