Saturday, December 12, 2020

Chinese love business but Yanks love fighting since invading America

MM Online:

China edges past US as Europe’s top trade partner

Over the first nine months of 2020, trade between the EU and China totalled €425.5 billion. — Reuters pic

PARIS, Dec 3 — China pushed past the United States in the third quarter to become the European Union’s top trade partner, as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the US while Chinese activity rebounded.

Over the first nine months of 2020, trade between the EU and China totalled €425.5 billion (RM1.7 trillion), while trade between the EU and the United States came in at €412.5 billion, according to Eurostat data.

For the same period in 2019, the EU’s trade with China came in at €413.4 billion and €461 billion with the US.

Eurostat said the result was due to a 4.5 per cent increase in imports from China while exports remained unchanged.

“At the same time trade with the United States recorded a significant drop in both imports (-11.4 per cent) and exports (-10.0 per cent),” Eurostat said.

The EU has been China’s top trade partner since 2004 when it overtook Japan, but this is the first time the inverse has been true, France’s Insee statistics agency said Wednesday.

After a Covid-19-related shock in the first quarter the Chinese economy has rebounded, with the economy growing year-on-year in the third quarter.

Insee said Chinese imports from Europe picked up in the third quarter, while purchases of personal protective equipment had boosted Chinese exports. — Reuters


  1. Lest We Forget it was the 500 yo bully that rescued Asia from Nippon in WW2. Malaya would today be part of the Greater Japanese Empire, not Tanah Melayu but Tanah Yapon, we would be writing Kanji, not Jawi, or KHAT ha ha ha...

    Without the 500 yo Bully's military might that destroyed the Japanese Imperial Navy and culminating in Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs (using Jewish know-how, no less) the Brits (with the assistance of local resistance forces) would not have been able to simply march back in and pretend to be the "liberators" of Malaya and eventually granting Merdeka in 1957.

    Even 5,000 yo Bullyland was liberated by 500 yo Bully. Bullyland was a backward rural country full of peasants, bumpkins and pumpkins. Warlords fighting over nothing. CCP would not exist today. But after liberation, today talk big.

    1. U only know f*cked history of yr choosing, no?

      Keep farting, crumbs r waiting at the corner.

      Now go play dead!

    2. 'Even 5,000 yo Bullyland was liberated by 500 yo Bully'.

      Mmm..."Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do"

      If this egoistic fool is even bothered to spend time to learn more before he opens his mouth, he would learn that it took all combined efforts to defeat the enemies in WW2. But as usual, he couldn't resist his usual one-liner condemnation or summation and expects to be applauded ! The Malays have such an apt description for such a fool : bodoh sampai nak mampus, hehe

      "WW2 was won with British intelligence, American steel and Russian blood". One couldn't place the source of this quote, but it nevertheless was spot on. Even Greece can claim some credit in this effort too. In China's case, it was too large, too extensive for Imperialist Japan to swallow, hence it resorted to sheer monstrous tantrum by letting loose its goons and sociopath elements in its army to go into an atrocious killing spree of the civilians and children. China recently commemorated the Nanjing Massacre.

      'In his new book, “ Racing the Enemy: Stalin, Truman, and the Surrender of Japan,” Tsuyoshi Hasegawa claims the bombs had little effect on a Japanese leadership squabbling over how to end the war with their honor, their monarchy, and their privileged positions intact.

      It was only when the Soviets, jockeying with the United States for post-war influence in Asia, declared war and invaded Japanese-held Manchuria that Japan’s leaders capitulated to prevent falling under Soviet.'

      "The Soviet factor has been treated as a side show by traditional history,” said Hasegawa, "I bring it to center stage. I think the Soviet presence was crucial."

      "Bullyland was a backward rural country full of peasants, bumpkins and pumpkins. Warlords fighting over nothing. CCP would not exist today. But after liberation, today talk big."

      Another bodoh-nak-mampus comment, hehe

      Seemingly, big fool conveniently forgot that it was the league of 8 nations that invaded and bullied China, plundering and pillaging its wealth and treasures like a bunch of ravenous locusts that left nothing in its path after that huge endless feasting.

      When it was poor and starving, after the embargoes lasting 30 years, it was called the 'Sick Man of Asia' or the 'Yellow Peril'. Now that it is strong both economically and militarily, it is labeled as 'authoritarian and oppressive'.

      China had already suffered enough humiliation in the past by the 'Eight Nation Alliance' and they now still think they can easily humiliate China again with these new " cult formation of Quad and the five-eyes club ". Dream on, hehe

  2. Europe must beware what has befallen Australia to understand the ethical and moral price of doing business with CCP.
    Anything that that the CCP considers a disrespect or mildest criticism will be severely punished economically.

    1. Old moneyed mfer, looks closer to the discourses now showing within the brexit negotiations before u fart!

      Ditto with yr uncle Sam's trade bans, everywhere!

      Or u r not allowed to fart about them?

    2. Mmm...yet another brainwashed MONSTROUS fool who thinks he can criticize, complain, and condemn freely without any substantiation !

      There's absolutely nothing moral or ethical about these rapacious Western Anglo...their criminal colonial past and their murdering of hundreds of millions of natives whose lands they covert and eventually took, right up to the present, where they still persist in their sickening behaviour, albeit not in their gunboat 'diplomacy' mode but none the less rapacious, prying open the markets of less developed nations to steal their resources under the guise of 'democracy and freedom'; and should that fail, then through regime-change and sanctions, embargoes and threats of bombs. Bombs of demoncrazy and freedumb, hehe

      The US wanted unfettered American infiltration into China, muzzle Chinese press and its social media and introduced its brainwashing China-bashing propaganda media IN CHINA, hehe that's SO RICH; and remove legislation stopping foreign interference.

      They want the Chinese government to stop MIC2025 so that it should go back to low manufacturing like producing shoes and toys; and they want to stop BRI. They have circulated their demands around the world and have provided much amusement.

      In fact, nobody on the planet except the stupid USA would dream of making those demands on a sovereign nation. The US is in absolute Cuckoo land to make such outrageous demands ! Are these the "mildest criticism" or "disrespect " that China apparently is unable to handle ?

      And as for the lapdog Australia - China, due to its non-interference policy, didn't finger-point at Australia before. This time, China, for the first time, did something that Australia has done for decades and the Australian PM could not bear it. It only knows how to dish out but unable to accept any backlash.

      Australia interfered into China's internal affair - on Xinjiang, on Tibet, and on Hong Kong; advocated for boycott of Chinese telecom globally, attempted to launch an Iraq-like investigation in China re Coronavirus, supported the US' China-containment strategy, spreading Sinophobia both domestically and oversea, disrupting Chinese investment in Australia based on political reasons, installed spying device in Chinese embassy, supported US-funded Australian Think Tank (ASPI) to spread anti-China information, and publicly took China as a threat. The list could go on and on. No Chinese could tolerate Australia's hostile attitude and behaviour.

      China is teaching the Australian a lesson - don't bite the hand that feeds you ! It is making an example to the rest of the world. And fortunately, the vast majority of the international community is not as stupid as Australia, and are now eagerly waiting for China to divert its purchase from Australia over to them, hehe. USA is already grinning from ear to ear with the new barley purchase China made to it after spurning Australian's barley. With friends like the US, lapdog Australia don't need an enemy. Padan muka

  3. Other major bulk material indices to watch

    The Baltic Dry Index increased for the third session to 1,211 on Friday, the highest level in near 2 weeks. The capesize index, which tracks iron ore and coal cargos surged 8.6% to 1,434. Meantime, the panamax index, which measures coal or grain cargos rose 2.7% to 1,465, the highest in over three months; and the supramax index edged up 8 points to 1,031, its highest in over 13 months. The Baltic Dry Index gained 1.2% on the week, rebounding from a 2.7% drop 9in the first week of December. source: Baltic Exchange

    Most of these increases r the result of the China raw material procurement for industrial activities!

    W/O these procurements, the world trading/business would grind to halt!

  4. The Baltic dry bulk indices r REAL industrial raw material demands indicators.

    They differ from ALL the other financial indices which r in actual term the manipulations of FIAT money.

  5. ccp chinese love to move n stay in land invaded ny the whites, they share the fruits of invasion n criticise the whites as if they r the victim.

    1. Again, twisted fart!

      Most of the Chinese who "love to move n stay in land invaded ny the whites, they share the fruits of invasion n criticise the whites as if they r the victim" r hkie & Formosa kataks!

      U included.

    2. me n family pick taiwan, a chinese state that uphold democracy n freedom, though expose ourselves to the
      risk of invasion from a bully.

      yr choice? either bully1 n their white cohort like the host did, or bully2 that continue bully others.

    3. Katak-ised Formosa upholding demoNcracy n suprious freedom!

      That's what u meant.

      I exercise my personal choice w/o any ideological influences. Just like l moved to Colombia about 7yrs ago to persuade my dream of freelancing remote education for the poors, after doing so in Lanzhou for more than 5yrs.

      U know bully?

      As in sucking dry the blood of the down&trodden, old & destitute to sing yr demoNceatic chants.

    4. picking taiwan for retirement ? just don't touch the pork OK ? hehehe

  6. "US is an open society with a closed mind. China is a closed society with an open mind" hehe

    "In the US you can change the party, but you can't change the policy. In China you can change the policy, but you can't change the party" hehe

    Watch this engrossing interview by the thoroughly discerning Daniel Dumbrill with Kishore Mahbubani, touching greatly on his book " Has China Won?"

    1. usa change policy from democracy to democracy and back to democracy, while ccp change policy from communism to socialism with ccp characteristics and further to communism with emperor xi characteristics.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Exercising that (in)famous 南魔萬England of know-nothingless!

      犬养mfer, what's the differences between communism & socialism?

      Never mind about yr other farts about any thingy that tied with yr kind of 'characteristics' definition lah.

      Or as in yr understanding of "usa change policy from democracy to democracy and back to democracy" same as yr understanding of both yr mouth & anus r equally capable of farting.

    3. no diff i guess, just like there is no diff between capitalism n socialism with chinese characteristics.

    4. Truly know nothing!

      A simple case study:

      In yr idolised capitalistic Yankeeland where r the full medical coverage for all the citizen?

      In CCP China, all citizen share cheap & basic full medical coverage!

      Oooop… many other capitalistic copycat of socialism countries, especially those in EU & Scandinavia, CAN'T do that too.

      That's socialism with Chinese characteristics 101.

  7. China announced 3 extraordinary scientific/technological achievements in the last few days: (1) moon landing (2) fastest quantum computer in the world (3) fusion reactor that generates electricity.

    But alas, such news are not fit to be produced in the Western Propaganda News most, there will be a mention in small print at one corner of the 4th page, but as usual to "bring balance" to such 'generous' reporting, will be accompanied, in the very next line, some negative swipe at China, like organ harvesting, or Uyghur in concentration camps or forced slave labor, hehe