Monday, December 21, 2020

Drop ‘holier than thou’ talk over Illi’s marriage


Drop ‘holier than thou’ talk over Illi’s marriage, says Hanipa

Indian hockey captain Manpreet Singh Pawar married Malaysian Illi Najwa Saddique in Punjab.

PETALING JAYA: People should avoid a “holier than thou” attitude when discussing the issue of a Malaysian woman’s marriage to an Indian hockey captain, Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said.

In a Facebook post, Hanipa said it was more appropriate to adopt the “Islam is merciful to all” approach instead when talking about her religious status.

The former deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said it was important to avoid further complicating the issue and placing constant pressure on Illi Najwa Saddique and her family.

Hanipa said love was blind, adding: “I sincerely hope that what this young Muslim woman did in Punjab, which could be interpreted as violating religious boundaries and beliefs, was merely due to her ignorance and carelessness, thus qualifying her to be forgiven by His vast and unlimited mercy.”

Hanipa also warned that it was a sensitive issue and should be approached with caution as it could impact the country’s unity, as well as the diplomatic ties between Malaysia and India.

It was previously reported that Indian hockey captain Manpreet Singh Pawar had wed his Malaysian lover from Johor, Illi Najwa, in Mithapur, near Jalandhar in Punjab.

Manpreet, 28, wore a Punjabi wedding suit complete with turban, while Illi Najwa was attired in a Punjabi wedding dress when they exchanged vows. The ceremony raised questions among netizens about the woman’s religious status.

Following this, the government said it would summon Illi Najwa to explain as soon as she returns home.

The religious affairs ministry is currently checking with the Johor Islamic Religious Department on the religious status of the woman.

NST reported last week that Illi Najwa, 27, managed to obtain special permission from Malaysian authorities and India’s home affairs ministry for the wedding.

Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (Amanah)

my fave Amanah politician


  1. In reality Ilsam us not a merciful religion.

    It is a medieval religion, always forever looking to ban this, punish that, forbid this, penalise that.

  2. Outside bolihland almost every sensible souls condemn zombieicism to the nth.

    Only in bolihland, zombieicism is upstaged into the altar.

    No thanks to the ketuanan freaks, zombies & blur-sotong.

    Also those who promote the don't-spook-the-melayu-sensitivities duckheads!

  3. That is the problem with our country. We are more interested in religion than in more important things eg. covid, corruption and our economy. How to progress?

    1. We???

      Don't lump everyone into yr defined category!

  4. Interesting the author in allowing hate speech against Islam. I thought the author is a learning legal person.

    1. Hate speech?


      What a piggy, oooop… khanzir-ied definition!