Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mai Liao Laat

FMT - Penang tunnel: Wee attacks Guan Eng over refusal to debate (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong today accused Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of practising double standards when choosing opponents for debates.

This was after Lim turned down Wee’s challenge to debate on the Penang undersea tunnel, insisting that he would only have a debate with someone of the same stature, such as MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

In response, Wee listed out the occasions when the chief minister had called for a debate with those whom Wee said were not equal in rank with the DAP secretary-general.

My dear Wee, the reason is Penangites (mainly non-Malays) don't give two figs about your bleating about both the tunnel saga and the bungalow bullshit. They have already committed their votes, well, at least 95% of them. The place I am not sure about is Tanjung Bungah, the state constituency of Teh Yee Cheu.

Teh Yee Cheu 

Thus Guan Eng couldn't be bothered to debate with you because there is no political profit for him. Why waste time?

OTOH of course, the MCA is desperate for Guan Eng to make a slip, any slip, which may happen during such a debate. Every little point scoring matters to a desperate MCA. Even if Guan Eng trashes Wee in the proposed debate, the MCA won't lose anything as it's already a goner.

Time for another Penang Hokkien 101:

Mai Liao Laat - Not going to waste effort
Mien Liao Lat - No necessity to waste effort

Thus Guan Eng mai (or mien) liao laat, wakakaka.

Another term that Guan Eng might be feeling now though it's too crude and rude for him to say so is:

Mai Chap Siow


Boe Chap Siow

(same meaning though again the first one is about Guan Eng's intent whilst the second one is his attitude, wakakaka)

Confucius said: A picture is worth a thousand words ...

... except Confucius was far more courteous, wakakaka.


  1. You see what cheebye kaytee is playing. He wanna ensure that DAP forever remains as opposition version of MCA so that najib rules forever. I do hope that HY not being so naive being conned by cheeby kaytee.

    I wonder if Malaysia has a Greg Shapiro version. Who is Greg Shapiro?


    1. wasn't he the lanky guy who shafted you? wakakaka

    2. be careful, tis cheeeb...hmmm kt is a batu api. however our mission is clear, to kick out tis cheeb...kt wakaka master.

    3. I disagree with you. Like you he doesn't like PAS/Hadi. He is very upfront. I like this blog best.

  2. If Living in the bubble that is Penang Island, or The Far Country, it is easy not to realise that DAP is losing ground...in places like marginal seats in Perak, Johor.

    The damage to DAP's image from Hole in the Ground news coming out from Penang, fair or unfair is real.

    1. Again beware of falling into these cheeseby kaytee's trap. We should be focusing in making sure that Najib, kaytee's beloved leader die cock stand.

      Hahahaha! Anyway, does it really matter? Just like incompetent Azmin in handling water issue. Hahahahaha!

  3. What Guan Eng is saying to Wee is,if you want me to debate you,first go fuck the dogs.

    1. wakakaka, what'll I do without you matey

    2. But Wee got no guts to fcuk Pinklips and his cohorts. He only knows how to lick their balls....