Friday, December 11, 2020

PAS Derhaka


DAP would be hauled over coals if no show at palace

‘Such acts of lese majeste are the preserve of DAP and the non-Malays only.’

Perak: PAS no-show at palace, Bersatu says it was 'not invited'

BusinessFirst: PAS, you were summoned by the Perak sultan. A royal summons is not a social invitation between friends. You still need to attend unless you are incapacitated.

At the audience, you can then explain to the sultan your reasons why you are not ready (on who to back as menteri besar). You do not just cancel the summons from the sultan just because you are not ready to do so.

What is telling is that this defiance is justified because the PAS central leadership told you (PAS state representatives) not to go. Since when do PAS leaders' orders override that of the sultan?

How come you show so little respect for the sultan? It is an absolute disgrace to show such disrespect.

Indeed, I think getting into the federal government with all the trappings of power, such as luxury cars and high salaries as MPs, ministers and government-linked company heads, PAS is getting big-headed and even thumbing their nose at royalty.

This is a sign of things to come if PAS gets full control.

Vijay47: Then again, I suppose from the perspective of PAS, God’s party is always superior to a mortal monarch.

When they deign to do so, PAS can hark to the sultan’s summons. Otherwise, the sultan can be kept waiting to twiddle his thumbs. Covid-19, standard operating procedures, and all that, you know.

Disrespect to Sultan Nazrin Shah? Goodness, why would anyone even think so? Such acts of lese majeste are the preserve of DAP and the non-Malays only.

I think in poker parlance, this refusal to attend to the ruler is called “ace tops king”.

Docsarna: If this was done by either PKR or DAP, PAS would have created a ruckus. They would be accused of not respecting the royal institution, which was what exactly PAS did.

FlabberPro: This must be a joke. PAS usually defend the sultans but here, they are making the sultan wait for them, and worse, did not show up. Where is their respect for the sultan?

That is why I always think PAS consist of hypocritical religious teachers - say one thing, but do another.

It is another case of "do as I say, but don't do as I do". They can lie at their own whims and fancies and quote that the religion allowed them to do so.

Blueshark1548: How could PAS turn down the sultan's invitation? This conduct is not acceptable.

Why not turn up and inform the sultan that what Umno told the sultan that it had PAS support was not correct? Then leave it to the sultan to decide.

Political parties should respect the sultan and not play politics. You either have support, or you don't.

The royalty now does not accept statutory declarations because politicians have been shown to be untruthful.

MarioT: Indeed, there is no excuse for such rude behaviour. If you do not even have respect for the sultan, just imagine what they are capable of if given the power to rule.

They are always up to no good and those aligned with them are just as bad.

YellowMarlin8834: PAS, are you saying that you were wrong in supporting the useless former Perak menteri besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu?

Or you are not sure whether to give your support to Umno or Bersatu? Or you are still demanding rewards from the weak federal government?

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, your party joined Umno in Muafakat Nasional because you and Umno wanted to fight against the Pakatan Harapan government.

But under Perikatan Nasional (PN), Bersatu gives you more positions and power. Now, who do you need to support so that you don't make a mistake?

Meerkat: This shows that PAS is a party of opportunists. They don't know what to do.

If they support Umno and Umno doesn't have the numbers, they will end up with nothing, which their greed will not allow them to do. But if they don't support Umno, they may still end up with nothing, if Umno has the numbers.

PAS obviously have no principles. They are just waiting for one side to have almost the required number of MPs and need PAS to get over the line. Then it would be easy for them to make the decision.

This is pure greed and devoid of any principles. Don't give me any of the thinking-of-the-people rubbish.

OrangePony5652: What further errors can PAS make? Two-timing your partners? One day you say you are with Umno through Muafakat. The next, when you see Bersatu holding power and getting freebies, you support them as if your lifeline is hanging on a thread.

Then, PAS loudly announced publicly that it wouldn’t be part of the new state government and now you are reconsidering waiting for the green light from your council’s decision.

Be honest like DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who dares say white is white and black is black.

YellowEagle3055: Umno must have included PAS in their simple majority since they are both part of the Muafakat pact.

But they (PAS) did not turn up to support Umno. They were probably waiting for the green light from Bersatu. (Bersatu was not invited, so their numbers probably were not included in the majority).

That's why the sultan declared there was no majority from Umno or Pakatan Harapan. It shows clearly now that PAS' loyalty is more towards Bersatu rather than their original Muafakat partner, Umno.

Bersatu-Umno-PAS would eventually come together to form a Malay-majority government to prevent Umno's cooperation with Harapan.

But it will be an uneasy alliance of parties who don't trust each other.


  1. Plenty of Melayoo still have starry dreams about a Grand Coalition of Malaysia Parties.

    They will vote for such a coalition as long as the parties can keep up the pretences of unity.

  2. PAS by definition fights for Race and Religion.

    They cannot possibly be Derhaka...

  3. wow, sultan perak got so many fan