Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Some dirty-minds will always think about sex


When leaders of PAS Islamic party see airlines stewardess wearing uniforms that challenge their sexual desire, their dirty-mind will always think about sex. Pretending to be pious, they would complain about the sexy uniform. In reality, they could not stop staring at the revealing uniforms and while fantasizing, would hunt for the cleavage of a pretty cabin crew.

That probably explains why Kelantan, a state under the incompetent PAS administration, is among the poorest states in Malaysia. Not only the state has very limited jobs and almost no access to clean water, it also takes pride as the state with the highest HIV or AIDS cases. But can you blame the Kelantanese when their leaders think, talk and dream of nothing but women, sex and Mercedes?

As the Islamic party suddenly found itself with extraordinary power and positions – ruling the states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah as well as being part of the federal government – it now becomes clearer how the “PASnomic” works. The Malaysian Islamic Party’s economic model is pretty simple – explore, export and exhaust natural resources without any regards to the environment.

Instead of attracting either local or foreign direct investments, the PAS government has been turning Kelantan’s forest into cash – logging and sawmilling like crazy without any study or concern for consequences. They don’t care that illegal and excessive logging contribute to deadly floods because they knew the brainwashed Kelantan people will vote for them come rain or shine.

Now, do you understand why the Kedah Chief Minister Muhammed Sanusi went berserk when his idea to tap the state’s rare earth elements was challenged by the opposition? The incompetent and clueless PAS leader was so obsessed with the immediate cash to be earned from the rare earth deposits that he could not differentiate between RM43 trillion and RM62 billion.

It didn’t help that truckloads of religious holy men were caught with their pants down in sex scandals. Religious school teachers, hide behind tahfiz (religious) schools, have been caught for raping, molesting and sodomizing their own students. There were also video clips of tahfiz teacher caught kissing students and even beating them, if demands for a massage was not properly done.

A parent once exposed how an Islamic religious teacher at a primary school targeted and groomed children as young as 10 – only boys – as their sex objects, performing oral sex and fondling them after forcing the vulnerable children to watch pornography. The so-called holy teacher would upload religious matters on his Facebook page to hoodwink parents.

Days ago (Dec 10), celebrity preacher Syed Shah Iqmal Syed Mohammad Shaiful was charged with rape, unnatural sex, and obscenity. On the same day, a 45-year-old headmaster of a religious school in Machang, Kelantan, was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl student for the last 3 years since 2017.

But sexual misconducts among fake holy men are not confined to children or teenagers alone. On Dec 16, a 32-year-old religious teacher from a madrasah in Kampung Syukriah, Machang, identified as Ustaz Syamsul, was arrested for committing “acts of gross indecency” on a 30-year-old businessman in a hotel in Pantai Cahaya Bulan.

Today, perhaps out of embarrassment, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Ahmad Marzuk Shaary asked the public and news media not to sensationalize criminal cases involving religious figures. Does the PAS leader expect sex scandals to be swept under the carpet because it creates a bad impression on the Islamist party?

Why are the PAS “munafiqs” (hypocrites) now foaming at the mouth trying to protect religious perverts, but wanted the lame Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to cancel the Miss/Mrs Plus World Malaysia 2020 pageant scheduled to be held on January 2, 2021? Isn’t it hypocrisy to blame the pageant contest of exploiting women, but protect religious teachers of raping school boys?

Yesterday (Dec 19), Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (YADIM) protested the event, claiming the programme not only exploited women, but nurtured and promoted a “hedonistic” culture. The Muslim evangelical foundation chairman Nasruddin Hassan, who is from Islamist party PAS, claims that the concept of organising such a programme has never been allowed by any religion, especially Islam.

Exactly what type of grass Nasruddin has been smoking lately? The event is a collaboration with Miss Plus World. The winner of Miss/Mrs Plus World Malaysia 2020 will represent Malaysia on the international stage at Miss/Mrs Plus World 2021 in USA. In fact, this event is no different than the Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 – the 58th edition of the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant.

If Miss Plus World Malaysia contest must be banned, should not Miss Universe Malaysia pageant blacklisted too? But first, the dirty and shallow-minded PAS leader must explain how a woman is being exploited in the programme. Were any of the plus-sized women being forced to take part? If the women willingly paid to participate, where is the element of exploitation?

To be eligible to participate, applicants must be a natural-born female with size 12 and above or hip measurement of 40 inches or larger. The participant must be a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident with no record of past felony. Applicants must also be between the ages of 20 and 35 for Miss Plus World Malaysia and 36 onwards for Mrs Plus World Malaysia.

Essentially, Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, can also participate. According to Miss/Mrs Plus Size World Malaysia national director Ziinine.A.Britshi, the event is a humanitarian driven organisation which promotes success through leadership, integrity, sisterhood, character and confidence in its pageant contestants.

More importantly, there are no bikinis or swimming suits shows in this pageant, unlike the Miss Universe Malaysia pageants. The contestants – from all races such as Malay, Indian, Chinese, including from Sarawak and Sabah – are to wear costumes displaying the pride and elegance of Malaysia’s beauty and multi-cultures. Clearly, this is a very healthy event which should be promoted.

For extremist Nasruddin Hassan to falsely say women are being exploited reveals his discrimination against oversized women. Perhaps the fake holy men in PAS were not happy as fat women turn them off, but would get aroused by beautiful slim body displayed by the girls participating in Miss Universe Malaysia. Why can’t the Islamist party mind their own business?

Hilariously, Nasruddin argued that allowing the event would send a wrong signal that the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government under the leadership of Muhyiddin Yassin approves the activities that does not contribute to society’s moral development. If oversized women taking part in pageant represent immoral activity, does making Azmin Ali as Senior Minister represents approval of gay sex?

Yes, Nasruddin’s half-baked argument appeared to suggest that PM Muhyiddin actually approves the behaviour of his blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali, whose leaked gay sex video performance at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, is a public knowledge. So, does PAS now admits that it also approves gay sex because the Islamist party happily works with Azmin too?

In the same breath, it seemed PAS also approves money laundering and corruption and criminal breach of trust (CBT) after the Islamist party leaders visited crooked Najib Razak at his home in July immediately following his conviction on all charges in his 1MDB’s SRC International trial? Najib was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment and fined RM210 million by the High Court.

Did the Islamist party realize the impact of the recent downgrades of Malaysia under Muhyiddin administration, Telekom Malaysia and even Petronas national oil company by the Fitch Ratings – all of them to “BBB+” from “A-“? Instead of focusing on women and sex, perhaps the PAS leaders should start learning the basic fundamentals of the economy and foreign direct investment (FDI).


  1. pasal itu sex, india heboh heboh sex macam orang tak tahu dia mahir kamasutra, cina layan sex kegiatan malu so diam diam takut orang tahu, melayu mulut sifat sex satu dosa tapi badan bawah jujur sekali, murid budak anak cucu sumua sapu.

    1. Macam mana katak punya sex?

      Using both orifices!

  2. A Kelantanese muslim lady banker once told my friend in disdain, the Kelantanese men do not work, they were found lazing around whole day being unproductively and even let their women folks tend to the land. Wonder if this is the legacy of so many years of PAS ruling? Wakakakaka ............

    1. That's the meme-ed kelate lifestyle passing on for so many moons.

  3. I think these so-called pious men are intimidated by Larger size women who make great heroes, like Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, plus she is Jewish too, what a Gal. So will anti-Israel ban the movie?