Monday, December 28, 2020

Stop being ‘super hypocrites’, Zaid tells politicians


Stop being ‘super hypocrites’, Zaid tells politicians

Former federal minister Zaid Ibrahim said he was forced to return after a two-year hiatus and write as the political hypocrisy in the country had reached an unbelievable level.

PETALING JAYA: After a two-year hiatus, former minister Zaid Ibrahim says he has been forced to return and write as the political hypocrisy in the country has reached an unbelievable level that the people have become confused.

As a result, he said this has caused much political confusion and was affecting Malaysians.

Asking politicians not to be “super hypocrites”, the former Kelantan DAP chief said many parties were manipulating the masses just to stay in power or win in elections.

“The focus of many leaders is to form alliances just to form the government and not to serve the people.

“And in this process, their most popular rallying cry is to stay away from the so-called cluster of corrupt Umno leaders.

“They do not want Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi but are willing to cooperate with other leaders from the party,” Zaid said in his Facebook post today.

He said they had failed to ask themselves if the other Umno leaders who had not been charged in court were involved in corrupt practices or whether the elected representatives who jumped to PPBM were as “innocent as babies”.

Zaid advised Malaysians to vote for candidates who were honest and not politicians who were hypocrites.


  1. I think I want to sokong this fler, let him be elected to a high party position then we see how long he lasts before he quit again....ha ha ha...the quintessential katak....but he is Malay so must give chan....


  2. As usual, the self-proclaimed hero Super Zeidgeist to The Rescue.......then quit when the going gets tough...

  3. Politically Zaid Ibrahim is famous as a Quitter.
    He has serially quit one Party after another, including KITA party that he founded , subsequently attacking each and every organisation that he quit.

    Any party would be wise to keep Zaid away with a 20-foot pole.

    1. extracts from an old post of mine:

      Zaid Ibrahim, the type who suffers no fools, had probably become more riled by the nauseatingly noxious noisome jeers from the anwarista praetorian guard. Did that egg him on to greater and more daring insults of the so-called refomasi icon? Who knows? It was the inevitable cycle of mutual insults which developed into a beautiful but highly destructive vortex.

      So Zaid left PKR. What did you expect? To roll over on his back and accept the haram nonsense?

      This was a man who resigned his ministerial post in protest against the use of the ISA against Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamarudin and a sweetie reporter, not one who had to be chucked out of UMNO screeching, screaming and taking to the streets. Zaid does not suffer fools gladly.

      Of course it was to the relief of the Anwar-Azmin camp, and as the anwaristas would have exclaimed, good riddance to bad rubbish.

      The full post:

    2. Zaid quit his own law firm TWICE, the second time after only 4 days as Chairman. Too temperamental. DAP gave him chan in 2017, made him Kelantan DAP chief, but after a hangat-hangat-tahi-ayam start he went quiet......but still the DAP leadership let him stay on....