Saturday, December 26, 2020


Politics is like fast food - convenient, cheap, unhealthy

by Mariam Mokhtar

You are what you eat, and the nation is the product of what is has been fed by its leaders.

Without a doubt, Malaysian politics is like fast food. It is convenient. Most of us accept the information dished out by our leaders. Trying to check the veracity of their statements is time-consuming and takes effort.

It is fast. Being spoon-fed information is preferable to finding things out for oneself.

It is bad for our health, but few Malaysians are safety or health-conscious. They only take precautions when they are struck by illness or an accident.

Highly processed fast foods contain additives like colourants and flavour enhancers which take a toll on our health. Malaysian politics affects our mental and emotional well-being in the same way.

Four decades of indoctrination have reduced our capability to think for ourselves. We fail to use logic and common sense. We are so complacent, that we do not wish to stand up against bullies.

It is not just that we have been sold a lie, our social life is also based on a lie.

We are supposedly multiracial, but only one race is championed and other races have to walk on eggshells, fearing the wrath of the dominant race. We are supposed to be a tolerant nation, but the sight of cans of beer in a shop is enough to make some religious freaks go berserk.

We claim to be a religious nation, but all we ever do is make everyone prepare studiously for the afterlife, but at the same time, neglect the much-needed humanity on earth.

Time and again, our senior politicians insult our intelligence and the authority of some government departments.

When a former minister, who stood trial for alleged corruption, was granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA), he stuck two fingers at the judiciary by holding his son's wedding on the steps of the Palace of Justice.

The politician's son's wedding was just an upmarket version of a drive-through burger joint. It was tacky and tasteless, pompous and pathetic, but for the politician, it was an opportunity to show off. It just proves that all the money in the world cannot buy class or humility.

For over four decades, Malaysians have been living a lie. Our leaders led us astray. They lied to us in politics, about our economy, how we should conduct our personal lives, in education, in the financial services, in the regulatory religious bodies, including Tabung Haji (pilgrimage fund), in the provision of welfare services, in law enforcement, in road transport, and in the food we eat.

We were fed untrue statements with the sole aim of deceiving us. We were force-fed processed information which was primarily designed to create a false impression. We were nurtured on the three Rs (race, religion, royalty) solely to divide us.

Some of us were spoon-fed, and in extreme cases, drip-fed so that they became fatted calves who were dependent on the people who overindulged them.

Without the political deception dished out by our political leaders, our economy could have outperformed resource-poor Singapore, industrious South Korea, the emerging Vietnam and the latest kid on the block, Indonesia. Instead, we have become the sick nation of South-East Asia, and probably Asia.

Malaysia is rich in resources, but its most vital resource, human capital, is at risk of fleeing the nation. Not because they want to, but because they are sick and tired of the lies of our leaders.

When Malay and pseudo-Malay leaders warn the Malays that the Chinese and DAP would take over their lives, their nation and their religion, did the Malays stop to think: "How?"

How could this be possible when almost all of the political leaders, the ministries, the heads of the various government departments and government-linked companies (GLCs) are Malay?

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin squandered the opportunity to show that Malays can be good leaders, and are fair and compassionate. Instead, many of his ministers are arrogant and break the rules with impunity. They have fingers in many pies and despite their inexperience, still want their cake and eat it.

The meat cartel exposé of the past few days is just like the rotten political lies that we have been fed for at least five decades. The meat that was sold to Malaysians, was not what we thought it was. We were sold kangaroo meat, horse meat, and beef, some of which were from diseased animals and all came from questionable sources.

We know that the body that issues the halal certificate, Department of Islamic Development (Jakim), will never be censured, for obvious reasons.

Although many Malays have woken up to the political landscape, many more are still in La-La land. Any meaningful change in the country must be driven by the Malays, but for many, the truth is painful.

The nation can only progress if we get rid of fast, cheap, easy and fake politicians, but many Malays find the truth is more difficult to swallow than their pride.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a defender of the truth, the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army and president of the Perak Liberation Organisation (PLO). Blog, Twitter.

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  1. At least there is Mariam who is truly Malaysian; eyes wide open to the wrongs being carried out by people who share her race and religion.

    Someone who is genuinely advocating for a truly multi racial, multi religious Malaysia.

    Alas, her efforts, while laudable and strongly appreciated by the nons, will dissipate in the winds of bigotry and arrogance that she has been talking about and condemning.

    Hers is a voice in the wilderness and it is quite a lonely voice