Monday, December 14, 2020

The Dangerous Taliban-ish PAS, arrogant-biadab-ish even to a Ruler


PAS Talibans At Work – Demolish Hindu Temple, Cut Water Supply To Penang & Even Disrespect Sultan Perak

There appears to be blessings in disguise over the collapse of previous Pakatan Harapan government, despite the coalition being legitimately and democratically elected in the May 2018 General Election. It shows for the lust of power, a Malay leader with UMNO-DNA like Muhyiddin Yassin will not think twice about working with crooks, even though he himself was a cancer survivor.

Since the backdoor government of Perikatan Nasional grabbed power in March, it also shows the so-called “Malay-Muslim” government consisting of Bersatu (PPBM), UMNO and PAS was nothing but a marketing gimmick. In spite of having 3 coalitions – Perikatan Nasional, Muafakat Nasional and Barisan Nasional – the Malays are still as divided, if not more, than before.

Exactly why can’t the PPBM-Malays, UMNO-Malays and PAS-Malays merge for the sake of Malay-unity is beyond comprehension. Not only the three biggest Malay political parties fail to show solidarity or unity, the opposite is true. The power struggles in Sabah and Perak are clear proof that they would happily backstab and betray each other, the same way Saudi and Iran slaughter one another.

But the biggest pretender or hypocrite (munafiq) among the three is PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia or Malaysian Islamic Party). After being bribed with RM90 million by former Prime Minister Najib Razak, PAS suddenly found itself part of the federal government thanks to Muhyiddin, who betrayed his own Pakatan Harapan government, leading to the formation of backdoor Perikatan Nasional government.

Not only PAS now runs the states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah, but was also rewarded with a few ministries, albeit given lame and non-significant portfolios. After sulking for a month, PAS president Hadi Awang was finally a happy man when PM Muhyiddin had no choice but to appoint him as special envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank.

However, with great power comes great opportunity for the Islamist party to not only drives the country to become a Taliban state, but also bullies the minority ethnics in the country. Take Kedah Chief Minister Muhammed Sanusi for example. Not only he demolished a Hindu temple without proper consultation, the arrogant man transformed himself into a gangster when criticised.

Criticised by Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) leaders, the Kedah chief minister became extremely defensive. Instead of giving face to MIC, a component party of Muhyiddin government, the Kedah PAS leader had instead mocked and insulted the Indian leaders. First, he accused MIC and opposition DAP critics of creating troubles for his administration.

Then, Muhammed Sanusi insulted the Indian leaders, accusing them of talking like drunkards under the influence of “toddy”. Drunk with power himself, the chief minister was so arrogant that even UMNO Youth Exco member Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, popularly known as the gangster Papagomo, believes he was rude and should be ashamed of himself.

Refused to apologise, the PAS Islamist party leader was not done with his thuggish behaviour. Even after he was named and shamed by his own colleague Papagomo, he conveniently accused alternative news media of spinning his “toddy remarks”, despite the fact that he had clearly wanted to insult the Indian community.

Now, the Kedah Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) has threatened to cut the water supply from Kedah to Penang, clearly an attempt to divert attention from his toddy fiasco. He blackmails the Penang government, which is governed by DAP, demanding RM50 million annually for raw water supplied from Sungai Muda, without which he will close down the river and redirect its water away.

Did the moronic PAS leader realize that the river forms the natural border with Penang state and he could be sued instead if he dares to close the river? Did the Islamist party clown also realize that his childish idea to put some sandbags will not work and Kedah may instead be flooded if he insists on blocking the 203-km Muda River from its natural flow of water?

In his haste to bully the minorities – ethnic Indians and Chinese – did Muhammed Sanusi understand the ethnic composition in Penang? He may not realise it, but 42% of Penang population consists of ethnic Malay or Bumiputeras. It means almost half of 1.8-million Penang people – the Bumiputeras – will also suffer if the Kedah chief defiantly cut the water supply to Penang.

Coming from the same man who recently announced that Kedah has rare earth deposits worth a jaw-dropping RM43 trillion (when it was just RM62 billion), it speaks volumes about his “IQ of a carrot”. Energy and Natural Resources Ministry later clarified that the country has only an estimated RM4.11 trillion worth of mineral resources, with rare earth elements comprised RM741 billion of the amount.

It’s not a surprise that a racist Islamist party leader like Muhammed Sanusi would label Indian community as drunkards whenever he fails to argue intelligently and factually. It’s also not rocket science that he, like Talibans or ISIS terrorists, would resort to extreme measures to intimidate critics, as can be seen with his suggestion to deny water supply to Penang without thinking of the consequences.

It’s the radicals like him who gives a bad name to Islam. But he was not alone. All the gang members of PAS president Hadi Awang have consistently demonstrated arrogance of power since they joined the backdoor government. As the Islamic holy men, they are supposed to protect the minorities from being discriminated and bullied. But they become the bullies instead.

In fact, the fake holy men were so arrogant that even the Sultanate of Perak had finally tasted the true colour of PAS. Last Tuesday, Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah has summoned all three Perak PAS assemblymen for an audience related to the formation of Perak new state government. However, the PAS assemblymen failed to show up despite the royal decree.

The arrogant PAS assemblymen said they did not appear before the Perak Malay Ruler due to a directive from the party’s central leadership. Apparently, the leadership of Hadi Awang had waited for PM Muhyiddin’s direction before deciding on its support for UMNO’s candidate for the Perak Chief Minister’s post – suggesting the prime minister is more important that Sultan Nazrin.

The Islamic party unilaterally called off the scheduled meeting with the Perak Sultan at 3 pm. Even if Hadi Awang could not decide, the assemblymen should at least meet Sultan Nazrin anyway to update him on the status – not left the monarch high and dry. It was only after the sultan expressed his displeasure that all the PAS assemblymen publicly apologised on Friday (Dec 11).

Hilariously, PAS president Hadi’s request for an audience with the Perak Sultan on Friday was “rejected” by the Palace. Did the Taliban Hadi really think the Perak Palace was a hotel that he can come and go whenever he likes? Make no mistake. Hadi wanted to meet the sultan only because the monarch may refuse to accept the rude PAS assemblymen as Perak state executive councillors (EXCO).

In the same breath, Sultan Nazrin also lectured the corrupt, power-hungry and incompetent Perikatan Nasional in Perak – “He (a leader) does not need to offer bribes or gratifications in exchange for support that is not guaranteed to be entwined with loyalty. He also does not need to resort to committing threats to strengthen himself, as the power which he receives in return will be utterly brittle in nature.”

The Malay Ruler also expressed his opinion about the fragile nature of man upon holding position and power – “The true nature of man will be revealed when he is given power and position, (as) words will no longer be kept or change in tones (whereby) the rhythm (irama) will be different, in which (they) will readily say black is white, and white is black.”

“The true character of a man will be shown, when one has accumulated his wealth and possessions, thus forgo the culture of moderation and humility, and instead, emerge a character of arrogance. Do not let (yourself) to be intoxicated (by positions and power), letting (yourself) float in the blue sky, leaving the green blades of grass to turn brown, as they were no longer showered by rain,” – warned Sultan Nazrin.


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