Thursday, December 10, 2020

Perak 2020 Saga - Muhyiddin not stirred but all shaken


When UMNO and DAP agreed to overthrow Perak Chief Minister Ahmad Faizal Azumu, it was done with the utmost secrecy, so much so that none of the top leaders in Bersatu or PAS knew about it. There’s little doubt that the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) had backstabbed its allies Malaysian United Indigenous Party (Bersatu) and Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

The reason why Bersatu (PPBM) and PAS had not anticipated the betrayal is because UMNO and opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) is sworn enemies. Already drunk with power and position, backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is president of Bersatu, would have rubbished any rumours of a coup by UMNO to overthrow his second man Faizal in Perak anyway.

Likewise, PAS Islamist party president Hadi Awang would not have believed that UMNO would backstab its partners. After all, UMNO is not only part of the Perak state government, but also the federal government. On top of that, UMNO and PAS were the founders of Muafakat Nasional (National Concord), the national cooperation established under the pretext of Malay-unity.

Sure, there were conflicts and disputes – even distrusts – among the three biggest Malay-Muslim parties that are all part of the Perikatan Nasional coalition ruling government. But there was no way Malay-based UMNO could work with Chinese-dominated DAP, or so Bersatu and PAS thought. Yet, that was precisely what UMNO did – backstabbing both allies without blinking an eye.

After both UMNO and DAP happily voted out the Perak chief minister, UMNO president Zahid Hamidi even had the cheek to tell Muhyiddin and Hadi that UMNO may work with opposition Pakatan Harapan – including DAP – to form a government in Perak. Both Muhyiddin and Hadi were so shocked, flabbergasted and angry that they were speechless.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan was sent by Hadi to prematurely announce on the same day (Dec 4) Faizal failed his vote of confidence in Perak that PAS had decided not to take part in any efforts to form a new Perak government. If only the fake holy men with “IQ of a carrot” realized how silly they would look when they are forced to make a spectacular U-turn in less than a week later.

Muhyiddin’s chief strategist, Home Minister and Bersatu Secretary-General Hamzah Zainuddin could only express regret over the political betrayal in Perak. The prime minister had to rush to the state of Johor to prevent his boys from retaliating against UMNO Johor, which could start an open war between Bersatu and UMNO, a process that could bring down Muhyiddin himself.

When Mr Zahid announced yesterday (Dec 8) that his party had sufficient support to form a new Perak government, he actually lied. The UMNO president claimed that Bersatu and PAS have agreed to back his party’s candidate as the next chief minister when there was no such thing. In reality, Bersatu was still working with PAS to retake the Perak Chief Minister (Mentri Besar) position.

To surrender without a fight will be Mr Muhyiddin’s biggest humiliation since he took over the federal government in March this year. The premier’s lieutenants, Azmin Ali and Hamzah Zainuddin, were equally humiliated. They didn’t see it coming. Amusingly, they felt terribly betrayed despite having backstabbed and betrayed their own Pakatan Harapan government back in March.

It was so chaotic that the PAS Islamist party had cancelled an audience with Sultan Nazrin of Perak yesterday, the same day Zahid claimed victory. It was a tactical error because PAS has been condemned as disrespectful to the monarch. Exactly how could a Muslim party that claims to be the champion of Malays, Muslims, Islam and Malay Rulers deliberately ignored a Sultan’s decree?

Today, Bersatu and PAS finally admit defeat. They were out of moves and have been checkmated by UMNO, the party that Muhyiddin and Hadi thought they could control. Combined, Bersatu’s 5 assemblymen and PAS’ 3 assemblymen were simply too insignificant to challenge UMNO’s 25 assemblymen in the 59-seat Perak State Legislative Assembly.

With the opposition Pakatan Harapan’s 24 assemblymen (DAP’s 16, Amanah’s 5 and PKR’s 3) ready to support UMNO in a strategic move to split UMNO-Bersatu-PAS, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell why Zahid had pre-emptively told all and sundry that his party will form a new government with PAS and Bersatu. It was a clever plan to trap Bersatu (PPBM) and PAS in a corner.

By forcing Bersatu and PAS to back UMNO, even though an official agreement had not been reached between them, the cunning UMNO was sending a message to the Malay voters, its primary vote bank. Here’s the message – in any eventuality that UMNO is forced to work with DAP in Perak, it’s not UMNO’s fault. It would be Bersatu and PAS’ fault for rejecting UMNO’s choice of a new chief minister.

No matter how you look at it, traitor Muhyiddin was royally screwed and embarrassed by Zahid and his advisers. Ahmad Faizal Azumu was not only the former Chief Minister of Perak, he is also the deputy president of Bersatu. The fact that he received only 10 out of 59 votes of support in the vote of confidence in Perak means his support stood at pathetic 17%.

Today (Dec 9), UMNO president and Barisan Nasional chairperson Zahid Hamidi, who is facing 87 charges related to money laundering and corruption and criminal breach of trust (CBT), has apologised on behalf of Perak Barisan Nasional following the ouster of Faizal as Perak Chief Minister. The apology was made during his meeting with Muhyiddin and Hadi.

Hilariously, Zahid apologised for the “mistake” that had led to the chief minister crisis. If it was truly a mistake in the first place, should not Ahmad Faizal Azumu be re-installed as the Perak Chief Minister again? Obviously, not only the apology was fake and insincere, the drama was nothing but allowing Muhyiddin to save face after he lost the control of the state to UMNO.

The half-baked apology stunt was cooked to hoodwink ignorant simpleton village folks. Clearly, the biggest winner is UMNO and Zahid Hamidi. Throwing a crappy apology in exchange for the state of Perak is dirt cheap. After slapping the prime minister and snatch the silver state, what Zahid needed to do is to say sorry for the mistake – without returning back the state.

Will Muhyiddin and his minions accept another apology from Zahid if UMNO repeats the same coup stunt in Sabah? The PM should refuse to endorse UMNO’s candidate for Perak chief minister and see what will be Zahid’s next move. UMNO itself is already split and divided over the Perak manoeuvre. Muhyiddin should play poker with Zahid, betting that he will not dare partner with DAP.

At the same time, Muhyiddin should use the opportunity to test where will Hadi Awang ultimately swings to in the event of a real Bersatu-UMNO standoff. After all, Perak is lost and there’s nothing more the premier can do to retake the state. Instead, the traitor Muhyiddin chose to show his cowardice by willingly surrendering Perak due to his fear of losing his own position as prime minister.

From the Perak episode, UMNO, and Pakatan Harapan for that matter, can conclude that the prime minister is actually very weak and lame. The PM has shown he can neither risk offending UMNO nor has the balls to bet that UMNO-DAP will never take off. Even with PAS Islamist party on his side, Mr Muhyiddin appears to be not confident at all in facing a crook like Zahid Hamidi.

But does this also mean the opposition Pakatan Harapan, especially DAP, has been played by UMNO? It’s debatable whether DAP was serious about working with UMNO to begin with. The Democratic Action Party could be trying to fish in both ponds – Bersatu and UMNO. While DAP Perak has said it will work with UMNO Perak, there’s no stopping DAP Johor from working with Bersatu Johor.

That’s because while Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming had indicated his party may not participate in the new government that UMNO was trying to form in Perak, interestingly, at the same time, DAP’s allies in Pakatan Harapan coalition – PKR and Amanah – insisted any cooperation with UMNO must be “en bloc”. That means UMNO must accept PKR-DAP-Amanah if it wants their support.

Perhaps DAP was toying with UMNO, knowing very well that Perikatan Nasional will remain in control of Perak anyway? If DAP did not pull the stunt to create a perception that an alliance with UMNO is possible in Perak, would UMNO Johor declare that Pakatan is its “strategic partner”, with RM200,000 funding thrown in for all assemblymen, including those from the Opposition?

Even though a partnership between DAP and UMNO did not materialise, the ethnic Malays have heard from their own Malay leader, Zahid Hamidi, that the United Malays National Organisation was willing to work with DAP, a party often condemned as a “Chinese chauvinist party”. For UMNO to suggest that DAP is acceptable as do Bersatu and PAS is already a priceless statement.


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