Thursday, December 17, 2020

Taiwan's porky issue with USA


In Taiwan’s pig country, decision on US pork divides families

  • Father and son pork farmers are in opposition over President Tsai Ing-wen’s move to allow in American product containing ractopamine

  • The average Taiwanese consumes around 40kg of the meat a year

Pingtung in southern Taiwan is pig farming heartland and farmers there are bracing for the effects of American pork imports. Photo: Reuters

In southern Taiwan’s pig-producing heartland, the government’s contentious decision to ease restrictions on imports of United States pork is rankling some producers and dividing families.

President Tsai Ing-wen’s decision in August to
allow imports of US pork containing ractopamine, an additive that enhances leanness but is banned in the European Union and mainland China, has roiled Taiwan politics.

In Taiwan’s southernmost county of Pingtung, a major pork-producing area, pig farmer Wu Jung-en, 63, said he was “furious and shocked” when he heard the news.

“I’m quite worried this will make people fear pork, so maybe they won’t eat it any more. It’s a terrible thing for us,” said Wu, who has a herd of about 10,000 hogs.

His 32-year-old son Wu Hung-chi, however, does not see it that way.

“I’ve told my friends that if they’re scared, then go and buy warm-body pork,” said the younger Wu, referring to meat that is eaten shortly after slaughter, rather than frozen.

“It’s a free market. If it’s no good it will be phased out. Nobody is forcing you to eat it.”

That is an argument the government makes, and says its decision brings Taiwan into line with international practice. Taipei is also hoping the move eases the way for a free-trade deal with Washington.

The main opposition Kuomintang party opposes the move on safety grounds, holding noisy protests and
flinging pig guts in parliament
on one occasion.

Pork is Taiwan’s most popular meat, with the average person consuming almost 40kg (88 lbs) annually.

Most pork consumed in Taiwan is domestically reared, with only around 1 per cent currently coming from the United States.

Teng Hung-chao, a pork farmer for more than three decades who runs an agricultural sales cooperative in Pingtung, said he too was angered by the move, fearing the impact at home.

“The United States is a major pork producer that is quite competitive, so imports will be cost effective. But it can’t be forced on us, bringing chaos to our industry and taking it down.”


  1. Lean pork is like non-alcoholic beer.....what's the point....?

    1. have to agree with you on this one, wakakaka

    2. Siu Yoke with cold beer, 5% haram.....yum yum....

  2. eat or no eat up to twnese, but uighur must eat, with a toast of baijiu.

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      Who the f*ck r u to dictate all Uyghurs must not eat pork & drink liquor?

  3. Nobody us forcing anyone to buy anything.
    Just open the market.

    Kuomintang loves CCP pork, of course.

    1. So u like pork from pigs raised with ractopamine!

      Mfer, ain't the responsibility of the govt to protect the health of her citizens?

      U r extending yr f*cked freedom of choice sane as those moronic Yankees who r refusing to wear mask - not to protect themselves but others.

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  5. This very corrupt tSai woman is hell bent to bodek the US to even endanger her own people ! But then that's what vassal states do, right ? hehe. See where it gets Australia now by being such zealous ass-kissing.

    “It’s a free market. If it’s no good it will be phased out. Nobody is forcing you to eat it.” That's how brainwashed the majority of the young Taiwanese people are, but then like the Hong Kong youths, with their deliberately twisted fake history lessons in schools and their daily vicious attack-mode anti-China MSM, it is not surprising to see the emergence of a whole pack of mindless parrot-like new generation who absolutely are unable to think on their own.

    On another tack, but nevertheless, to illustrate how such pervasive MSM propaganda works....

    (continue in the next posting )

  6. For two days running now, CNN has been airing this "special assignment" piece anchored by CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward who is infamous for her 'underground investigations' in "wicked and evil" countries like China, Russia. LOL

    She did a face-to-face interview with the so-called Russian Opposition figure Alexei Navalny who allegedly was 'poisoned' by the fabled Russian nerve poison Novichok recently.

    What actually is Novichok ? 'NOVICHOK is a deadly nerve agent that is  so powerful that just a pinprick can kill in minutes.'

    According to some reports :

    "How does Novichok kill?

    Novichok is designed to be among the deadliest nerve agents ever created.

    Russian scientists who developed it between 1971 and 1993 claim that some variants are up to eight times more potent than the highly toxic VX.

    Novichok can be ingested through the skin and disrupts the transmission of chemicals through the body's nervous system.

    One substance, acetylcholine, builds up in the nerves, causing muscles to contract and spasm uncontrollably.

    Breathing soon becomes impossible as the diaphragm stops working and the victim goes into cardiac arrest as the muscles in the heart fail.

    Those affected usually die from total heart failure or suffocation as copious fluid secretions fill their lungs.

    But even if they don't die, the substance can also cause permanent nerve damage, leaving victims permanently disabled, Russian scientists have said.

    Andrei Zheleznyakov, one of the scientists involved in their development, was accidentally exposed to Novichok in a Moscow lab in 1987.

    He was critically injured and took ten days to recover consciousness after the incident.

    He lost the ability to walk and was treated at a secret clinic in Leningrad for three months afterwards.

    The agent caused permanent harm, with effects that included "chronic weakness in his arms, a toxic hepatitis that gave rise to cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, spells of severe depression, and an inability to read or concentrate.

    He eventually died just five years later."

    But you know what ? That Russian father-and-daughter pair Saripal who allegedly was poisoned with Novichok by sinister Russian agents were damned lucky, escaping totally from the side effects of this very deadly poison and are now fully 'recovered' and able to carry on normal activities in London, hehe. And amazingly too, Mr Alexei Navalny too "recovered" so completely in such a short time, within weeks and he looked hale and hearty in the interview with Ms Clarissa Ward and insisted on going back to Russia. Mmm...such a brave man to venture back to Russia after such a harrowing escape, this guy who's dreadful moaning of severe pain in the plane which sent a shockwave throughout the world...who could forget that horrendous moment ? And yet here he is...with not a scratch on his body and he looks the epitome of perfect health! Methinks the  Russians have to buck up, their fearsome reputation to kill with deadly poisons have taken a huge tumble

    But am I the only one thinking this is the usual CIA false flag ops ? 

    [A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party.]

    Methinks good boy Alexei should get an Emmy Award for his acting on the sent shudders to those who heard him groaning so piteously. And the Saripals too, hehe. And of course Ms Clarissa Ward, maybe an Oscar for her, no less. Hehehe
    By the by, we would be more than grateful if we could get a scoop of the huge arsenal of even more deadly poisons developed by the US in their top bioweapon labs in the US, contributed by no small measures by those captured Nazis and Japanese scientists who experimented with live human 'guinea pigs'. 

    1. Novichok is the banned chemical warfare toxin that CCP buddy Pugin would rather not talk about.

      No wonder the propaganda is being subcontracted here to CCP Zombie.

    2. Did u know that one of the designer of Novichok is now working for us military?

      Obviously not!

      Mfer, US can manufacture Novichok too.

      So r u been subcontracted by yr uncle Sam's NGO?

    3. An update : Putin, due to the urging of CNN, had responded just a few hours ago. His answer is vintage....essentially he said that if Russia had 'done' the job, Navalny is 'finished' (and won't be around in the pink of health blabbing away). Hahaha...that ought to shut up the hypocrite, lying piece of shit CNN for a while. The Orange Reptile is not 100% wrong when he lashed out at CNN and its cohorts...labeling them fake news ( but for different reasons, of course) hehehe

    4. The USSR collapsed under the weight if its incompetence, among other things, and Russia has yet to recover even a portion of its previous position.

      So don't go around boasting about Russian competence to "get the job done".

    5. Dissections of the collapse of USSR:

      1) the past USSR leadership in concentrating in power strugglings & ignoring the socioeconomical developments of the land

      2) incompetency of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev in understanding the Machiavellian manipulations of the demoNcratical west in removing a meme-ed threat

      3) USSR scientifical & military achievements r there for the world to see. There were people within USSR who could indeed "get the job done"

      Only katak under a fart filled well would keep quoting the failed postulation of Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man (1992)!