Saturday, December 19, 2020

Unwanted Malaysians find a better life overseas


Malaysians abroad realise the ambitions they can’t achieve at home

Last week, many articles were published about Malaysians abroad who excelled in their particular fields. Penang teenager Celine Chung wanted to play football and is now training with the U-17 Bayern Munich women’s team. Alor Star’s Jocelyn Yow has become the youngest mayor of a small town in California, and 60-year-old Sam Lim, formerly of Muar, has won an award as the best policeman of the year in Western Australia.

The nationalist cybertroopers were out in full force. One said, “Good riddance. Hope more pendatangs leave.”

Perhaps these nationalists need a lesson in what makes many “pendatangs” more successful than some Malays.

Success for these “pendatang” came from their personal drive, ambition, tenacity, hard-work, commitment, discipline and dedication to duty.

Many non-Malays are sidelined and overlooked in Malaysia, despite their patriotism.

Sam Lim, formerly a policeman in Muar in the 1980s, quit because of the poor career prospects. In Australia, his command of many languages – Malay, Indonesian, English, and various Chinese dialects – enabled him to integrate with the migrants in Australia and explain the laws of the land.

I had many friends at school, whose fathers served in the armed forces. Many migrated because, like Lim, they found that they were not promoted whereas, junior Malay officers with fewer years of service and experience, were promoted beyond their capabilities.

These non-Malays felt unwanted, unrecognised and unappreciated. Some had served in the Emergency and were as patriotic as any Malay. The affirmative action policies are depriving Malaysia of many talented individuals. Our loss is the gain of the countries which happily adopt these Malaysians.

Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng has praised the success of these Malaysians and encouraged young graduates currently residing overseas to return and serve the people and the nation. He urged them not to give up on Malaysia, but to fight for the ideals that they believe in, and turn the nation into a better country for all.

Lim should realise that it is easier said than done.

Many of the people who left did so reluctantly because they were denied opportunities, such as in education, and they didn’t want to suffer like their parents at the hands of the affirmative action policies. Less qualified people were able to get scholarships or jobs. Non-Malays were criticised for being unpatriotic if they refused to join the armed forces. Many found that it is “who you know” that counts and not meritocracy.

Many young graduates also wonder how their own children would fare when they start a family. Will their children also be sidelined, like them and their parents?

Racism and bullying is rife in many government schools. The quality of teaching is poor. Sometimes, speaking English may land a pupil in trouble. They may be accused of wanting to show off, or being unpatriotic. Few can afford to send their children to international schools.

The returning graduates will also wonder about personal safety. If people like Pastor Raymond Koh can disappear without trace, what does that say about the security of the nation? If children can be kidnapped by their own convert fathers, and the police have no clue as to their whereabouts, people will be concerned.

They will have heard about dress codes and that non-haram items are banned in some shops, and will wonder whether they will be living under an authoritarian regime. Why should they return to this uncertainty?

They will have read about police reports being filed against some university students for wanting to debate the role of certain individuals in the nation. They will also wonder how stunted their children’s mental development will become with affirmative action policies. They don’t want their children to remain second-class citizens and be denied many opportunities.

Unless the opposition politicians can get their act together and reverse many of the unsettling trends with respect to race and religion in the country, it is doubtful if many graduates will want to return. It is not just the non-Malays who stay away; for several years, many Malays have also decided that they have had enough of the stifling race-baiting and religious extremism in Malaysia.

GE-14 in 2018 gave many of them hope, but 22 months later, they have reconsidered their decision to return.

Born in Kota Kinabalu 5 Nov 1968, 
Penelope Wong Ying-Yen became the first Asian-born member of an Australian cabinet in 2008.

She has been a Senator for South Australia since 2002. She has served as Senate leader of the Australian Labor Party since 2013, and is currently Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

She was a cabinet minister in the Rudd and Gillard Governments from 2007 to 2013.


  1. I am one of those who left the country. Mariam, definitely correctly said. I won't go home and discourage my children to do so

    1. There is also an "Unknown" here who is a Race and Religion warrior who absolutely backs PUS-UMNO and the whole Master Race agenda.
      Not sure if its really the same personm

  2. Of course, the country, society and legal framework where they dwell in makes a huge difference in the ability of these Malaysian's to realise the full potential of their talents.

    Unfortunately, there are other Malaysians, due to their brainwashed mindset against the West, have been in denial and very unappreciative of the systems and society that have given them such opportunities, denied in Bolehland.

    1. Typically katak-ised farts to its know-nothingness through narrowed demoNcratic sopo lens.

      大道万千 殊途同归 (道德经)- all human idealisms, that have gone through different paths, have a similar goal - an utopian.

      The current sopo-economical developments within China prove conclusively that the western capitalistic approaches ain't the best & only solution.

      But there r mfers who have been meme-ed & brainwashed into believing ONLY capitalistic demoNcracy is the BEST for that utopian dream.

      Just like the rubbished conclusion as postulated within "The End of History and the Last Man (1992)", by American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, which argues that with the ascendancy of Western liberal democracy - which occurred after the Cold War (1945–1991) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991) — humanity has reached the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: That is, the end-point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government!

      They r using the misguided & shallow western indoctrination that all marketing economic ideas & humanistic endeavours r the results of capitalistic mental products.

      Truly dickheaded katak cloaking about the nature of the sky by watching that light corona shining above that fart filled well it dwelled.

    2. after copy russian now copy american. what laozhuang emphasize is inaction, while all ccp do is bully here bully there, spread virus somemore. only good thing learn from ancestors is thick face enough to buy usa made vaccine so chinese can at least not forced to take bogus one.

      n i dun know how a country which hv 600 mil that earn less than rmb1k can disprove fukuyama assertion.

    3. 犬养mfer, trying hard to show not only yr uneducated f*ck mind but learn nothing hatred nature!

      U know loazhuang with yr hp6 Mandarin?

      庄子思想的主题 - 天人之间、物我之间、生死之间以至万物,只存在着无条件的同一,即绝对的“齐”

      ZhuangZi's core philosophy - all things in nature r of nonhierarchical equilibrium. The misguided inaction u farted about arises from that equality as defined in 天人合一 万物归宗 state where all competitions ain't necessary.

      So there's nothing wrong in learning from others. Just to make sure one can filter out the chaff & retain the essence - standing on the shoulders of giants!

      China has done well in doing so to come up with a socialistic system with Chinese characteristics.


      U only know bullying when yr master is directing u.

      Buying USA made vaccine? Do hope u will be game enough to inject anyone of those two mRNA derived covid vaccines.

      Fukuyama's failed assertions have been proven by the turning of Arab springs into Arab winters, with the dismayed refugees swarming Europe.

      Yet, a known nothing katak still want to chorus that theme!

      600M earning rmb1k is the statistical net mean dispisible income of the 40% rural population consisting of the retired old folks/children! Remember these groups of people DON'T actually work, stay in a rural setting & with full & free basic medical coverages.

      Mfer, as a dickhraded katak cloaking through all its orifices with foul gaseous, do keep regurgitating yr twisted lies lah! U r doing fine in cloaking yr know-nothingless.

    4. historically, the only period laozhuang ideology of govern doing nothing that go against nature was applied during earlier han after hangaozu, less interference from central govt n people r given the freedom to do whatever they aspire, until a time hanwudi hv enough wealth to start his conquer here n there using legalism disgusting in confucianism, that cause the collapse of xihan.

      zhuangzi emphasize on inaction, dun show off, no blindly toss around (瞎折腾) which emperor xi is now doing exactly the opposite.

      dont just simply pick a saying of zhuangzi that suit your confirmation bias n start yr bull, the only thing u probably practicing correctly abt zhuangzi is u dun know u dream a butterfly or as a butterfly u dream a man, mean blur blur like sotong wakaka.

    5. Aiyooo....these shallow ignoramus Cinakoois/OCBC/Bigots/ further trying to enlighten them is akin to getting down and dirty into the mud. ( the word 'ignoramus' comes right from the Latin ignoramus, literally "we do not know", wa ka ka ka)

      " Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it ". Hehehe...memang babi betul all these 3 Blind Mice....kepala coconut heads...just stick to local news and gossips can't see pass your own nose to even get facts right, let alone making those feeble, downright retarded assessment and analysis...puke inducing, LOL

    6. this topic is not for everyone, jerk can continue talking kooi, pig n mice, its a matter of intellectual level, maybe due to watching too much cctv n reading too much global times.

    7. "Not RPK" @ "JJ" the online Troll strikes again.

      What a Retard !

    8. 犬养mfer, ZhuangZi's thoughts have many facades. The core remains in equilibrium of 天人合一 万物归宗.

      ZhuangZi ideology of government doing nothing that go against NATURE was applicable when the state is in coexisting balance - less interference from central govt while people r given the freedom to do whatever they aspire - provided there is peace!

      Don't fart about single historical event lah. Just concentrating in the philosophical essence of ZhuangZi's thinkings which obviously u don't fathom!

      Just pick a period then twisted & farted about "zhuangzi emphasize on inaction"!

      Talk about "blindly toss around (瞎折腾)"!

      Mfer, u better then concentrating in twisting about 周庄梦蝶 - duality of nature to dispute ZhuangZi's inaction u farted about!

      Where's that inaction in that description of who's who's actions?

      Katak under a fart filled well trying to twist its f*cked understanding of ZhuangZi!

    9. I don't mind wrestling with pigs! Simply the pigs r better than these forked tongue lying katak.

      In fact I will sink down to their levels of f*cked thinkings to exterminate them. Hence my OBVIOUS vulgarities in addressing their farts.

      Bcoz that's the ONLY level of verbal dialogue these f*cked dickheads can truly understand.

    10. Oooop…

      An after thought - 道德经 & 庄子思想 have been two eastern classics that I have been pondering deeply for the past yrs.

      So far I have ONLY been able to do skimming upon some simple essences from tons of transcendental messages.

      But, judging from the farted disclosures been spread around by well dwelling katak, my minute understandings of those philosophical encryptions r DEFINITELY much much better than these katak.

      犬养mfer brings out yr best lah. Maybe some helps from those f*cked 公知 too.

      I'm not boastful! But this is one of those time to f*ck u guys kawx2.

      Don't just throw a one-liner fart & chicken out!


    11. yr so called zhuangzi core thought is more on philosophical field ie sophism incline,i hv to admit this is yr strength.

      zhuangzi political stance stress on natural, against human interference.

      zhuangzi teaching on conducting oneself is 山木篇 乘道德而浮游, action through inaction, embrace difference n criticism, anti tradition, anti commoness, against what others said, be independent minded to seek truth n supervising each other.

      ccp is right to take it own path, but when dealing with the commonners, he do the opposite.

      so i dun know how yr remark on zhuangzi is relevant to ccp n current world affair, its more likely another sophistry excuse.


    12. So u only want to concentrated on yr f*cked understanding of 庄子's political thought!

      ≪山木篇 乘道德而浮游≫ has missed out the core criteria of peaceful & coexistence surroundings! W/O that core criteria whatever ≪山木篇≫ talks about r irrelevant. This is NOT the fault of 庄子. He lived in a period of Warring States where harmonious existence was a dreamy goal. He craved for that ultimate utopian goal & hence that chapter.


      犬养mfer, look at the current handling of CCP China vis-a-vis the rest of the world on covid pandemic management lah.

      Talking about dealing with the commoners! Do u know what u r farting about or this is the sophistry u know?

      Keep farting…… better still go & get helps from yr 公知 colleague. I'm waiting to see how deep is yr know-nothingness in 瞎折腾.

  3. Oh....forgot to blame One Old Man...ha ha ha.....MCA was supposed to champion the rights of the Chinese but for 60 years allowed the ketuanan Melayu rot to set in and become ingrained into the system.....

    Overseas-born-Gay-Chinese-Malaysian (so many hyphens) can be Senator and PM-contender....but over here, Chinese-Malaysian can't even be Finance Minister, anymore, Malays kick up such a fuss.

    Bagi-lah DPM saja, sudah ada 42 kerusi.......