Monday, December 21, 2020

Has Azmin Ali cast a shadow over PN's GE15 seat allocation for UMNO?


Seat allocation: BN as party with most seats should be respected - Annuar

The seat allocation among Perikatan Nasional (PN) parties for the 15th general election (GE15) should take into account BN's position as the party with the most seats in the government, said BN secretary-general Annuar Musa.

He said BN was always open for discussions on the matter as long as the principles of its struggle were respected.

”We want the parties (in PN) to respect our position as the grand old party and give us a role befitting our status.

“BN will continue to carry out engagement with more parties ahead of GE15 and be more open especially with the 12 political parties in the PN government,” he told reporters after opening the IPF 28th general assembly at Dewan Tan Sri Haji Ghazali in Slim River, Perak today.

This bloke is NOW scared. Even though he is UMNO, his current prominence has been through PPBM (Bersatu or PRIBUMI). Until this announcement, Annuar Musa was every protective and defensive of Bersatu (PRIBUMI) as if he was a Bersatu member instead of being an UMNO member.

There are two possibilities for his current volte-face, switching back from pro Bersatu to being an UMNO man again, namely:

(a) he has been warned kau-kau to "remember" which party he belongs to (or else), or

(b) he realises the dangers of 'promoting' Bersatu, what with Bersatu predators like Azmin Ali around.

I would NOT be surprised if Bersatu had made disproportionate demands on the PN's GE15 seat allocations, to such an extent that the Bersatu demands might have 'relegated' UMNO to being a junior component party of PN, wakakaka. Annuar might have found out that with such a preposterous (to UMNO) sharing formula, he himself may even be left out as a GE election candidate, wakakaka again.

Annuar should know better, to never ever mess around with the deadly Azmin Ali who is now the 'heir anointed' of Bersatu and a very strong prospect for the PN PM-ship after GE15, more so as most analysts expect Muhyiddin to 'retire' because of his personal health. Well, at least Moo-Moo can boast he did become PM and to eff with the rest, wakakaka.

But Azmin Ali, notwithstanding scandals of travel expenses and travel 'escapades', wakakaka, is waiting, patiently, sinisterly and deadly as ever, to 'gift' Malaysia with another 'First'.


  1. What dis fler talking about? BN as a "party" has the most seats in gomen? Does he know how to count? Even DAP alone has as many as BN, but no DPM...ha ha ha....

    PN (Bersatu 31, PAS 18, STAR 1) = 50
    BN (UMNO 38, MCA 2, MIC 1, PBRS 1) = 42

  2. Whatever divides the Race and Religion Warriors into multiple factions, the more the merrier, I fully sokong.

    UMNO itself should splinter into multiple conflicting factions.

    Let the games continue and flourish!

  3. My prediction...Azmin - next PM......hehehehe