Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Guan Eng and his Penang 'traditional' ferry service

The original Penang ferry was a SAMPAN.

Guan Eng said
Penangites can say our final goodbye to the iconic 126-year old Penang ferry service on Thursday 31st December at the Penang Island Ferry Terminal. Let us take our final trip as passengers (not vehicles) in fond nostalgia of this basic mode of transport before the completion of the 1st Penang Bridge, and reiterate that the iconic Penang ferry should be retained in the interests of heritage and history for our children. I will be going at 10am Thursday.

Had the Pakatan Harapan government not being replaced by the unelected Perikatan Nasional government in March 2020, the iconic ferry service would still be continued. Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul bin Tengku Abdul Aziz had confirmed in Parliament on 17the December 2020, that the Finance Ministry under me had stipulated that the ferry service must be continued as a condition for the government’s RM30 million grant to Penang Port Sdn Bhd to run the ferry service.

Does Guan Eng want that 'original' water transportation to be maintained for Penang Ferry Service?

Or maybe in his hometown of Batu Pahat?


  1. Eh...when Guanee ask for Super-Canggih undersea tunnel, PN gomen / Menteri Jaga Kereta Wee KHAT Siong say No Wait, Must Korek Korek Korek first, investigate until find corruption....then can cancel....

    When Guanee ask for modern Cable Car to Penang Hill PN gomen / Wee KHAT Siong say cannot, 100 million too expensive, must cancel....but can pay SGP 300 million to cancel HSR to Jurong East....stop in JB instead, with stops in Pagoh and Ayer Hitam so land value can increase...

    When Guanee ask for Putrajaya guarantee letter for Penang gomen (not Federal) to get ADB loan for super modern LRT system, PN gomen / Wee KHAT Siong say cannot....PN gomen pokai but can gostan balik ECRL to original exorbitant price....?

    When Guanee ask for money to expand and modernize Bayan Lepas airport which is already exceeding capacity, PN gomen / Wee KHAT Siong say cannot, must study dengan teliti dan sehalus again, but Kulim Airport under PAS will probably get approved instead....

    So now Guanee ask for cheap cheap old old Sampan Ferry but PN gomen / Wee KHAT Siong oso say cannot..?

    Ini taboleh itu taboleh jadi apaboleh....?

    Wee KHAT Siong when is your next visit to Penang? Penang Lang want to meet you...ha ha ha.....

  2. Such a childish attack against Lim Guan Eng.
    Everybody knows what the controversy is, about the iconic ferry design, which has been used since 1956.

  3. Penangites are just waiting for Wee KHAT Siong to show his face here.

  4. y not penang state govt offer to take over? whats the obstacles?

    1. Legally, the Penang Ferry service is part of the Federal essential transport network system.
      The Federal Government is legally obliged to maintain the service, just like other parts of the Federal road transport network.

      Unless the Federal Government repeals the section of law, which would be an unfriendly act indeed.

      It is a legacy of the past when the Ferry was the Only link between the Island and the mainland, but for foot and non-motorised transport passengers, that is still the case.

  5. Ferry service no profitable?

    No! Just reference HK/NY Long Island ferry services. Critical & profitably sustainable with a tag of historical nostalgia.

    The problem?

    Like so many bolihland problems - ineffective management & interracial conflicting decision makings!